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November 8, 2009

Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer. American Apparel skirt. Urban Outfitters tights. Giuseppe Zanotti wedges.

I recently went through a stage where I wanted dress all Americano via J. Crew and Ralph Lauren. Sadly, I never got that far. However, I was able to snatch this amazing wool blazer from Jen's blog contest and underwent a difficult closet transformation - which again, didn't go far.

We didn't get any pictures of my full outfit since the camera ran out of batteries after only a few shots. At least what we have properly reflects one of our favorite past times of lounging in a public park to do some people watching and talk about nothing for hours.

Thanks again Jen and Wicked Plum Vintage for the awesome blazer

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50 responses:

  1. ooh i love the colours in this outfit, and those tights - they look like spider webs!


  2. The whole look is very Ralph Lauren! The RL blazer is just classical!

  3. that blaser is a real collector items. great choice! Thanks for mentioning this wonderful ebay vintage shop

  4. love the ray ban/blazer combo you got going on, you look so cute!

  5. that's an amazing outfit!..i love how you've combined many different textures together...indeed it's a different look from the usual! love your ray bans.the white ones really suit you.

  6. whoa, check out those wedges! chunky, i love!

  7. Love those tights, very Rodarte. Great blazer too.

  8. Love the blazer!
    Amazing outfit, you look so cute.

  9. you look fantastic!! nice blazer and shoes!!:)

  10. You look awesome! Great outfit for a nice day in the park, loving the blazer ;)


  11. Looks great! Love those shoes!


  12. You look studiously sexy! The shoes and tights are extraordinarily heartstopping, I think I need those shoes!

  13. Amazing blazer,

    amazing tights!

  14. Aaah the blazer looks so awesome on you!! Hope you enjoy it :D

  15. I love these photos, you look so gorgeous. Tights, blazer and SHOES are all amazing. Are the tights recent? I'd love a pair. xx

  16. this outfit is CRAZYYYY gorgeouSS! the blazer stockings and shoes are to die for

  17. Nice tights..I actually bought the same pair yesterday! They had a crazy sale!!

  18. Both the tights and blazer look gorgeous, and combined together is something entirely new!

    juliet xxx

  19. your blazer is gorgeous. the tights are pretty cool, too :)

  20. I've had that feeling on numerous occasions when I've passed by a j.crew. All their styles look so easy to throw on.

  21. I love the outfit, it's a fun combination. The blazer is pretty amazing and so is the dress! The shoes are killer.


  22. i love it!!! there's so much going on (in a good way) -- earthy shoes, punky tights, glittery dress, preppy blazer, hipster glasses!! you totally pull it off!

  23. The tights and blazer are perfect together. Now I want to run out and get those tights too!

  24. I'm OBSESSED with patterned tights - these are amazing!

  25. your tights are sooo nice, i love them!

    also, which camera do you use?

  26. I love the blazer with the shiny dress and those webby tights!

  27. i love your tights!!!

  28. Raych you look amazing as usual- I love the caramel blazer and your mad tights!

  29. Ooh, are the insides of the blazer sleeves really striped like that? I like!
    And Sundays in the park -- isn't that the epitome of a great end to the weekend?

  30. the blazer looks great! and the tights are awesome.

  31. Love the shoes! Your jacket is amazing!


  32. Great blazer, AWESOME tights!

    Emilie from

  33. love the whole outfit.

  34. love the sunglasses with your dress & pretty blazer.

  35. That blazer HAS to be mine!


  36. I really dig this! The colors and everything - so chic! & the shoes!:O JK YOUVE JUMPED THE SHARK

  37. Just found your blog. There's something very down to earth about your pictures. I like it a great deal.


  38. love this look! and beautiful photos! the blazer looks wicked as!

    helen x

  39. i really love your tights!!! you've gor really good style. :)

  40. Love your blazer, poses and colors!

  41. Your tights are awesome! I saw those and wanted to buy them :)


  42. Great wedges! Love the tights too.


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