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December 17, 2009

H&M fur jacket. Vintage cardigan. American Apparel bra and top. Yaya Aflalo skirt. Jeffery Campbell boots.

Sorry for the lack of posts - I've been cramming hardcore for my finals and finished today! Despite the hectic schedule, I always make time for a free trip to Disneyland and an excuse to wear my Minnie ears.

Going to leave with a succinct post. Not feeling wordy after a combined 16 hours of sleep the past three days. Hoping to sleep for 18 hours straight after I hit submit.

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53 responses:

  1. When I was in LA I spent half a day in Disney land wandering around, amazing... besides all the kids (I don't care for children).
    You look so pretty, love the H&M fur and the Mini Mouse ears!

  2. The wink photo is super cute!
    Congrats on finishing your finals! :D

  3. oh so nice pictures. And you have still some nice weater. I like your hear on the first pic.

  4. I'm quite jealous, Disney is beautiful this time of year (not that it's ever anything short of amazing).

  5. There's a disney in LA?? Never knew that... my aunty used to work there (gap year) and I would LOVE to. Cute outfit - ears v. appropriate!! Magical pictures too.

  6. Great pics!!!!
    I'm going to Disneyland in Paris tomorrow....can't wait :D
    Have a great time!

  7. ohhhh...I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!! it's my world :D Favolous these dear!!! :D Loove your outfit too!!! :-)

  8. i've always wanted to go to disneyland at christmas! i THINK that is the fur coat i wanted from h & m, it looks great on you.


  9. these pictures are great !
    I love your cardigan and your skirt... the hole look is awesome =)

  10. perfect photos and a perfect outfit!

  11. You are adorable. That last picture is too cute. And I'm seriously loving that cardigan!
    Enjoy your winter break!

  12. happy belated birthday! (: loving the layers--especially the detail on that cardigan!

  13. so much fun! i love disney! and love love your outfit!!! i've been lusting over those jeffrey campbell boots!!

  14. im beyond jealous...BEYOND. I knew Disneyland was cool at Christmas and my boyfriend's mom just went and i was jealous but these pictures rae just torture...

    im having a necklace giveaway on you should enter!

  15. I think I'm the only one not to have ventured inside Disney Land yet. I was a deprived child.
    Nice skirt, seems shiny, which I like
    It would be mine

  16. so fun and wonderful! the xmas decorations and lights are truly spectacular.

    i really do love your outfit. very interested in those texturey tights especially; what brand are they?

  17. I love Disneyland. [:
    Cute outfit and pictures.

  18. 16 hours of sleep in three days sounds pretty good for finals week haha. love Disneyland, wish I could go around this time of the year.

  19. so fun! LOVE the vintage cardi!

  20. disneyland always makes stressful times in my life so much better. you look so cute!

  21. last photo is adorableeeee zap me to disney! not fair!

  22. Cute Minnie ears! You have such a cute smile

  23. The combination of faux fur with the see through top is great. And the hint of pink under the black skirt gives just the right amount of color. Great outfit!

  24. That's just too gorgeous!

    juliet xxx

  25. Great outfit! Lucky you going to Disneyland.

  26. pics are both ferosh and your blogggg

  27. minimouse looks so cute in aa micro mesh

  28. Congrats on finishing!! This post is so magical. I love the photographs. I've always wanted a pair of Minnie ears!

  29. Your photos are always beautiful!!
    and the top it's fabulous!

  30. there are only about 3 blogs i actually follow out of the hundred thats i go on and yours i love! Permission to add you to myblog roll? Would love to follow this.

    Natalie from


  31. i looove your outfit! so inspiring.

    follow me? :)

  32. ohh hes hot, is that ya bf? XD

  33. this post is TOO cute! and Disneyland is exactly how i remember it! even the lights!! so awesome! lol!

    adore your style and blog ;) and your aunt's (?) penthouse in the thanksgiving post! gorgeous view and location!


  34. That fur coat is DELISH!!!! So cute in the minnie ears =)

  35. amazing pics! I'm never getting sick of thrill parks no matter how old i get...


  36. The castle looks so beautiful!

  37. THE WALL

    Mr Burns Whad Up

  38. The view of the castle looks enchanting. It mesmerizes me. I love it. I wish I can go there someday soon.

  39. You look so cute on that mini mouse headband. I so love your boots.

  40. waw! u look so pretty! and nice pictures in Disneyland. hehe ^^

  41. Anonymous

    You look adorable and you're boyfriend is hot.

  42. I have the same jacket from H&M, love the way you styles it! Isn't it comfy and warm?

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