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black silhouettes

November 22, 2009

Elizabeth + James blazer, American Apparel dress, vintage wool hat, Chloe boots. Lorraine Pennington ring.

There are some major perks to having a boyfriend who works at Intermix - eg: this amazing, sharp blazer that he randomly bought for me. I know - what a catch. I've been craving more hats in my closet and was freakishly giddy when I came across this one. Things that spark up any outfit just get me.

Visited Fourth street in Long Beach today and passed a sign that said "pile sale going on now". A little history: every time I'm in the area, I admirably stare at the back lot of La Bomba wishing that it was the 3rd weekend of the month, but with my luck, it never is. What is it, is a huge, disgusting stockpile of vintage clothes for a ballpark price of $2 per item. Of course, I immediately climbed to the very top - no mercy - and started digging. I left with some pretty sweet items and (probably) hepatitis A-Z.

PS: RIP Daul.

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51 responses:

  1. you always have the best lighting! love the e & j blazer. lucky girl to have a boy like that (:

  2. Fabulous darling!
    amazing photos, and that dress looks so perfect on you!

  3. you look fabulous!
    {uninhibited fashion}

  4. Wow, lucky you to have such an amazing boy! It's gorgeous. You look stunning as always. Flash photography done right!

  5. Wow, never knew black could look that sophisticated & classy!

  6. pile sale sounds like so much fun. love the all black outfit and super jeal of a bf who buys e&j, you lucked out! xx

  7. Love the blazer! Beautiful sunset too.

  8. the first picture is amazing & love your blazer!!

  9. Wow, those are amazing pictures and you have a great figure! Love the hat :o)

  10. you look so cute!!! =D love the outfit today!

  11. beautiful pics and so in love with your chloe boots!

  12. Anonymous

    i love the all black with the pops of color from your lipstick and ring xx

  13. everything is so crisp. and phots at sunset really make it.

  14. love that you have the guts to wear this dress out (AND pull it off)!! my boyfriend works at a wine store so i get free wine but holy crap your blazer! definitely a catch ;D

  15. Indeed, you are lucky to have a boyfriend who works for Intermix...however, it is your styling / mixing that really makes it. Amazing, as usualy. I love the all black with just a bit of blue accent.

  16. I love the blazer! Jelz that you have an in at Intermix.

  17. Oh my! Your shoes are so great! And, well, you look amazing!


  18. your bf works at intermix? how cool!
    i'd kill for that blazer.
    you look amazing =)

  19. looove this look
    you looks soo chic and lovely :)
    the hat is the best part for reeal ;)

  20. you're definitely one lucky girl. That blazer is so cool!

  21. i love this boy george's inspired look :D except that you look waaaayyy hotter than him ;)

    droooooling over that blazer!


  22. Anonymous

    please please please make a post with your finds! :)

  23. Judy

    You're so pretty! Are you mixed (half Vietnamese half white?)

  24. I love your posts and look forward to them. Love the hat. And it is good to have a partner who appreciates fashion.

  25. Gorgeous look, I love the boots so much!

  26. Lovely pictures! Nice shoes, beatiful legs!
    But, you never stop to say hi :D


  27. such a hot outfit.

  28. I love how your lip colour and amazing ring pop against the monochrome outfit. Love it.

  29. Anonymous

    Love the shoes!!! What lipcolor is that, may I ask?? I love it!

  30. Faridah - Many failed attempts, glad to finally get it right. Who knew how difficult it was going to be!

    Fashionable Pallete - Aw thank you!

    Judy - Full bred :)

    Anon 4:19 - Girl About Town by MAC! Loves it!

  31. I love your dress here!!the shoes are gorgeous 2!

  32. Your boots are gorgeous

  33. great outfit, loving the blazer!!

  34. Black never fails, u look amazing in these all black ensembles. The 3rd shot is perfecto!
    Happy Thanksgiving! =D

  35. I like that you didn't just make it a typical "tough, edgy" outfit with the black tight dress with ankle boots by adding the hat. It turns everything into a chic retro style and it looks great! Very Lou Doillon :)

  36. Sexy outfit! And interesting shoes! :)

  37. Robert Palmer meets Gaucho! Great look.

  38. What lipstick are you wearing here?

    LOVE IT!!!

  39. an admirer

    great tits. and nice legs. wow.

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