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girl crush

September 19, 2009

Style and accessories director for Marie Claire, Taylor Tomasi has been my plaguing my desktop -- so much so, she has her own folder now. It's great to see her love for an item by seeing it incorporated repetitively in her outfits (see: scarves, motorcycle boots, vests). Every time she re-wears a piece, you can hardly remember if you have already seen it on her being that she styles it differently every time. Her style is eclectic but always uniformed. And do I even have to mention her gorgeous firey red hair? It makes me want to go red; in fact, she even made me fall in love with motorcycle boots again. This woman is perfect.

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43 responses:

  1. Agreed. I have completely fallen for her style and that hair :]

  2. Anonymous


  3. I agree! She's always looking so put together, it's insane! Love!

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  5. she is amazing, and has the BEST shoe collection. the kenzos kill me. xx

  6. yes, i love her too! she always look fab, effortless and flawless.

  7. she balances proportions puuurrfectly- which is ridiculously important and not seen done well often enough. her kenzo platforms and floaty skirts and dresses kind of slay me... sigh...

  8. does she EVER slip up? she is perfection

    lovin the red hair, its such a different red than mine! probably a lot cooler :)

  9. She is perfect!!! Everything about her. I love her motorcycle boots outfits. xx

  10. She does have amazing style...and that hair!


  11. I did a post on Taylor recently too, she is kind of amazing, lovely hair.

  12. she´s every outfit of her

  13. She has style. Those killer heels and her hair!!! Ohh I have to love it!

    I like how she wears everything, she looks styles yet professional.

  14. i could NOT agree more.

    she is perfection.

    the boots. the chanel. the hair. the color blocking... everything.

    great collection!


  15. loving the collage i was thinking of doing something similar for a post but you have done an amazing job! i love it!

    <3 xo miss u missy

  16. her shoe collection is to die for!! every pair makes the outfit!

  17. LOVELOVELOVELOVE mrs tomasi-hill... kind of upset that she left teen vogue, but whatevss :)

    I started a blog of my own and I added you to my blogroll...

  18. She is a bit of a favourite for the "street-style-blog" genre.

  19. you right, i love her style too and the red hair fits her pefectly..

  20. Gahh, i feel like shes all over all of a sudden, shes so genius! I really want to go red now too!

  21. She seriously has great style x Sushi

  22. That's funny and so true; I didn't notice repeated pieces until you pointed them out, and I scrolled back up to look at the pictures again.

  23. terrific collage. don't get me started on taylor tomasi, i worship that woman

  24. Her style is killer, and you're right you hardly recognise the accessories she used before because she's styled them so differently :)


  26. Oooh, love her looks! She goes from National Geographic photographer to girly biker cool to uptown chic! And that hair! Makes me wanna go red as well. :)

  27. I met her during NYFW and she's such a sweetheart too!

  28. i love her! and you're right about her red hair. makes me want to be a red head too.

  29. The hair makes most of those outfits even better. I covet her ruffles.

    Great blog!

  30. She's got an amazing sense of style and the BEST hair!


  31. wow amazing hair! It goes with her skin so well!

  32. She does have amazing style. Some great shots!

  33. It's amazing, great!!!

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