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November 29, 2009

It might be a little late for me to be posting Thankgiving pictures, but I've had such a busy weekend! I seriously can't wait for this semester to be over. Disclaiming ahead of time that I was without the Canon XSI and had to resort to a 2006 point and shoot camera - basically the pictures suck but thank god for photoshop.

Vintage skirt and shirt. Madewell belt.

I pretty much sat outside on the balcony with my brother the whole night waiting for the food (which didn't disappoint my already high expectations). I'm absolutely head-over-heels over my aunt's new penthouse from the dark hardwood floors to the 15th story view to the open floor plan. Amazing.

I am wearing two of the five pics I got from the pile sale last weekend - had it thoroughly washed. It was a rather warm thanksgiving, so it was nice to wear something a tad more light.

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  2. i love the whole outfit! and the Penthouse.. what a view and what a nice weather you have there!!

  3. ah amazing ! love the outfit & and the veiw :D

  4. you look gorgeous. i love the skirt and the belt to pieces. madewell does the best belts. but the whole look really works. i want that meal and that bed too.

  5. Such lovely pictures! They make me want to be American and celebrate Thanksgiving!

    Love from Paris.

  6. I really love the pictures, and the view is really lovely!
    Like your outfit too.

    With love,

  7. Amazing penthouse and view! The balcony bed looks so comfy.

  8. love your outfit! I would have never thought to pick up that skirt but the way you styled it totally works...

    and where is that gorgeous penthouse! im jelly

  9. oooh, looovely home!!!
    i looove this look on you, that skirt looks perfect with tha top, such a soft, chic look

  10. Gotta love that Photoshop. You have some rad skills, yourself!
    And I'm loving that skirt of yours :D

  11. gosh your aunt has a great apt and what a great cook!

  12. hi. i hope you don't mind me asking but which loft space is your aunt at?! my husband and i are looking. :)

  13. That bedroom is UNREAL! WOW!

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    - le 21eme

  14. you are the cutest little thing.
    i am glad you had a great thanks giving

  15. gorgeous darling
    i simply adore your blog, keep it up!
    love it
    thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the sweet comments

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  16. i like the skirt top and the belt combo youve got going on here so cute... that photo with the sun behind you is goregous

    thanks for the comment visit anytime

    Vi from Cali

  17. Goodness, what an amazing house. Absolutely breathtaking with every picture. Not to mention, you look great. I love your Thanksgiving outfit!

  18. oh my god this is spectacular!!

  19. You (or your folks more probably) live there? Oh holy God!

    juliet xxx

  20. love love the outfit!!
    ps check out my blog, i just started out!

  21. the skirt is adorable.

  22. That shirt we sold at Jcrew this past summer.

  23. Loveee the skirt! Could never pull it off myself though and the PENTHOUSE IS AMAZING! The food looked tasty too!

  24. oh my god that penthouse officially became my dream home
    and you look so pretty! (as usual)

    thanks for the comment on my blog :) did you get gaga tix?

  25. I love the antique cupboard in the bedroom! Stunning!

  26. Beautiful pics!
    The penthouse is amazing and you looks so gorgeous!

  27. am in love with the fancy penthouse, the spectacular view, and your comfy outfit.

  28. You did a great work photoshopping these since you really can't tell the camera is that bad! Lovely post and beautiful place.

    P.S. came across your blog through Song of Style's bloglovin page.

  29. Omg, i love your blog! and your pictures; goorgouuus!!!

    greetings from germany xoxo

  30. Amazing spread
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  31. love the outfit and the pictures!!! nice view btw! xoxo

  32. such a beautiful penthouse


  33. i like the length of that skirt! nice outfit!

  34. HI!!!!!!! I LOVE THE PICTURES!!

    I started my own site

    give me s uggestionss..

  35. Hi! I take your blog to my favourites! If you want please take my too! :)
    Thank you

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  37. I trueally love your outfit here! outstanding! and your flat is cute too!

  38. That food looks delicious! =)
    Love your blog!

    x Krizia

  39. beautiful outfit. i wish i could wrong mismatched patterns as well as you :) and the penthouse is awesome. I AM JEALOUS hahaha

  40. Love your outfit here so much! So floaty and feminine!

  41. That Penthouse is insanely gorgeous.



  42. Very good article. Hope to read another good article. Thx.

  43. jesus i'm OBSESSED with that day bead on your balcony! :( jealououosuosusousousousossss.

  44. what a fabulous bedroom!

  45. great outfit. you always look great.

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