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October 23, 2009

(Top: DKNY. Skirt: H&M. Shoes: DvN)

I totally forget that I own this skirt because I hang it on my door as decor. You can see why - the print is gorgeous! Decided to throw it on and it made for a quick, lazy outfit.

P.S. Look how much my hair has grown! Yessssssss.
P.S.S. What are you being for Halloween? Been juggling indian, peacock, poison ivy, and Yuna from FFX for a while.

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44 responses:

  1. The necklace is amazing. I love the long, weirdly dangerous looking, spikes. Where did you get it?

  2. serva me, servabote! do you have that marc jacobs bracelet? the leather one that has that saying on it? i do, and i love it. save me and i'll save you. genius.

  3. totally gorgeous in EVERY way
    love this look, from head to toe
    flawless darling
    keep it up

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  4. gorgeous shoes!!!
    especially the Chloes, they're all so beautiful!

    I laughed about your New Zealand ice cream comment, im from NZ and i have to say its funny to see us export ice cream?

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  5. Love it, the skirt is amazzing.


  6. love the outfit the pictures are stunningly perfect!

  7. The skirt is amazing, love the print of it! And you have a fantastic ring collection!


  8. I love the print on that skirt!

  9. i love the shoes!! and the print of your skirt!! and everything else about the outfit :)

  10. Anonymous

    you kind of remind me of an asian version of alexa chung

  11. i love the brilliant accessorising.

  12. you look great
    really love the skirt...

    ps did you find your awesome Miu Miu boots yet?

  13. Anonymous

    I love the colours of the print on the skirt! Gorgeous.

  14. how pretty! the necklace an dthe skirt complemet each other sooo well :)

  15. great look. Powerful prints of the skirt. Love the shape.

  16. That skirt is beautiful! I'm so jealous with how you can wear a knee length skirt and still look tall... And you look great with mid-length hair!

  17. Love the skirt! Hmmm not sure about halloween, maybe Magenta from The Rocky Horror Show or an anime character..

  18. Love your style so much!!!!! :))

    I'm thinking of dressing up as blue man group. Lol.
    Pretty intense, but easy to dress up like them. You just need a blue face paint. haha

  19. great styling if that skirt, I find that length can be tricky.

  20. you should do poison can do a lot of fun stuff with texture. one of my best friends did it a couple of years ago and she looked super cool :)

  21. beautiful look! love the necklace!!

    i know how frustrating it is to wait for your hair to grow! it looks great!

    helen x

  22. Lovely outfit, especially the shoes!

  23. Beautiful Dries shoes, and I"m lovin your necklace as well. awesome post :)

  24. Hey love the skirt too!!

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  25. love the outfit.

  26. I love your blog but I just realized you are not on my blog roll.
    Want to exchange links? I am going to add you regardless, no pressure to do the same.

  27. I love that skirt on you! And your hair looks just so good!

    juliet xxx

  28. Your skirt is a gem! You look gorgeous in that outfit! Great necklace!

  29. i love the top on you, it hangs just perfectly. and your most recent halloween post, is just scary. i can't seem to look at it so i had to scan down quickly to get to this post. lol.

  30. I love you look in these pictures.

  31. perfect style!
    xoxo from France

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