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September 30, 2009

(Top: Vintage. Skirt: Urban Outfitters. Shoes: Dries van Noten. Bag: Jimmy Choo)

Haven't gotten around to posting this picture from when I went thrifting with Cruz a few posts back, but I do know that white sheer fabrics are on my to-buy list - trying to steer away from dark silhouettes for fall.

Despite its thin, translucent characteristics, my top is extremely warm. My friend Chris gave me the dirtiest look after my comment and countered it with "Raych, your shirt is polyester. It doesn't breathe!" For some reason, that comment made my day.

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46 responses:

  1. love the outfit, the skirt looks great... and it's good that the shirt is warm while looking sheer and summery - perfect. xx

  2. Beautiful skirt, awesome bag!

  3. You look great. I like your hair and who well it works with the whole outfit.

    B* a la Moda

  4. Beautiful pic!

    Peace and love!

  5. i love all except shoes!!!
    you are so nice!!
    commet back ok??


  6. uuuh great title.

    love the outfit! I want that bag :P

  7. You wear such simple pieces and make it into a complete outfit!

  8. perfect outfit
    adoreeeeeeee that top

  9. I love that skirt - I saw it on the UO site and I think it's fabulous.

  10. this is a faBBBBBBBulous photo- lovelove the top and your little braid:)

  11. i love this look
    simple, chic, casual, and the skirt is great paired with the strappy sandals

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  12. Sheer is definitely on my list too! Loving your shoes, too.

  13. Anonymous

    what cam do u use. its so high - def!

  14. oh i love this, simple yet very interesting! Those shoes and bag are amazing!

  15. this outfit is perfect. sooo pretty. thanks for the inspiration :)

  16. adele

    you look really good. i like the whole outfit and the accents of black work really well.
    awesome photo, too, well composed and such :)

  17. My dress is 75% acryl. I'm warm too. :D

    juliet xxx

  18. Fantastic blog, I'll be back often! Keep up the good work.

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  19. Ohh nice haha I think this pic turned out good. LOL Chris is so fabulous.

  20. so pretty. i'd totally sport this!

  21. Stunning look! And you look amazing :)

  22. i saw your blog until the end, and and say : its AMAZING ! following :)

  23. very cute!

  24. Totally in love with your outfit!
    you have a lovely style! Amazing shoes!!

  25. cotton it is, thank god. :D Thank you for visiting me!

    juliet xxx

  26. Love your outfit!!

    && nice photography :)
    The shadow behind you makes the picture so professional!

  27. great look!

  28. Beautiful diaphanous blouse!!

  29. heh, I love comments like that, I've got a nice collection of them, but I can't seem to think of any now that I think about it. dammed brain. had I not tried, a second before I would have a pile of them to offer. I'll remember one at 3 in the morning and let you know :P

    I need to braid my hair more, always forget how much I love it

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  31. your shoes wow.

  32. Hi!! I find your blog, and i want to tell you that i add you to my favourite blogs! if you want to visit mine you,ll welcome!...

  33. Gorgeous! Great outfit! :)

  34. Anonymous

    Are your sunglasses Ray Ban Wayfarers?

  35. stunning!
    im following :)


  36. i don't know that many people who can look so flawlessly stylish every single day. I'm so impressed.


  37. Amazing style. Very chic. I love the skirt and top especially.

  38. i like ur top and skirt!!! so simple yet very interesting!

    the blabbers

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