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January 31, 2010

BA&SH dress. Vintage vest. Zanotti wedges. Barneys bag. Mostly vintage jewelry.

Going out in a sleeveless outfit seemed like a good idea at 1PM when the sun made everything nice and toasty but it bit me in the ass once 4PM rolled around and goosebumps started forming. How I will hold up to anything under 20 degrees? I don't know.

Spent the weekend doing laborious work on my soul-searching quest. Nonetheless, it's times like discovering the first sip of an amazing, unexpected taste is actually passion tea when you originally assumed black, finding ridiculous headgear that suddenly makes you feel as though nothing else is worth sitting on your head, finishing Left4Dead2 on the Xbox but realizing that you still have another three levels on said finished-game, drinking a random concoction that actually worked out, and relaxing in bed with music you don't normally listen to but somehow enjoy that makes soul-searching that much easier... or harder.

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64 responses:

  1. I adore the softer colours in this outfit :)

  2. amazing cross ring!!!
    can i ?

  3. beautiful outfit! very woodstock/vestival vibe!! And amazing cross ring! xx

  4. i love that plaited bracelet - its very pretty.

  5. The bracelet on your right arm is crazily covetable! I love your blog

  6. oh my gosh so incredible!!! i love everything about this outfit and you're absolutely gorgeous


  7. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Love those Zanotti tranny wedges!

  8. Here in Italy there are 2 ° is cold!
    these are beautiful shots with the sun above you

  9. I love your outfit for today. It´s so... "summery" (does exist that word in english? :S)... And in this post I totally adore the title. Why? I don´t know! It´s so cute to tell someone something like that...

  10. lovely dress! you look def cute with this haido.

  11. Love the mix of vintage jewelry!

    visit my blogs!

  12. love that cross double finger ringgg!!!

  13. your shoes are amazing! love all the vintage jewlery!!

  14. Amazing outfit and pretty landscape.

  15. totally jealous that you got to go out in that little dress! even if it did get cold... you still fab. i love that cross ring you've got on! xx

  16. Ooh, that cross ring! Is that vintage too?

    Lovely, just lovely!

  17. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

    Follow me if you want on

    x Valentine

  18. Your accessories are fab


  19. Love the cross knuckleduster!.x

  20. in love with your accessories!

  21. you have great sence of style girly :D


  22. very pretty! love the vest!

    stay warm in nyc with thin cashmere base layers!

  23. wow, completely in love with the double cross ring! lovely outfit.

  24. I love the braided metal bracelet!! & I have that cross ring too, but haven't worn it yet.. Very nice outfit

  25. hey raych! Where is that gold cross ring from??!!! I MUST have it...please don't tell me that it's vintage....b/c I would dieeeeeee

  26. Love that ring!


  27. Edward Sharpe is so good, I have it on high rotation right now as well :)
    Your outfit is quite lovely!

  28. Love, love, love your ring. Lovely outfit.


  29. lol i still need to buy l4d!!

  30. love your blog darling.


  31. First time visiting your blog. LOVE IT! Awesome ring...I was looking for something like that but no luck.

    And you're stunning! :)

  32. Such gorgeous heels.. you are beautiful!

    Enter my giveaway to win a pair of earrings!

  33. Omg, you look stunning. I love your cross ring, where did you get it?

  34. i love the cross ring you have is gorgeous!

    helen x

  35. I love the vest! I just linked you on my blog as I visit here all the time!

    juliet xxx

  36. Lovely pics! your outfit is fabulous!

  37. LOVE the accessories. the vintage dress is soo pretty

    xx lue

  38. Cool cross ring and bracelets! And your outfit is sooo hippy (in a good way, of course)!

  39. I absolutely love your dress and your vest. Beautiful combination. :)

  40. love the vest paired with the light dress and all the jewelry, very earthy hippie.

  41. Your shoes and jewelry are to die for.

  42. GORGEOUS outfit! Love the soft tones and your dress is amazing!


  43. Hi, Raych, I have decided I am intensely in love with your effortless style.

    And I will be following you obsessively now, for inspiration.

    Thank you.

    Maeko, thereafterish.

  44. i love the edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros reference. home is my favorite song,


  45. Anonymous

    alabama arkansas, i do love my ma and pa...edward sharpe and the gang do a beautiful song

  46. I am really impressed with your pictures, you looks so gorgeous and beautiful, I think you are so sexy that you charm only when I see you passing by and make my stop by.

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