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last christmas

December 25, 2009

(Grey Ant shirt. RJ Graziano belt. American Apparel skirt. H&M Tights. Burberry booties)

Took these shots the other weekend and just got around to posting. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and merry christmas.

I was able to knock off quite a few items on my wishlist but was surprised to see a snuggie under my tree! It's probably one of the best presents ever. I'll have a better update this weekend! Meanwhile, don't miss out on the giveaway that ends tomorrow!

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37 responses:

  1. love the burberry booties! and cute outfit!!

    helen x

  2. That shirt is sick and I love those Burberry booties.
    For a second there, from the first picture I thought you were armless... scared me!

  3. love the structure in that shirt! and the skirt looks so lovely. but the belt takes the cake. hope you're having a fabulous break!

  4. You look really gorgeous (as always... ^^)
    I love the way you structured your outfit with the belt.
    And I must add that those boots are lovely ! =)

    Happy holidays !

    That's a pretty spiffy outfit!

    What ethnicity are you, btw?

  6. i love this outfit and i adore your leggings!

  7. The top looks really cool, and Burberry boots are amazing! Love the outfit


  8. love this outfit, really good ! :)

  9. Love your belt!
    Gorgeous outfit!

  10. everytime you wear that belt i fall in love with it more and more! and i loooove those booties!

  11. oooh Im in love with that shirt.

  12. what a lovely collant.
    tomorrow we'll post in our blog something about leopard print :)) love it!!!
    love your blog, really great style.
    we'll be happy if u'll take a look at

    lot of kisses

  13. SNUGGIES!!!! I hope you got the zebra/leopard print ones. hehe. Love the iridescent sheen of the skirt :)

  14. Love the mix of texture, prints, and color.


  15. I love your whole outfit. The skirt is amazing!!! Check out my blog at

  16. Always love that belt!

  17. such a gorgeous belt!

    follow me at

  18. cute boots! kxo

  19. Now, those leggings I will def rock! oooh and I adore the Grey Ant shirt!!!!! high five!

  20. The Outfit looks really great,love it.

  21. I love it such a perfect mix of every6 thing subdued but not!

  22. YOu look amazing, as usual!


  23. Im a new reader! Wow! Love! Fantastic spirit and style you have:)

  24. The belt and skirt are stunning together!

  25. Beautiful shirt! You look amazing :)

  26. You look like a super hero on that outfit but it looks nice.

  27. You look pretty. I don’t kind of like the top but the outfit look okay to me.

  28. everything looks so good together. I can't pick a favorite piece!

  29. loooving this top, the sleeves are LOVE!! and those tights are siiiic, wish i owned them :)

  30. that belt! ok seriously, what are you doing with my dream accessory collection..!

    love your blog, love your style.

    x jessy

  31. A breath of fresh air. You look gorgeous!

  32. love the leopard tights. i just bought a pair myself and im anxious to take them out for a spin! ;)

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