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violating overnight religion

October 7, 2009

(Dress: Christopher Kane x Topshop. Boots: Jeffery Campbell. Necklace: Lorraine Pennington)

Today, Ted and I craved some warm drinks (hot apple cider... mmmm) due to the perfect, chilly weather. Ended up at Rutabegorz in Old Town Tustin and the rest is history.

Chris Kane for Topshop wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but I couldn't click out of the website without purchasing this off-shoulder, lacey wonder. I threw on boots in an effort to dress-down the abundance of lace and mesh but had a particular pair of Miu Miu boots in mind that have literally gone MIA. They're not in my car, my closet, or my garage... and I'm hopelessly lost without them.

In another effort to make this dress casual, I added this gorgeous pendant necklace that Lorraine so generously sent me. Each piece of hers is hand sculpted out of pigments and resin - I absolutely adore her work and passion in jewelry-making. See more of her work here.

Lastly, check out this interview I did for Tara Almaz. She too designs amazing necklaces that I can totally see Susie Bubble sporting as seen here.

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54 responses:

  1. amazing dress and smile. oh and hair.

  2. Just found your blog... I like it and I also like your style!

  3. Amazing dress, awesome shoes! You look so pretty, love the last picture!

  4. You look stunning, and it's great to see a smile. The sheerness of that dress is too beautiful! I really dig those necklace designs too. x

  5. I love the whole look, great job!

  6. wow your dress is so magnificent !! and thos boots are stunning ! great outfit girl !

  7. ...for a moment i thought that was beer with whipped cream :D

  8. I love that oneshoulder dress! The drink also looked to me like beer :D.

    juliet xxx

  9. dress is amazing, looks so gorgeous on you!


  10. Anonymous

    Love love love

  11. i was just looking at the collection online today and thinking that this was my favourite piece. it looks stunning on you. hope you find your miu mius!

  12. I love it! It's like boho-goth gone chic. You pull it off so well :)

  13. Oooh I adore that dress!

  14. ah, I HATE losing clothes, especially if I wear them a lot. Also, is that cider + cream???? That is wrong in SO many ways and if you drink alot of that it will equal big disgusting vomit + hangover. just sayin'.

  15. After seeing your vlog I'm re-addicted to your blog! Love this outfit, girl.

  16. j

    is ted single?! hahahaha.

  17. loove this outfit :D

  18. Most incredible boots I've ever seen!
    Always Love the BLOG. Xx

    Please check out

  19. Most incredible boots I've ever seen!
    Always Love the BLOG. Xx

    Please check out

  20. I couldn't find anything I liked that was the Christopher Kane line for Topshop in the store but this dress is absolutely amazing!!!

    You look gorgeous in this outfit- I love the whole look with those killa boots (I don't think too many people could pull off but you totally do).

    Come visit me cause I truly admire your style girl!

  21. totally gorgeous in every way
    i love it!
    the dress is flawless, and your pose is HOT
    loving the jewelry at the end

    check out my blog @

  22. I love the one shoulder dress = fab. Also, am jealous of the jeffrey campbell boots. I saw them on modcloth but alas they had sold out of my size. I'm still on the hunt for a pair.

  23. I adore the dress, love the asymmetry!

  24. Amazing dress and AMAZING boots, love the outfit. Your vlog made me laugh out loud at times haha xo

  25. Ohhh I love those boots so much! If I had the extra cash they would be mine all mine. That last necklace is insanely gorgeous!



  26. like how you've played the dress down with the gorgeous boots, so jealous i want a pair.

  27. wow, you look unbelievably gorgeous. And that necklace is stunning.

  28. Those necklaces are fantastic, especially the one you're wearing and the oyster shell/pearl one.

    I hate when I lose things and look for them everywhere, only to find it months later in the most obvious place ever.

  29. beautiful photos ! oh and i fall in love with your outfit ! nice dress and boots :)

  30. you look absolutely beautiful. the whole outfit is great

  31. Anonymous

    Wow....... you are so so so pretty ^^

  32. cute smile! and very cute photos =D

    helen x

  33. Oh wow. I love that necklace. Jee.

    And the dress. Im still contemplating purchasing one. So pretty.

  34. You're amazing girl!
    You looks gorgeous with that fabulous dress, and so well combined with the boots! Totally in love with this outfit ;)

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  36. lovely dress!

  37. great photoshoot
    love all of the pics
    you look a very fashionable working girl ;)

    cheeky girl

  38. great photoshoot
    love all of the pics
    you look a very fashionable working girl ;)

    cheeky girl

  39. wow really love your boots, they look gorgeous!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

  40. Anonymous

    Love it!! :-)

  41. I absolutely love your black lace dress, great job in teaching it up with your lace-up boots! Oh I loved your video blog!

  42. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh! I love that dress, and it looks like it was made for you! So gorgeous! Nice choice...I want one too! :-)

  43. You look seriously stunning!!

  44. I love Rutabegorz! I was just there on Saturday for lunch!

  45. gahhhhhh!!
    I'm in love with you in all black . . .

  46. Cute photos!!! you look really lovely!!! I add you to my fauvorite blogs!

  47. You are so pretty! And I love the dress combined with those shoes. You look great.

    Please visit 'Add some Roitfeld to your life.'

  48. you're so pretty. i love those boots. x

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