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November 17, 2009

Twelve by Twelve fur vest, random draped vest, Urban Outfitters dress, Miu Miu pumps.

I've been on a frantic search for a fur vest and came across this on on the Forever 21 website. Can't say it was my ideal choice as I imagined obtaining a thick mongolian filled with grime and dust. But I spent the whole day rubbing my chest and am satisfied walking around as a bathroom mat.

I also got these crazy platform Miu Miu's that tower over all my shoes. Every girl needs a basic black pump, right?

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53 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    fashion and photography are superior.

  2. The photography is un fucking believable. And the shoes are insane.

  3. I love Miu Miu shoes. They = killer.
    Help Is Needed

  4. amen. the lighting in these ethereal. these type of posts are the reason i read blogs.

  5. Cute dress, prints look great on you.
    Cute heels too!

  6. Those photos are AMAZING! wow!

  7. Those shoes are towering!! These are beautiful photographs, so dream like. I love your fur vest!

  8. i really have have have to get a basic black pump cuz i haven't got any, and i do think that its quite versatile for any outfit.

    you look really pretty in the floral dress with fur vest, never thought of this combination.

    just curious, do you feel cold in this outfit??

  9. I love that dress! The layering of the cardigan and vest is so great

  10. i love your outfit girl ! this fur vest is fab' !

  11. I was actually thinking of getting that vest! They totally remind me of Gareth Pugh with that black & white contrast. I didn't know if they would be too Cruella deVille, but it looks great on you!

  12. loving those shoes! you look fab! kathxo

  13. This is amazing and you are adorable<3

  14. Always amazing pictures!

  15. i want fur sooo bad, i like this one, lightly reminecesnt of almost famous!

  16. gorgeous photos.

  17. the last three photos are killing it!! youre beautiful! xxoo

  18. Incredible photos! You look stunning and those pumps are so pretty

  19. Oh wow - those pictures are beautiful!! You look stunning and I'm absolutely loving the oufit.

  20. So pretty! The faux fur vest does look less shaggy on the F21 website.

    Where did you get your necklace? It's awesome.

  21. I JUST discovered your blog via Neekoh's blog (Live, Love, LA) and I LOVE it and you. These pictures are gorgeous and so is your style! I'm a huge fan already :) I'm following you now and can't wait for more updates/posts from you!

  22. stunning shoes, amazing background!!!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.
  24. perfect time of the day for amazing photography for a relaxing feature.

  25. wow, great photography. the lighting is amazing.

    xxx from kissmequick

  26. Loving the photos! that dress is just adorable. Ive been looking for one similar to that.

  27. Absoloutley stunning, the oufit is so stylish xx

  28. ahhh love the layering on this!

  29. You look stunning in those shoes!


  30. These pictures are really beautiful. Your Twelve by Twelve fur vest is the star of this look. =)

  31. this is editorial status.. seriously. you wear clothes so well!


  32. Beautiful photos! I love the drapey vest!


  33. You looks fab, specially in the third pic!
    Stunning shoes!!

  34. Beautiful light in the pictures, you look absolutely beautiful. That vest is awesome, and yes, the shoes too!


  35. lovelylovelylovey photos!
    such amazing light

  36. Not a fan of the furry object but your shoes are stunning. Raych you can pull off anything.

  37. Yay to new pumps, a girl always needs a pair! So jealous of your weather over there, we're bundled up over here now..brrr!

  38. love this! especially the draped vest and dress!

  39. did you know daul kim passed away,
    if i remembered correctly, you liked her right?

  40. perfect MiuMius. perfect fuzzyvest.
    and these shots are WOW. the lighting - you look gorgeous as per usual girl ♥

  41. Love the random drapey vest and floral print dress. gorgeous combo.


  42. Anonymous

    I'm rubbing my vagina so hard to your face right now.

  43. beautiful pics

  44. that's a pair of insanely hot shoes!

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