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worth a paycheck

August 8, 2009

left to right:
all saints / la perla / topshop / chloé / karen walker / preen / all saints / helmut lang / rick owens / fabio cammarata / topshop / topshop / dolce + gabbana

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48 responses:

  1. That La Peria bra is so pretty. Black? Chloe bag is cute too, country Birk.
    I love Karen Walker sunglasses, I want the X-Ray ones but never took the plunge.
    Those D&G wedges are hot.

  2. oooooohhh!!! i want them Dolces!

  3. I just bought some karen walker sunglasses...
    the derby doomsdays
    so fucking cool.
    Cept I think there cheaper for me cos I live in NZ which is where shes from.

  4. pink bra, dolce shoes kind of a perfect outfit for the right occasion ;)

    but the bag is amazing anytime.

  5. Love the All-Saints dress..they have such a great modern aesthetic in their clothes.

  6. Adorable selection!!


  7. I love the All Saints dress and D&G shoes! All Saints make the most amazing things...

  8. all saint dress and skirt, topshop dress, helmut lang top = perfection.

  9. soo pretty! and the bra is amazing, haha. it ones of those bra's that would prob make me feel all pretty/boost self esteem.

  10. that dress from all saints is amazing! love it!

  11. ooh, im loooving all the rufflyness we've got going on here! its amazing- esp. the all saints dress and the floral one!!

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    loving every single bit of tihs
    the d&g wedges are gorgeous and im obsessed with that ring!

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  14. Rick Owens: Definitely worth a paycheck. *swoon*

  15. ha, yes! only if your paychecks are somewhere in the neighborhood of $12,000 dollars.

  16. im drooling over that bag lol

    Vi from Cali

  17. The Top Shop dress, Helmut Lang top and Chloe bag are to. die. for!

  18. im fascintaed by this layout with the tags and everything. how'd you do it???

  19. I'm in love with the All Saints dress and the Rick Owens vest. They're gorgeous! But I also wouldn't mind everything else.

  20. duddee that rick owens vest! PS is that the spectrum down there VVV

  21. the chloe bag is to die for!!!! still looking for the perfect slouchy leather tote bag... xx

  22. Love it all, but I am so drawn to the topshop dress. It's perfect for the waning summer.

  23. Those are def worth a paycheck! Those wedges are to die for. Love em!


  24. I love love love it all...especially the chloe bag and topshop necklace. check out my blog at

  25. Some great choices. You really can't go wrong with a Chloe bag. At all. Love the top shop dress as welllll if only they would ship to Canada my life would be complete.

  26. yuh huh. the wedges. and the all saints pieces. and that la perla bra. agreed on all accounts.

  27. So true!

    Each piece reflect ingenuity and skill. I'm drooling right now

  28. Definitely worth a pay check!

    That All Sanints dress is brethtaking!

  29. Nice selection :) I love those shoes and the top shop necklace!

  30. wedges are a great great choice.

    let me know if you want to link exchange you hve a great blog

  31. shiii, wish i had more money :(

  32. You have a lot of great topshop picks here... SIGH, thanks for reminding me how ATL doesn't have one!

  33. Dolce has some fing awesome wedges this season.

  34. Nearly died when I saw that dress at the All Saints store, still kicking myself for not picking it up, they had an awesome similar version with a zipper up the front. The dolce shoes are un-real xx

  35. ZOMG, that Rick Owens vest = love!

  36. Love both the dresses and the bra.


    haha im wisting now ... :)

  38. Worth it indeed. All saints kills me sometimes.

  39. what a glorious post.

    i would be willing to look at an empty bank account as long as i could strut around wearing these items.


  40. Oooooo I'm going to go check out All Saints right now! I love the dress and the maxi skirt! Love the topshop necklace too! I feel like it would make even a boring outfit so chic!

    xx Patty Ann

  41. That bra is too cute, I think it would look awesome in coral=]

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