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October 27, 2009

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32 responses:

  1. oh yes! need to save all these pictures. so excited. making halloween cupcakes...


  2. Look at the heels.


  3. these photos...are creepy!!! aaahhhh...;p

  4. fantastic selection of photos...getting me in the halloween mood!

  5. Love those tights with the black hearts. The bathroom reminds me a lot of Los Angeles. American restrooms and kitchen have something easy to recognize.

    B* a la Moda

  6. seriously great post, the eye candy is superb

  7. I feel si inspired for a photoshoot right now

  8. those are some seriously freaky photos!!

  9. I can't wait for halloween, though I'm not quite sure yet what will I be.

    juliet xxx

  10. This is a fantastic collection of images. Really, wow.

  11. awesome photos.

  12. AHHHHH i love halloween its prb one of my favorite holidays!!! these pictures ROCKKK!!

  13. Good selection Raych! Will you be dressing up? Tell us!

  14. love love love these pictures, they really capture the whole halloween thing.

    can't wait to dress up!


  15. INSANE photos. Loving the white tights with hearts.

  16. As terrifying as all of these photos were, I loved every single one of them. Fabulous! :)

  17. wah love all of them, great selection/series. love halloween!

  18. loving all. love halloween

  19. love the antm shoot- one of the best ever

  20. best halloween pictures evss.

    shivers up the spine, brr! x

  21. Totally amazing photos. Great inspiration!!

  22. This is such a cool post, love it!

  23. I only regert that halloween isn`t so popular in my country, but I can say wheather sth is scary or not and I definitely like the photos here!

  24. In love with those white tights with the black hearts

  25. Anonymous

    Isn't that Natasha Galkina from america's next top model?

  26. Whoa! Creepy pictures! But I love them; they’re great!

  27. Anonymous

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