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December 3, 2009

Vintage blouse. Jasmin Shokrian skirt. Marc by Marc boots. Betsey Johnson bag.

Posted this skirt numerous times on my blog, and I'm pretty sure it used to be intact and sculpted (bought it used). The fact that the hem is coming undone each wear makes me love it more every time I put it on - definitely a favoooriiite.

Also had this bag forever! I remember coveting it in freshman year then seeing it a year later at Loehmanns! The exceptionally large size of the bag adds 5 lbs to the daily crap I carry around - but it's still another favorite. I totally got it because Nicole Richie was into big bags. Totally.

So drained with life and school right now. Can't wait for this semester to be over - soon after I'll finally get to my emails and hopefully have more time to blog.

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53 responses:

  1. Lovely blouse. Your hair has reached a very pretty length too.
    Those Marc by Marc boots are sick.

  2. You look effortless, timeless, chic, GORGEOUS! A really beautiful outfit with the right amount of attention to detail. Love it.

  3. love the color of blouse...
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  4. wooow amazing outfit ! you look great :)

  5. love the pinky nude color of your vintage bag

  6. Wow! I love everything you're wearing, especially the blouse. And your pictures are gorgeous!!

  7. WOW I´m in love with the skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You pull it off amazingly well!!!!!!!! x

  8. i love the colors, great outfit :)

  9. such a lovely outfit.. the boots and bag totally update the look

  10. Love thisss! P.S: Did you see us in Nang!? Presh!

  11. Love the blouse! I'm a new follower so It my first time seeing this skirt and at this point: yes! there is definitely a charm about it!


  12. love how it looks so easy going on the top and then you paired it with heels so nice

    the bag is worth adoring

    Vi from Cali

  13. Great outfit, that is indeed a very nice skirt!

  14. love the boots and bag.

  15. lovely outfit, especially the shoes

  16. the outfit is beautiful.. funny, we look very similar, face wise...

  17. Just found your blog and I love love love. It's really too bad too because I have work I should be doing :)

  18. This is so beautiful - a very refreshing silhouette! I love the drapey-ness of it all - very pretty.

  19. love your look. great lighting on the photos as well.

    xx -

  20. Hi, I just discovered your blog, and I LOVE your style and the way you have to mixing your amazing pieces! I follow! :)

  21. This outfit is so lovely! You look so pretty!

  22. I absolutely love your betsey bag, do you happen to remember the name of it?

  23. love your bag!!!

    trade links?

  24. lovely shoess!!
    & gorgeous photos.!

  25. i know what you mean! i just finished my semester and it feels awesome! i hope you do well and blog more!

    helen x

    ps love those boots!

  26. Just wondering,

    How did you get all those?

  27. ooooh! i love that skirt, especially the way the hem's undone and frayed. at first, i thought it was made that way til i read the text.
    so very pretty.
    your marc jacob boots enhance the skirt's edgy femininity.

  28. Kelly

    Gonna have to disagree with every one here. Not loving the skirt at all. It looks like a beat up kitchen rag or gym towel. Sorry.

  29. Lovely skirt!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  30. Dood, you're so darn cute! I love your style:)

  31. Digging your outfit sister. Love the peach blouse, the disheveled look of your skirt and the studded bag!

  32. it looks easygoing and light and pretty. and you look happy.

  33. Lovely photos! I think the colors fit together so well!

    juliet xxx

  34. adorable ! Love the photos !

  35. Anonymous

    love the boots!!! well actually the whole outfit is lovely and interesting. how come its still so sunny at your place :( im jealous

  36. i love how that outfit is just so 'you'!

  37. i've loved seeing how your styles is constantly evolving. I started reading your blog yonks ago and it's always been interesting.

  38. gorgeous as always darling
    love it, great inspiration
    thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the sweet comments

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  39. I adore your blog!

  40. To wear beautiful clothes is one thing. To have fun with the fashion is another one. And you are definitely having fun!
    Really nice blog:)

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    "fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

  41. betsey johnson makes some pretty cool accessories imo. Im gettin a 70s/new Chloe vibe from this outfit, very nice! :)

  42. girl you are stunning!!

    great blog!!

  43. wow! great outfit! especially love your boots!

  44. That blouse is gorgeous. Very Chloé!

  45. i love looking through your blog!
    and i absolutely adore this look :)

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