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August 27, 2009

I've had this 50's dress for a while, but recently hemmed it a little shorter and took in the waist line (originally worn here when my hair was super short!) - definitely going to get more wear out of this dress.

Among the many things I need to buy for fall, my biggest concern is buying a new waist belt. I have a strong feeling my over-wearing this belt made it looks 50 years older than it really is. The Dries Van Notens were snagged off eBay some time last month for some ridiculously cheap price.

Anyways, school is starting next week, meaning I only have this weekend to completely revamp my closet. Frantically on the lookout for drapey, shimmery pieces, thigh-high boots, pleats that last for days, equestrian pants, shaggy vests, less basic more unconventional tops, and CFM pumps.

P.S. For those who have been asking, I'm using a XSI Canon Rebel with a fancy lens courtesy of my darling boyfriend.

P.S.S. You can win your own 2 Bandits boot bands as seen in the post below by telling Ruby Press what your favorite style is and why!

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50 responses:

  1. so chic!! you look like you belong in the streets of paris! i have been looking for uncoventional separates as well, and can't wait to test drive my thigh high boots! bring on the autumn!

  2. The length is stellar, and I love the swinginess of the skirt.

  3. a simple alteration transformed this dress, it looks great.

  4. wow you look stunning the white dress looks great, but the shoes are to die for too

  5. wow you look stunning the white dress looks great, but the shoes are to die for too

  6. Lovely pics!!
    and the dress is amazing!


  7. Gorgeous and elegant. The belt is amazing.

    Maria x

  8. Ash

    the dress is adorable!!

    question: you seem like an expert ebay-er, do you think you could maybe do a post where you give tips on how you find such good deals on designer items on ebay? i never seem to have the same luck as other people haha.

  9. That first picture is incredible! Props to the photographer! This is a simple all white ensemble done by so many people! What makes your looks different and special from the rest are tiny little details. The belt normal sized brown leather belt goes perfect with this look. Some might have worn a over sized belt and other a tiny one. The ruffles of the dress are give it that chic look. Your shoes are to die for! Over all...amazing! By the way...have I mentioned how beautiful you are? Your beautiful and chic...two good things!
    check out my trendy blog!

  10. The change is amazing! :)

  11. I love this dress! In fact, I want it.

  12. You definitely did good by altering the dress. It suits your petite frame so much better now that it's not hiding you under all that fabric. Yet, it still looks demure and polished. Great job!

  13. i love the dress and the shorter length is super flattering!

  14. Oh my goodness that dress is too adorable!

  15. So chic!! I love the length.x

  16. this dress is great
    sooo versatile!!!
    cuuute smile too ;)

  17. you look seriously amazing. sooo pretty, and that color is perfect on you. and my heart is melting for those dvn... and for a good price... ohhhhhh i love.


  18. That dress looks incredible! The shortening of the hem and rolling up the sleeves really make a difference

  19. Anonymous


  20. You look stunning! So elegant!!!

  21. Beautiful pics! Love your dress.

    Peace and love!

  22. Love what you have done with the length of this dress! Perfect. Shoes are gorg!


  23. amazing, you're just perfect.

  24. Beautiful dress, and pictures :D

  25. You are so beautiful - wow! Love that dress you on, so classic.

  26. Classic, yet totally stylish!

  27. Compared to the longer length, this looks SO much better. :]

  28. I like it much better hemmed to above the knee..very chic.

  29. such a simple yet beautiful dress :)

  30. these pictures are dynamic you look great girly

    Vi from Cali

  31. thats such a cute dress! i love the look =D



  32. lovely! you are so pretty.

  33. this is beautiful!
    you look gorgeous, i love the dress, so simple and so chic

    check out my blog @

  34. This look is so fresh and classy! btw I really like mac's myth l/s ;)

  35. Love the Dries shoes. I think I was watching them too on eBay but decided against bidding because I had too many black shoes. Now I'm totally bummed to hear that they went for cheap. They are so versatile and I bet you'll be wearing them all the time.

  36. Love this outfit. That dress is stunning. Love your blog. x

  37. You look great! Love the light in the pictures.

  38. U wear the dress well, love the shorter hemlines. Especially love the 2nd shot!

  39. Loving this 50s dress ! Like how it flows and the color is pretty !

    You look beautiful :)

  40. Looking lovely and gorgeous and fresh!

  41. Aww you look so nice in those photos! :) That dress is so pretty and dries fuck yeah

  42. That dress is amazing, as is the lighting! Love the shoes, i'm also joining the frantic look. Can't find thigh highs anyway!
    Great pictures. Keep up the good work.

  43. yay for Hysteric! have you heard the acoustic version? so epic

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