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foolish consistency

October 12, 2009

(Shirt: Grey Ant. Jeans: Hudson Jeans. Shoes: Chloé. Rings: Surface of Air. Lorraine Pennington)

Literally spent the whole weekend in LA in this comfy-button up. Melrose-splurging with James on Saturday. Visited my aunt's new pent across from Staples Center. Had a typical British dinner for lunch. New Zealand icecream for dinner. Played with my little cousin at the pool. Went to Space 1520 for Urban Decay's event. Now exhausted and ready for bed.

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52 responses:

  1. ooh was it kapiti ice cream?

    i love that button up - it's like an updated version of the oversized shirt xx

  2. OOH I love your shirt! Slouchy cool!

  3. Great outfit. Love the Boots & the necklace!

  4. great shirt, so casual and chic at the same time:)

  5. oh my god i have jade nails at the moment too! The shirt is very cool, i love the button detail at the shoulders!


  6. loving the pastel coloured nails, and the bar ring.
    great outfit!
    (i'm a newbie)

  7. great, simple outfit...the shirt is great

  8. what an insanely fabulous weekend!

    heaps jealous.

    looking hot beauty!


  9. I need that top!!

  10. cutest post ever. more like it please :)

  11. I totally had the New Zealand ice-cream on Friday night, too!

  12. LOVE your shirt. and always pretty bloggers meetup photos :)

  13. love the slouchy button-up shirt!!

  14. that shirt is great, loooving it
    from the loose fit to the little cut outs n the shoulders..i can see sooo much versatality in it :)

  15. rice paper girl

    love the green nails!

    ps- what colour lippy are you wearing?

    i love this...totally amazing
    love the shots, awesome

    check out my blog @

  17. You look amazing! That top is gorgeous on you, and I've been meaning to find a really good pair of black skinny jeans. And now I know Hudson makes 'em. So thank you.

  18. ahh i've been seeing those shoes everywhere! i absolutely love them. i just wish they were made in my size! they look great on you.

    ps. you should come check out my blog! i just wrote a post about making a beaded beanie and gloves from an old sweater. you might be interested in it! =]

  19. Danmyy - Jade nails are so in right now. I was stopped and asked if I had on Chanel and that she was dying for some. Sadly, I had to disappoint her with Target as an answer.

    Neekoh - sooo gooooood

    rice paper girl - Girl About Town by MAC

    Lainey - glad you like them! I underestimate Hudson

    Warholchic2 - I'll check it out. These are one of my favorite Chloe shoes.

  20. I want your whole outfit esp. the button down!!!

  21. nail polish is sickkk.

  22. Beautiful shoes, Ilove how they open up in the front. I hope you'll get a lot of wears out of them! :)

  23. Sounds like a great weekend. Those potatoes look mouth watering. Haha

  24. beautiful beautiful! great look

  25. Okay, I'm crushing on that top, those n
    ails, your chloe boots and as always..that p
    retty smile raych! Am at the hospital rite now, gastric problem.. :( hope you have a blast day tomorrow. Wish me to get well soon ey?

  26. some great photos! i LOVE the chloe shoes.

  27. This is definitely my favorite outfit ever!

  28. Love your nails and your ring is so pretty

  29. Anonymous

    would you sell your ring and get a polished one instead?i want the raw version and i read you better want the polished. thx


    Sincerely, your Yann♥Bunzll

  31. amazing! i love the clothes, nails and everythinggg!

  32. i LOVE the top and the necklace....

  33. LOVE the nail colors happenin' here.

    just thought i should let you know i got my chickdowntown hahahahahahaha. except it's not really all that funny. ;]

    thanks again for everything you did to help me out on this, raych. you are fantastic in more ways than one.

  34. What a beautiful pictures!! love them all!! kisses!

  35. great picture taking and awesome blog!!!

    i really like your style.. wel definetly be stopping by more often!


  36. aww your cousin is such a cutie, she will grow up to be really beautiful! seems like a busy weekend, but i would kill to have a weekend like yours - instead of having piles and piles of work to do, hahaha. you should do more blogs like this!! :)

  37. love your blog! its always so fun! you said you went to goodwill stores in the oc. might i ask which ? i know theres a lot

  38. Lovely pics!
    You looks adorable ;)

  39. agh. your SHIRT! i've been looking for something like this for too long and here it is in its perfect incarnation, color cut etc. bravo haha xx

  40. LOVING the necklace love love love love love it!! you are so cute.

  41. Am not really a fan of the oversized shirt, but this one with the cut out shoulders and button lapel make this definitely something that I would wear.. also love love the necklace!

  42. That,s a perfect day!!! I love photos!, nails are so funny I like the color, and you look ver pretty!.
    Thank,s for visit my place!!

  43. Your necklace is amazing!
    Beautiful pictures!

  44. holy cow those jeans look fantastic on you

  45. aaahhh adore the jeans!!! and the girl with the leo tank top looks soo cute! x

  46. that grub looks amazing! your friends look amazing! and YOU look amazing!

    your style rocks

    jess s//

  47. I love that boxy fit, sick


  48. nice collection of shoes according to weather n trend.... really like them... if u would like to see more beautiful converse shoes then visit

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