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October 17, 2009

Left to right:
maaike mekking / chloé / la mer / monki jeans / anthropologie / aminaka wilmont / temperly london / osman yousefzada / three dots / 3.1 philip lim / super sunglasses / iradj moini / vivienne westwood anglomania

It's that time in my life again where nothing looks good on me, and I have a closet full of nothing. I blame the ever-changing weather. Need chunky knits, abstract prints, patched denim and more blue.

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41 responses:

  1. argh i want those chloe wedges so badly! and that sheer dress is increeeeedible.


  2. You have quite a sweet selection there- my top 3 are the black tulle dress, the funky lounge sofa and the green dress

  3. Amazing taste! I love the sheer number. x

  4. love everything here! I can totally imagine the wedges+jacket with the sheer underneath.


  5. omg you picked fantastic things

  6. Love the wedges - its all very you!!

  7. wow, great picks! thanks for sharing

  8. This post is life changing!! Seriously, love every item here!!

  9. omggg i love every single thing here! especially the jeans and that sweater!

  10. I NEED that Vivienne Westwood sweater/jacket. The necklace would be nice too. haha

  11. Yes! Especially to the sheer, the stacked bracelets/watch and the chunky knits. I want So Cal to be chilly already!

  12. You picked some amazing pieces!

    Please visit 'Add some Roitfeld to your life.'

  13. Oh gosh, my beloved Chloe wedges! + the Vivienne sweater would be so good for cold cold nights!

    And I really do know how you feel. I'm afraid my closet will explode any moment, still I always say 'oh dear, I don't have anything to wear today!'

  14. lovely post.

  15. amazing pieces! love the sheer dress and vivienne westwood coat!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.
  17. want all of those things, all of em i tell you.
    loved the post below from the vintage mall, where is it? looks absolutely stuffed with greatness, so surprised u left empty handed as well!

    check out my blog, would love for u to see it!


  18. shoes and the bag! my favourite now! love it! wish to be able to wear the first tunic (it`s too cold for it now)

  19. ugh i feel like i have a closet full of nothing right now too! off to browse your picks!

  20. THANKS for sharing the Osma wedges..
    I am visiting my banker tomorrow, see what she thinks..
    hope my bf reads your blog

  21. The shoes? Uh, die! Seriously amazing, I need them in black.

  22. Anonymous

    that sheer dress is absolutely stunnning

  23. i know the feeling, and i'm quite certain we have really similar aesthetic taste based on these picks. they are ALL incredible. do some fall shopping, girl!

  24. Ahhhh loving everything!!!!!!!
    Esp the bag!! :DD

  25. great outfit, love the Chloe shoes i can find it at a cheap price to Topshop :)
    Love the sunglasses and the skirt.
    Great cocoon marine coat.

  26. those jeans are kinda interesting.. might try them on nexxt time. love the wedges though, i think i'm in love x

  27. the mesh dress and the blue booties are made in heaven!

  28. i want the vivienne jacket! perfect cozy piece i'm needing for this cold, icky, rainy manchester weather!

  29. Wow I just recently stumbled upon your blog and it's love, love, LOVE! Everything's beautifulllll

  30. i'm so in love with the 1st dress!

  31. such gorgeous choices! I am all about those lace-up chloe's, and that BEAUTIFUL sheer dress - amazing!

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