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antique malls

September 22, 2009

This weekend I went to a few antique malls in Orange with a few friends . While in Orange, I got to meet up with Cruz from Denim on Denim; he's such a cutie. I sadly left empty-handed because I am on a strict money diet. However, my friend Chris found this beautiful jade, green turban by Christian Dior for $35, and I'm semi-regretting the drive home without it.

Take note of the beautiful, extremely affordable fur coats, boots, and jewels.

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56 responses:

  1. omigosh you must have incredible willpower!
    it all looks divine, i wish we had more shops like this here in nz!


  2. ahhh there are soo many treasures there!! all the coats and accessories look amazing!

  3. What are the names of the antique malls? I think I'll give them a visit :)

  4. Beautiful pictures, I never really knew antique malls existed, at least not here in Australia any way! It seems like vintage stores...but so much better!

  5. Anonymous

    I can't believe you left without that turban.... I am going to get it

  6. the furs!! i love VINTAGE fur.

  7. the turban looks surprisingly awesome! That store looks like such a treasure chest :)

  8. sooo stunning, and these are great photos! definitely should drive back for the turban though, haha. i'm sure you could make it everyday-wearable :)

  9. hey, i'm just wondering where did you go? i've been looking for some really good antique malls around LA/orange.

  10. these are the kinds of places i dream about.
    that turban looks amazing on you.

  11. Arianna

    aah amazing! PLEASE let us know what they were called/how to find them, they look incredible

  12. OMG So many treasures here! Love the necklace on the first picture!
    Emilie from

  13. Wow gorgeous photos! By the way, I'm holding a giveaway at my blog atm :) x Sushi

  14. oh la la to the turban

    Vi from Cali

  15. Wowwwwww
    I am drooling!! Looks like there were some awesome treasures there ;)

  16. Beautiful pics!!
    love the vintage shops, always have amazing things ;)
    And you looks lovely with the head band ;)


  17. cool photos,
    lovin' the turquoise jewellery

  18. I love antique shops that house incredible beauties of the past. I like that turban a lot!

  19. The jade turban is absolutely gorgeous on you! Go back and get it!!!

  20. There are no shops like that where I live. I'm bummed.

    Maria x

  21. looks like a lot of fun even though you didn't get anything.. i can't believe how much will power you have!

  22. Ooooo, this place looks amazing!

  23. I want to shop there :d

  24. looks amazing and these are really pretty photos.xx

  25. That mall is from my dreams, and that turban for $35 means there are some deals to be had too, sweet.

  26. that place looks like a dream come true!

  27. nice post... but i've been obsessed w/ that gang gang dance song lately so yea haha thx for putting that up, more excuses to listen to it!

    kind of just made my day
    thanks for sharing the gorgeous inspiration

    check out my blog @

  29. Going in here without being able to make any purchases is like giving a 8 year old a puppy and taking it away. I'm so sorry you had to go through that! LOL. But seriously, some amazing find, that turban...WOW. BEAUTIFUL.

  30. The long lacey dress looks so good! Wish we have this kinda store in where i live!

  31. this makes me anxious for vintage shopping

  32. I cannot find shops like that and i would really like 2 cause most of the times everything is really cheap and in some occassions you find some really cool stuff

    LOVE IT!


  34. I have to go to that mall were is it everything look so hot....

  35. love it love it and love it !
    all of the pi are amazing
    always a pleasure to visit your blog ;)

    cheeky girl

  36. I have never been antique-ing before, but everything looks so amazing.

  37. DANG this is sum delicious jewelry!

    One Love,

  38. Antique Malls are my favorite things ever.

  39. this store looks so interesting and beautiful. wish i could find someplace like this in vienna

  40. Stunning jewels in here, and I love that turban. Just discovered your blog--very lovely!


  41. wow the pics are so pretty what camera do u have?

  42. that looks like such an awesome place to find vintage treasures! hope you found some good stuff!

    helen x


  44. WOOOOOOOOOOW! What an amazing store!!!

  45. go back and get that turban.
    totally fab on you.

  46. amazing shop! wish to have one like that in my town...

  47. this looks EXACTLY like lost and found, on smith street in brunswick, melbourne.
    so much so that it's creepy. whew.

  48. GORGEOUS. I miss Orange. Dammit. You've made me miss Orange. Didn't think that was possible. :P

    Love that wrap, so jealous

  49. superb photos...this place looks overwhelmingly good


    I want several of those furs as well as the turquoise && laced up boots!

    great blog, lovely style and superb photography!

    jess s//

  51. OMFG!!!! Where in Orange?!?!?!? I need to hit this place up asap!!!!

    Let me know girl!!!


  52. i'd have a field day in there!

  53. wowowowo love that store i want to get some stuff there for sure.

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