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January 7, 2010

Target x Rodarte dress. Vintage hat. Frye boots.

Boots of the week. Been wearing it almost every day as fighting the cold is too hectic of a job to wobble around in any shoes past 2 inches. As for this dress that I visited many Targets for, the fluffy tulle and over-exaggerated bows are perfect for my sudden need to dress like a die-hard romantic. My closet is slowly being overrun by soft pinks. I don't know what to do with myself sometimes.

Leaving you with two interviews. Thanks for having me ladies: Pepper and Chip and Corridor40.

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71 responses:

  1. i love the color of this dress! and it looks gorgeous on you.

  2. Love how you've styled the romantic dress with frye boots, great look!

  3. You look gorgeous in it! I hope you don't mind me adding this pic to it's wikifashion page - HERE

  4. it's perfect w/ the fryes - feel better!

  5. u look sooo pretty!
    love everything! :)

  6. With a dress like that , you can either go - classic or edgy. You did well with the boots to give it with an edge!

  7. love this dress...its been popping up on so many blogs but i def prefer the soft pink to the mustard color. looks great roughed up with the boots!

  8. I love your dress!! The colour is so chic and elegant...
    following you from Spain!!

  9. gorgeousness. i love the contrast of that feminine dress to those boots :)

  10. I so prefer this shade to the mustard. WHY DO I NOT LIVE IN AMERICAN? I want this dress to float around in!

    It would be mine

  11. soo adorable! i loove both interviews that you did :)


  12. such a beautiful dress. I love the colour on you

  13. You look is gorgeous :D The pink is such a nice color on you, love how u wore the boots with them to give them an edgy look! (L)


  14. That dress is so pretty, really suits you!x

  15. Gorgeous outfit, adore the dress.


  16. love the combination of the cute pink dress and the funky boots!
    xx helen

  17. Super cute!! Definitely very romantic :o)

  18. I love how that dress looks on you it's gorgeous!!! I totally agree with the inundation of pinks in the close.t I too have noticed a large amount of pinks in my closet and before I was into any thing but pink...

  19. Ahh, finally a post on the Rodarte x Target dress. Gorgeous! Soft a lovely color.

  20. soooo pretty. you could be a walking ad for rodarte for target! (and i like how you've mixed it up w/ the rocker boots. perfect.)

    i'd forgotten all about the rodarte target line, til seeing your post. and it's very timely, as i head to the States next week- will definitely hit a target store to see their stuff!

    i'll check out the interviews...

  21. this is such a pretty dress! wish i could still walk around in dresses, but there's like 10 cm of snow here.. love your hat! i'm definitly planning on wearing way more hats in 2010! xx

  22. Anonymous

    i love how you styled this with the black accessories!

    so much better than the mustard.

  23. oh you got a rodarte dress! it fits so beautifully on you!

  24. Beautiful bracelets, especially love the purple one!



  25. Love how you added the hat; it really makes for an interesting outfit :)

  26. I bought this dress in black a few days ago. It was love at first sight.

  27. The dress is just A M A I Z I N G !

    juliet xxx

  28. The dress is amazing! I hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke and follow :)

  29. Love it! Great items and great combination!

  30. Your rockin the dress better than fashiontoast. You make it look very flirty & fun! Check out my new blog =)

  31. totally feeling you on this one - my closets slowly turning pastel. love that you toughened up the dress with the frye boots. they're perfect!

  32. you look adorable. i love that hat. and i fucking want that dress, badly.

  33. That Rodarte dress fit me so weird but it looks great on you!

  34. absolutely love the dress! i hadn't seen this one before and it's gorgeous on you - the bows make it. perfect pairing with the boots too. feel better xx

  35. Ahhh if that dress was as flattering on me as it is on you, I would be sooo happy. You look so good!

  36. I wanted this Rodarte dress sooooo badly and when I went to Target they were completely sold out of it. It truly was a tragedy. Fabulous outfit!


  37. all those target x rodarte dresses were amazing, especially this one and the light pink one that a few other bloggers have... amazing photos! xx

  38. fabulous.


  39. Rodate for Target so great!

    Check out my blog! :-)

  40. Anonymous

    I have to be honest. Sometimes your outfits are a mess imo. Like the outfit with the leopard tights. Other times though, you look great. This one is perfect! Love the dress!

  41. YES! You look amazing!


  42. Very cute! I love the bows on the hat resonating the girliness of the dress!

  43. Gorgeous! I love the bangles... <3 :)

  44. both interviews were great and you look so sweet in your dress.

  45. I love those boots and they look great paired with such a feminine, soft looking dress. It's a little edgy and a little bit elegant, always a fierce combo!

  46. love the boots! the combination with that dress gives a tough but feminine look. naaice!!!

  47. Love the Rodarte for Target dress!!

  48. love this ensemble!!! you can pull off all those soft pastel colors soo well

  49. looooove the pairing of this dress and the frye - you look gorgeous.
    i just got my 8Rs last week and i have worn them everyday since. we just can't help it, can we? lol. the little two inch heel is perfection.
    and i have to say, i love this dress so much more in soft pink (over yellow).

  50. That dress is gorgeous! Ive been looking for something like this for ages!!

  51. You look gorgeous! Perfect outfit!

  52. Why I don't have a target in Spain! The dress is super cute!

    Happy 2010!!

  53. Thanks for photographing this dress - it's such a lovely color! The pic on the Target site doesn't capture the frothiness or delicateness of the tulle and lace. Thanks again!

  54. That dress looks stunning on you chica! Love how you paired it with the boots, and the stacked bangles is a great addition. Very romantic indeed :)


  55. FUCK YEAH SOFT PINKS!! & nice boots!

  56. The dress looks great on you!

  57. wow, is that really from rodarte x target? its beautiful, the color, everything!

    <3 the contemporary ingenue

  58. Love that dress with the boots and the hat!
    Great look!

  59. I love your style and your jewellry!!!!!!

  60. i hate that i don't own this dress :) it's just gorgeous and you styled this in the flesh shade impeccably!

    LOVE your style, overall lady ;)


  61. That dress is stunning! I must have it!!!!

  62. Beautiful dress. Everyone should have this kind of dress because it goes well with everything.

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