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cabin fever

January 23, 2010

In love with lace right now.

I carry a Jimmy Choo (Maia Hobo) bag for those who asked. It's taken quite a beating; in it: Marc Jacobs wallet, random accessories, weekly planner, pink makeup bag, iPod, CLEAN roll-on, point-five lead pencil, MAC lipstick in Blankety.


My necklaces within leaving-the-door reach.

Sonia Rykiel x H&M. Cat ears from one Halloween year. Victoria's Secret.

Southern California is the only place where people get excited for tornados. This picture is also a reason why I've been slow on outfit posts.

Awkward, blurry photo of myself with a tulle headband.

Vintage snake belt.

I need new perfume.

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60 responses:

  1. gee

    i reeally like what you've done with the photos. they look great!

  2. Love the photos, they look really pretty.


  3. Love these photos! Especially what's in your bag :)

  4. Raych you should try Chloe EDP. Love the cat ears!

  5. i love the random accessories in your bag and the white roses photo frame.

    try Dior's J'adore! =)

  6. loving lace as well. :)
    awesome pictures


  7. that great accessories

  8. I love the muted effect of these photos.. And your underwear :)
    It would be mine

  9. Love the lace shirt...Forever 21 right?

  10. Love the lacetop!Adorable photos, xxx

  11. Love these photos. Hope the rain eventually stops. xx

  12. love the perfume, the lace top and the snake belt very much!!

    xx helen

  13. That's it...I'm on a hunt for lace bras. Perhaps everything lace.
    Also, try "g" from the Harajuku lovers perfumes..if you like Daisy you'll LOVE this one!
    I promise!


  14. i really like these photos. such a sweet compilation of things. i adore the frame that you've got your necklaces on. where is it from? i wore that daisy perfume yesterday for the first time in ages... and it felt sickly sweet, it was almost too much. maybe i need to wait for spring and then it will feel more appropriate? xx

  15. These pictures are so beautiful - and daisy is an amazing perfume! Lola is also really good. if you want a new one, you could try that :)

  16. Pretty photos! I love the purse photo! :D

  17. I love this post! Yeah, weather sure can be a set-back :( lol. You say you need new perfume. I recommend Burberry the Beat. I love it! Please come visit my blog!

  18. Rachel, you look so much like Yukimi Nagano (the lead singer of Little Dragon) it's ridiculous.

    In other words, you are gorgeous. :]

  19. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, especially the first and second ones. I really love the lace top!

  20. that lace top and vintage snake belt are great picks. also, how cute is your blog? this is my first time here but i love what you've got going on. id love to link your blog so that i can stop by more often

    xx lue

  21. i'm saving all these photos for inspiration! loooooove lace right now too. and super jealous of the lace hoodie you got.

  22. awesome awesome awesome post !!


  23. great photos! i just ran out of my bummed! 1st perfume ive EVER finished!

  24. Love it. Great set!


  25. Ooh I think I love all of this Daisy is amazing too.

  26. Love. Everything!

  27. I love the "inside" you bag! Mine is never organized!

    juliet xxx

  28. nice photos!
    i love the smell of daisy. I have one and its nearly gone! so sad.

  29. I just did a 'what's in your bag' post on my blog and it seems we like some of the same things! Nice blog!

  30. I love your blog anda the pics!!Very very nice!!

  31. i need new perfume too, i have no idea what to get though!

  32. I love the white blouse it is so cute.

  33. absolutely love the photos :)

  34. 1. my older sister also uses Daisy Marc Jacobs and i think it smells amazing
    2. in love with your first picture of the lace top and the necklaces on the picture frame
    3. you have very lovely pictures

  35. So agree with you about the lace! so happy it in this spring, I have been wearing lace for so long!

  36. CLEAN perfume is one of my favorite perfumes!

  37. Been reading for awhile now, this is my first comment. I love all of these pictures, especially the thunderstorm one...There's something to beautiful and powerful about thunderstorms :) Just wondering if you'd mind sharing what size you bought the lace top in? It's freaking amazing but seems like you might want to buy it oversized a bit? Thanks! Love your blog :)

  38. These photos are lush! Love the frame with the necklaces on - that is sooo cool!

  39. cynthia

    got to know your blog from a girl's blog, you are amazing, i like it so much, keep working, i am start doing my blog now, thinking maybe in what do you think?

  40. is that the same lace top you have on in the post below? it looks great, i've always stayed away from lace, cause i thought it would be hard to care for, but ur making it seem worth it to wear lace.

    i have added u on my fav blog list! hope u could do the same!

  41. i love your blog!
    im following (:
    also, take a look at my new blog.
    I just started posting.

    cheers ^_^

  42. Lovely pictures! They all have such a dreamylike quality. :)

  43. buy marc jacobs' lola or ysl parisienne! i have daisy and the original marc jacobs but my newest additions are so addictive.

  44. this vintage snake belt seems to be amazing

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.
  46. where did you get your cross rings?! i'm in love with them!

  47. I'm a big purfume fan and I love the smell of daisy.

  48. haha, I still get excited about tornadoes too, even living in the mountains. what was THE coolest when I was a kid was finding frost outside in the morning. now I live with actual snow and frost has become boring :P

  49. gosh.. i love so much those photos!

  50. Definitely Loving Lace as well, and is the first top from Forever21?

  51. i adore the pictures, and i'm really loving the vintage snake belt!

  52. try "l" by lolita lempicka :) it smells like perfection

  53. these pictures reminds me of myself.
    tinted shaded pictures,
    loose bras,
    and most of all. Daisy...


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