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November 25, 2009

Elizabeth and James tank. Harputs Market nylon swacket. Forever 21 necklace. Urban Outfitters pants. Vintage boots.

I am so so so excited to let out my gluttony tomorrow. Will be documenting from my aunt's new penthouse overlooking the Staples Center. Odd weather going on in California lately - it was 80 today and extremely dry! I have a date with baby oil tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for each and every one of my readers. Though it may not seem like it, I read all of your sweet emails and comments and check out all of your blogs. I'll make it a mission to leave love back.

Other things I'm thankful for: family, eggnog, random nights of rain, James Menke, the way my nose scrunches, a quick metabolism, my job, matte nail polish, vintage pile sales, having a fuel efficient car, wonderful friends, polaroids, long nights on the phone, fake IDs, mom's bombastic cooking every night, South Coast Plaza, flat irons, and a big iTunes.

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62 responses:

  1. Amazingggg pants!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. yeah i know -- ick. i hate the windy/dry. those pants are amazing!!

  3. Wow wow wow, this outfit is super cute. You wear those pants like no other could. Love it.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous outfit!
    Amazing pants, love the tee and the necklace!
    Great style!

  5. thankful for fake id's .... I LOVE IT hehe xx

  6. The pants are extremely cool and looks amazingly comfy! The jacket would be totally cool to style, can't wait for more posts of them!


  7. Not my favourite of your outfits, but cute pants, although you look a little like Jack Sparrow there. I love vintage sales too! Vintage, in general.

  8. Sweet I have this thing for listing out stuff I'm grateful for once in awhile, it makes me feel so happy haha. & i love high-waisted clothes ^.^

  9. love the hat and the harempants!
    xx helen

    please visit:

  10. Those pants are incredible! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. wow, i could never pull of this look (i would never even think about putting those pieces together!) but you look so damn amazing!:D i love your the random things you're thanked for: a quick metabolism(jealous!), fake IDs(who doesnt?haha..),flat irons (high five!) :)

    Happy Thxgiving!


  12. those pants are CRAZY but you totally pull them off

  13. I love this whole outfit - especially the pants!

  14. The third picture of you belongs in a magazine, you look so amazing!

  15. whoa your pants are awesome!! you always look so pretty!

  16. amazing pictures. I love the light !
    You look beautiful ! =)

  17. You must be one of the sweetest bloggers out there! Those pants rock!

    juliet xxx

  18. You must be one of the sweetest bloggers out there! Those pants rock!

    juliet xxx

  19. love the swacket! happy thanksgiving :) xoxo

  20. Everything about this outfit is right. EVERYTHING. :)

  21. please become a stylist. i love the way you put things together. and those pants are rad as shit.

  22. Anonymous

    the HarputsOWNswacket is on sale at harputsown with the dicount code of own140 for $140.00 for the next 24 hours. its in burgandy but I here they are doing the black next!!!!

  23. wish i had the balls to rock those pants! you look divine

    happy thanksgiving :)

  24. I am in love with those pants. And that Swacket and shoes. You rock gurrrrl.

  25. love the boots and the pants too cool

    still love your blog
    Vi from Cali

  26. i forgot happy thanksgiving

    Vi from Cali

  27. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving around here, but I do hope you had a wonderful day with all the people you love!

    The pictures are wonderful, I really like the light in the second one. Rad pants.


  28. I adore your blog! I just created a blog myself, if you get a chance check it out!

  29. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, even if I don't celebreat it. But okay. Love your outfit it's really stunning, specially the boots, thank and pants.

    With love,

  30. beautiful tank and love the shape!
    like the necklace as well. Wearable and trendy look

  31. Oh love the shape.

  32. look at those pants, love 'em. they remind me of parachutes (but of course) stylish ones that are to be worn around the legs. absolutely lucky that you guys have 80 degree weather. cherish it :)

    big x.

  33. This is why I love your blog! Not only do you have an interesting view of style but you care about the people who read your blog! We love you! (:

  34. Fabulous photos! Love the surprise of the boots (and I love your thankful list) :)

  35. just discovered your blog,
    love it, linked you!

  36. The pants remind me so much of Ann Demeulemeesteer! WOW!


  37. those are some interesting looking pants! i really love your photography! can i ask what camera youre using?

  38. totally gorgeous darling
    thanks for sharing
    you look flawless from head to toe
    love it, great prints

    check out my blog @

  39. nice blog!

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  40. gorgeous outfit! these pants are phenomenal....

  41. love this post visit


  42. Loving your look here!!that skirt is so nice!!

  43. this outfit is so pretty, as are the ethereal pictures of it. My favourite though? the uo pants

  44. Great pictures! And you're gorgeous! :)

  45. coool outfit and background... love the whole look and necklace..

  46. Love that you mix Elizabeth + James and'd love our store + blog!

  47. I am SO SORRY, that I haven't seen your blog before! But i am SO HAPPY that I'm going to read it everyday from now! THANK YOU! Such inspiring photos!

  48. ahh, you're lucky lucky. the bay area has been freeeeeezing cold. would kill for socal weather!

    definitely lovin your blog! you've got an awesomely unique style, can't wait to see more :)

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  50. Anonymous

    I absolutely love this!! Everything is just so perfect, the pants are AMAZING!

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