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December 28, 2009

GAP shirt. Marc Jacobs bracelet. Madewell belt. Vintage Levis. Dries van Noten shoes. J.Crew necklace.

Button downs have been a reoccurring staple in my everyday wear as I default to one everytime I'm feeling lazy - which has been a lot lately considering the extra amount of downtime. Becoming more and more obsessed with dainty objects, relatively in the jewelry-family; Ted was pretty spot on giving me a shiny, pearly necklace for my birthday.

I'm sure you're tired of useless Californian weather talk, but we're spoiled and we brag: weather has been amazing this winter. Consistently worn the same amount of layers year 'round, give or take, so I'm trying to prosper in the layering department, eventually I'll need to temporarily move to a place that actually has seasons.

Other than that, I've been scavenging Rodarte x Target dresses in my size, crocheting poorly made scarves for my mom (because she is the only one who would wear them), looking for ways to make my bedroom look different without laborious work, playing with my new XSI, admiring the weather, tackling the homemaker urge to wreak havoc in the kitchen, and finally answering your emails.

If you don't hear from me by the new year, thank you for everything.

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61 responses:

  1. I love how you take such a classic outfit and yank it up a bit. This look would be totally different if the jeans sat around the hips instead of the hips. :) The bracelet and patent shoes avoids making this outfit look "vintage" or old.

  2. love this, simple but gorgeous... white shirt is so great, and the belt. and the shoes!!

    happy new year =] xx

  3. Anonymous

    AMAZING JEWELRY!!!!!!!!!!

    i want to see what your jewelry box is like! can you share pictures?

  4. stunning bracelet! kxo have a great 2010! xo

  5. Looove this photos :D :D :D !!!favolous shoes :-)

  6. Really love this classic, All-American look with the white button-down and boyfriend jeans. I can imagine Lauren Hutton wearing something like this. Very laid back yet serenely beautiful.

  7. my god, that bracelet is incredible.

    x jessy

  8. Hey!

    I discovered your blog yesterday. and I must say I'm impressed by your style and adorable outfits!
    This one is no exception!

    Take care girl<3

  9. the button down is classic so i can see why you lean towards it. your bracelet is just gorgeous. Happy New Year~

  10. I adore that top! It's perfect on you! Great accessories too! Have a happy new year! :D

  11. such a great outfit! i love the shoes and the turquoise and gold bracelet!

  12. i love this outfit! so simple and lovely!

  13. The bracelet is crave-worthy.

    Button-downs are totally the new go-to comfy-chic wear. I'm wearing one today and they're so easy. They even invite compliments, which is great for putting in little to no effort.

    Happy New Year! It was great to meet you this year. Hopefully I'll catch you at another fashion/blogger event soon :)

  14. i absolutely love this look! the MJ bracelet is lovely!
    happy holidays!

  15. this outfit is so perfectly effortless :)

  16. I love your jeans! This is such a simple but chic outfit

    -Shoeless Simone

  17. your outfits are always amazing. I loooooveee those levis!

  18. Your days sound pretty relaxing. I know the most basic knitting and I make endless long rectangles for myself and wear them as scarves. Wanna take up crocheting too... Probably going to become one of THOSE people haha.

    You look amazing as alwayszzz. Dries look so nice.

  19. great outfit! really diggin the bracelet!

  20. button downs and levis.. does it get any better? love it!

  21. I am also in love with button downs, these days :)

  22. I love your whole outfit!! The MJ bracelet is so chic. Check out my blog at

  23. I LOVE that bracelet, I think I need it!

    follow me at

  24. aw, you're beautiful! i absolutely LOVE that bracelet :o) gorgeous color.

  25. Hey I didn't know that my gmail account works for this blog website too..........the things i learn in the wee hours of the night.

    I just left you a comment on facebook about baked goods. How lucky are you to have a nocturnal friend that leaves you two comments???? Nocturnal Ted 2009! I think its gonna end in 2010 though so enjoy it now. I really want my smore. I'll dance seductively for them too.


    P.S. I'm glad you liked your B-day gift. If i had a blog I would wear my sperry's.

  26. i lovee the bracelet! you look stunning as usual! =)

  27. Love this! The bracelet is gorgeous!

  28. LOVE this outfit. Jeans and a white button-down is probs my favourite outfit of all time, and I would also die for that turquoise bracelet :)

  29. Anonymous

    serious. you have the best outfits to wear jewelry with!

  30. gorgeous look! your best look so far!!

    helen x

  31. Hey gorgeous, love your bracelet and necklace! I love your blog. Thank you

  32. that bracelet just made my day! gorgeous!

  33. Love this outfit. Simple, functional but sooo chic.

  34. happy new year!
    ooh i just love fashion blog with clean awesome photography :)

  35. Happy New Year~ Love this look, so cute and the bracelet.


  36. So simple and chic indeed!

    Your bracelet is gorgeous and you've now left me itching to find a pair of shoes like yours!

    Happy New Year


  37. I am so loving that bracelet, simply beautiful and great shoes!

  38. I LOOOVE your bracelet! But who doesn't love Marc Jacobs?

  39. that bracelet is absolutely glorious.

  40. So effortless chic! <33
    Happy 2010!

  41. love the jeans + blouse!

  42. you are the first person i have seen to wear the mom-jeans and still look insanely nonchalant and equally hot.

  43. This is me on the weekend. Comfy yet chic.

  44. ahh!!!i love this sort of getup, so classic

  45. i love this look very classic im def gonna invest in some jeans like these now :-)

  46. FABOLOUS! i love this look so muchhhh!

  47. Love everything. You're blessed with a pretty face :)

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