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December 8, 2009

Another compilation of things I want but can't afford. Doesn't hurt to make them this time of year right? Where my birthday and Christmas are two weeks apart. If you wish to send me anything from this list, please feel free to message me for my shipping address - not to be confused with my home address.

1. Urban Outfitters
2. YSL Bodysuit
3. Hiemstone dress
4. The Sartorialist book
5. Chanel jade nailpolish
6. Rosanna Dauphine candlesticks
7. Chrissie Morris sandals
8. Lanvin dolls
9. Anthropologie chunky necklace
10. Topshop galaxy skirt - bitchin'!!!!
11. Miu Miu Spring 2010 shoes
12. Moleskin 2010
13. Givenchy spiked headband

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42 responses:

  1. I came across the Jade Chanel nail polish a few days back while browsing on eBay - $220 with 3 days to go. Looove that Givenchy headband too.

  2. awesome list, love the candlesticks

  3. I bought myself The Sartorialist book as an early christmas gift to myself. It is fabulous.

    The Givenchy headband is completely drool worthy, definitely on my wish list..


  5. I agree with your choices ^^ I love the Sartorialist (although I haven't bought the book yet.)

  6. I absolutely love 3rd, 7th and 10th!!!

  7. those blk shoes are stunning. i love making lists like these.

  8. ugh...who DOESN'T want the givenchy headband?! that thing is incredible!

  9. I want it all too!

  10. i've been lusting over that jade nail polish too!!!

  11. This could be my wish list as well! Gorgeous pieces!

    juliet xxx

  12. I featured you on my blog today!


  13. sigh all things i need and want

    espeshhhhhhhh that spiked headband

  14. 2 and 4. my closet is missing ysl bodysuit

  15. Woah both pairs of those heels are sick, in the best possible way :P

    New Zealand style

  16. brb gettin you the whole list

  17. The Satorialist book & the Chanel jade nailpolish...also on my wish list...sigh

  18. Cool gift ideas! I wany ALL!!!!


  19. Love the jewelry box! Very chic. If you like that Chanel nail polish you should check out Essie Candy Apple, I almost like it more than the Chanel. My birthday is 8 days after Christmas so I know exactly how you feel.



  20. tabi

    hello i love you you are my favourite fashion blogger (:

  21. Love the Givenchy headband...(You have 12/13 mixed up on the image tho!)


  22. the headband is killer luvs it

  23. i'm selling the chanel jade polish, check it out!!

  24. I gorgeous!!! I visit your blog...and wow...LOOOVE IT!!!! and your style too!!! You're wooonderfull!!! Now i follow you :D

  25. I want the shoes and the headband too!

  26. at least you can afford the nail polish im sure haha..this is my favorite wish list i've seen yet i want it all!

  27. Are the miu miu sandals on a site that's selling them!?! Please link me! They're probably the most PERFECT shoe I've seen in a long time.

  28. but.. what number is the last book? it says 13 beneath it but on the list 13 is the givenchy spiked headband which has the number 12 beneath? xx

  29. The spiked headband looks like such a fun piece! I would love to rock that as well, since my style is usually so girly!

  30. I'm also a Moleskine girl too. I can get you 30% off at my store on that calendar notebook if you want it. You know my email - does that bring a little Christmas cheer?

    Also, POOPS PANTS OVER the YSL. For reals! I've died and I cannot wait to gush about this on my blog. This bodysuit is killing me Raych.

  31. Maggeye

    This reminds me of the old That's Chic (:
    laahvvv itt .

  32. I love everything here. And I can't put my finger on why.


  33. Very good article.

    Hope to read another good article.


  34. love that necklace, love chunky necklaces.

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