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socrates in love

January 3, 2010

Corey Lynn Calter skirt. Beth Bowley Cardigan. FCUK shirt. Chloe shoes. Necklaces from F21, Lorraine Pennington, J.Crew

Romantic detailing has suddenly been impulsive when getting dressed. Figured that putting together a bunch of neglected pieces in my closet within the same color range would somehow achieve my sugary goals. Felt like I had to edge it up with darker and edgier accessories before crossing over to saccharine. Also, Taghrid's obsession with putting big bows in one's hair started to rub off on me.

Besides nonsense clothing talk, I managed to catch the flu right before I come back from my extended work vacation. Expect a lot of complaints on twitter.

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55 responses:

  1. wow girl you look beautiful!! I love the skirt! Such a sweet look!

  2. lovely outfit, you look great!

  3. ahh! i love this look! it's so sweet and innocent! the shoes with the outfit remind me of a little girl wearing ankle socks with mary janes, but with a lot more edge of course. i adore the color palette and all the lovely detailing!! i'm a sucker of bows too :D

    feel better!

  4. you look really pretty!! Love the outfit and the bow! it's all quite romantic :D

  5. Your skirt is beautiful and I just adore the first picture of you. I love the softness of the lighting.

  6. love the whole color palette! and those shoes <3

  7. Ah, I hope you get well soon. I really like the juxtaposition of the dark jewelry and romantic air of your clothes. Lovely outfit

  8. u look so sweet!
    I love all the pictures.

  9. I'll never get sick of those shoes... and that skirt is great! xx

  10. Those shoes will always make me so so so happy :) I hope you get better ASAP! The bow is super adorable along with the lace detailing on the skirt.

    Get better soon! <3

  11. this is quite different and so very lovely. please take care. drink lots of water and warm soup!

  12. This outfit is a dream come true, what a vision! Perfect. Definitely the perfect romantic outfit.

  13. I love how sweet it looks!

    juliet xxx

  14. aww this is so girly! it's a little unlike you... i love it!!


  15. You look beautiful!
    Love the shoes!

  16. You look lovely! And can I ask you where your tiger ring is from? xx

  17. like the soft colours!

  18. The colours are a killer.

  19. Adorable! Very innocent and flirty, and the shoes make it edgy! Love it!

  20. i cant believe those are your neglected pieces. they look great and together they have a romantic feel. very nice. ^^

  21. Oh such a pretty skirt!

  22. wow... you look soooo lovely ! I love the colors =)
    'hope you'll recover quickly.
    Happy new year !

  23. this look is soooo perfect!

  24. WOW that skirt is amazing. Love the detailing and the colour is gorgeous.


  25. This outfit is a dream. Surprised to see the necklaces were F21 because they look so expensive. Love that!

  26. oh no- the flu. that's not a fun way to start the new year. :( feel better soon.

    the Chloe sandal boots--i have those!! aren't they the coolest?!

    gorgeous skirt- in fact the whole outfit is simply beautiful.

  27. Really pretty, love the lace detailing.

  28. Beautiful vintage look looks great on you! I'm so for it! Lace is so in!

  29. cute pics, I love the bow!

  30. BEAUTIFUL :)

  31. The chloe shoes are beautiful!!!!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxx

  32. such pretty nuetrals contrasting your head wrap... i love the look.

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  33. Love the outfit and pictures. It's very girly and whimsical! I love it!

    xoxo, Shelly

  34. I adore your skirt. and the sunlight was perfect :)


  35. I´ve just read about you in corridor 40 and your blog is happy to find blogs like this that really inspire me!!!

  36. i love how u wore something really sweet n romantic, but paired it with edgy accessories. i especially love the giant bow in ur hair! <3

  37. Just wondering if you got those Forever necklaces recently? I love the cross one. Fab shoes but I mean they're Chloe so of course.

    Haha ever since I started selling oversized bows and ribbons on my webshop I like them too. But I've always been a fan of headgear.

  38. Amazing shoes!


  39. how romantic!! I love love love all that gold with the pastel colors

  40. What a pretty, soft and romantic outfit. It's quit lovely.

  41. So jealous, those shoes ar beautiful!
    Please, visit my blog and follow:)
    "fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

  42. the chloe shoes look so beautiful on you!

  43. I received the same pair of Chloe's for xmas 2008--in HOT pink. I wish the color that you have on was around back then.

  44. such a romantic outfit
    really nice!

  45. Gorgeous!!
    I'm following you!


  46. so cute! :D I really like your shoes and hair ribbon!!

  47. you look so lovely,
    the colour scheme is very appropriate.
    and loves the shoes!

  48. Anonymous

    love the shoes. what season are they?

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