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September 26, 2009

I won this Tolani scarf from Live Glam or Die's blog a while back and am shocked I haven't worn it on my blog sooner. Generally not a "scarf-girl", but I'm definitely in love with this piece. It's a nice alternative to a punch of color. California is robbing us of the Fall season - currently desperate to wear more boots and socks and possibly move to a place with four seasons.

Scarf: Tolani; Skirt: Yaya Aflalo; Shoes: Marc by Marc

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52 responses:

  1. Absolutely amazing pictures! I really love the pink socks :)

  2. i love thiis
    my favorite look on you, like ever
    i love the diff. lengths
    the scarf
    and the socks with the boots are perfection!

    p.s- be thankful you dont live in the desert, we only get two seasons- hella hella hot, and unbearbley cold!

  3. am a fan of this look. love the scarf.

  4. You look amazing! Really!Everything works together: the colors, lengths, shoes, socks...

    B* a la Moda

  5. I did a giveaway with that same scarf and I totally want one for myself - so pretty!

  6. what a sweet scarf

  7. wow, you look great! i love this outfit and the scarf is awesome

  8. Amazing pictures. i'm in love with your 'lovely lady' look:)

  9. Rahh, that scarf is gorgeous. I've never heard of Tolani... I'll have to hunt for one for myself!

  10. LOVE the scarf! And the hint of sock :)


  11. The interview has arrive on my blog, Raych! Hope you love it, dear!

  12. How did you win such an awesome piece of neck warmer? Love the colours. You wear everything so well.

  13. i love the whole look,
    but i love your scarf and your pink socks the most :D

  14. And you wear it so well!


  15. I love scarfs; however, it is scorching hot and so humid where I live, which is unfortunate since I recently bought this cute metallic scarf that I just had to have.

  16. love your outfit, especially the shape of skirt!

  17. stunning LOVE LOVE LOVE the neon pink socks w/ those boots! HOT!

  18. Love the socks! Ive been looking for some coloured ankle socks and been pretty unsuccessful at finding them. Where'd ya score those lovelies? Great outfit love the scarf. Lucky girl.



  19. I love your Marc shoes! Maybe I should consider getting them instead of Acne's Atacoma wedges...
    Dilemma of the century here.


  20. Beautiful pics! you looks amazing!
    the colours of the scarf are fabulous and the shoes too!!


  21. absolutely love the scarf! the boots also look awesome paired with bright socks! xx

  22. love those shoes! and that is such a cute scarf!:D

  23. Beautiful printed scarf! love the colors.

  24. I love this look a should wear more scarfs : D
    i love the peek of neon pink socks popping out from your boots. It totally takes the outfit to another level.

  25. i love love love the pink socks sticking out from ur boots. so cute!

  26. Totally love the scarf and how it makes the whole outfit.

    Side note, i love coming back to your blog and finding great pictures (both of your outfits or 'inspirational').

  27. I luv ur outfit, esp. da scarf X

    Amazing picture btw X

  28. Man, I feel ya on the weather! I get so excited when I see fog in the morning.
    That scarf definitely suits you and I love how you matched the pink socks to it :)

  29. Finding decent boots is going to be the task of this month.

    juliet xxx

  30. Lovee this outfit, and love deadmau5
    I've been trying to hunt down those marc by marc boots for ages... you're lucky to have been able to find them!!


  31. wish I got those boots when I had the chance :s

    great blog!


  32. I love this outfit. I love the boots and pick socks! Great!!

  33. such a nice scarf!! matches nicely with your socks :) great outfit in general! x

  34. the skirt is great and the tshirt is fine because the shape of shoulder are trendy. Plus the scarf which gives you a powerful style.
    Love the classic shoes with flashy socks.

  35. The scarf looks fab, so glad you love it - what a great piece! I think I need one for myself ;)

    x Antonia

  36. that scarf is the colors

  37. I believe that this amazing scarf makes he look super interesting! Cute

  38. Boots are amazing and i love your blog!!!

  39. Love those boots--hot!

  40. So jealous of that scarf! Great look :)

  41. I love your whole outfit, and the scarf is gorgeous - I love the colours. :)

  42. i totally agree, socal is killing our fall season and it makes me so sad!! i've been tired of summer clothing several months ago and now i'm still stuck wearing it! :( love the hot pink socks btw!!

  43. the pink of the socks is great !
    i will copie you

    you're always chic

  44. that scarf is insaaane!

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