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marauders on the dancefloor

November 12, 2009

Chloé shirt. Vintage bag and vest. Rag & Bone jeans. Jeffery Campbell boots.

Every time I wear this shirt out, I am guaranteed a corny remark along the lines of "argg matey" thanks to the obnoxious poet sleeves. I'm definitely not complaining since I've lately been gravitating towards piratey, punky elements to contrast my usual Cali-casual style -- made it a mission to get my plum lipstick down 1/4 of the stick by the time spring comes.

Also, these jeans are a-mazing. I bought them years ago from a Ron Herman clearance sale at some ridiculous price that rivals Gap jeans. I will never find another pair like them, especially at that price. Two years counting, I'm still on a jean hunt and have yet to find that perfect pair since these are getting really beat. Really craving a more dark, raw blue denim with room for distress. Any ideas?

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38 responses:

  1. yeah the sleeves does give it a piratey look, but overall it's a lovely casual look, quite 90s :D. btw not to offend but you look like Ashley Tisdale (your features)!!!! i saw a picture of her somewhere and my jaws just dropped!

  2. I'm loving this piratey look!! The plum lipstick was the perfect touch. And your backpack is awesome.

  3. I loved the boots, I'm trying to find a pair resemblant to those without any success (yet)!


  4. ready to walk the woods madame? looking chic :)

  5. Love this look - very .. european in the late 1800s ish .

  6. Looove that shirt with the billowing sleeves.

  7. Such a rad outfit! The boots and vest are my favorite part. And I the plum lipstick looks superb!

  8. Wow this is a very unique look! I would be hesitant, but you pull it off SO. WELL!


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  9. you should try nudies they fit really well.

  10. Great outfit, you look great! I hadn't really noticed the sleeves until you mentioned them though.

    I really like Earnestly Sewn jeans, but they're a bit pricey (luckily I got mine 90% off)

  11. check out raleigh denim. and i feel you on the pirate-ness. the other day i looked in the mirror and said "i'm straight up a pirate right now."

  12. the jeans and boots are perfect.

  13. Anonymous

    hard outfit to pull off but you did it with such ease!

  14. J BRAND! in ink
    favorite jeans ever
    the most dark, untouched blue ever

  15. just found your it! love all your shoes especially...

  16. Lovely outfit!

  17. i looove your boots!!
    i wouldve loved to see you play down the pirate reminescent shirt with something slightly more punky/casual/feminine instead of adding to the pirate illusion with a vest..hmm

  18. You look amazing in that outfit. I've been feeling a bit punk/pirate-y myself. Maybe I still havent gotten over the Halloween fever. Thanks for letting me know about the Orange Antique Mall a while back.. I have yet to visit though. Will let you know how it goes!

  19. Oh my goodness! Super cool outfit! I love the shirt and the boots. I've been reading your blog for a little now, and thought I'd leave a comment. You have wonderful style!

  20. I LOVE the boots! What a great fall look!

  21. I bought my first pair of Rag&Bone jeans a few years ago too... and I must say... I screwed myself! I have not been satisfied by any other denim since. R&B literally molds to your body... magical. Love your whole look here. Almost bough a suede bag at a vintage shop the other day in this same shape...kicking myself now that I see it on you. LOVELY blog dear.

    xx from san francisco. -alex and amy

  22. You look cute but you do look like you are going to audition for a play for Robin Hood

  23. pirate = the best and my favourite dress-up idea. Best excuse to wear OTKs, too.

  24. Hm, I'm not so sure about a very dark wash..but I have bought a pair at H$M before and they are the softest jeans I have ever had. So comfortable too.

    I'm also liking your bag. It's in such a great color!

    Btw, I just got out of a blogging coma so I hope you get to visit!

    -Francesca of WWW

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  26. that vest is really cool. very vintage victorian.

    F <-- two girls blogging fashion from ny and chicago!

  27. You looks fabulous!
    and the boots are killers!

  28. I love the shirt, it def. has a pirate vibe to it, but looks amazing! And the jeans fit you perfectly! I wish I could find a similar pair.


  29. Luv ur outfit!



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    - pure blue Japan

    - ladies

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  31. i've always been drawn to pirate shirts, as they've come in and out of fashion. they're a more interesting interpretation of the ubiquitous crisp white shirt, and never boring.
    by the way, i've been ogling your shoes on several posts on this page...loving the chloe ankle boots especially. what season are they?
    anyhow, you have such cool style. i like. :)
    and thank you for visiting Style Odyssey and leaving a nice comment!

  32. current elliott!!! the skinny and the legging are great fits!

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