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August 11, 2009

I don't normally post an outfit shot including my purse since my collection is rather lame, however, it's time to kick it up a notch. I'm also not really a fan of Jimmy Choo. For me, the label goes hand-in-hand with Newport Beach cougars (No offense. For those: cougars = older lady going for younger men.), but after a double date with Jeff and his girlfriend who carried a rather cute Jimmy Choo bag, I started to reconsider my judgements on the brand.

Low and behold a gift from James and Jeff! The same bag that Alyssa had, but in a smaller version. So stoked. I can't stop touching it... ooh buttery..

Also wearing a vintage dress that I've had in my closet but HATED the dowdy floor length. I took a pair of scissors to the dress and fell in love with the simplicity of my new throw-on dress.

Belt: Vintage | Shoes: Derek Lam | Dress: Vintage

Thanks a million Jeff and James! You should stop by his blog and tell him how awesome he is, and James will be lurking the comments with his name in it.

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62 responses:

  1. i love this dress and the bag! it's very very nice. love love love it. i wish i could have one of those, really.

  2. looooving thee floral! cant go wrong with floral this season!

    o, hi jeff


  3. woww your belt is greattt! and well yeah when you think Jimmy Choo you always think of stilettos, but they have some pretty great bags, like the one you have!

  4. very pretty floral dress and love the bag!!

  5. love the dress, those "throw on" summer dresses are the best :)
    xx brooke

  6. I love your outfit and the bag is gorgeous :)

  7. Gorgeous dress and that!!! Definite statement piece.

  8. Love the bag....great gift, great friends! And good call with the scissors, I like the new length....

  9. Love your dress, and the bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i think the belt is a killer for this whole outfit, really stands out and adds glamour to the dress. the bag is so unique too, and the bonus point is that its jimmy choo.

  11. Love the whole outfit, but the bag is fab, fab, fab!!

  12. Fabulous! I love how you shortened the dress! And that belt and die for!

  13. oh love that floral dress on you!!! The belt and bag are amazing...

  14. that bag & those shoes are to die for! love them.

    by the way! I just started a new blog called Barefoot Diaries. It's a hodge podge of quotes, photos, fashion, my daily activities, and other random ramblings I decide to post. I'd love it if you checked it out! And, please, bear with me. I'm still getting the hang of this whole blogging thing so it's not incredible just yet :)

  15. love this outfit! totally adorable

  16. perfect!!!!
    Love every single piece

  17. Wow, who would've thought Jimmy Choo could come up with a bag this fab. I totally know the types of women you're referring to when you say "cougars," I visit the OC quite frequently as well and they're everywhere, all botoxed up and such >_<

    Btw, the print of your dress looks like the all saints one below, was that a coincidence? :)

  18. Ooh I love the crescent shape (would that be a hobo bag? I don't know...) of the bag plus the hardware is really cool, wooden handles!

  19. cute dress!! and the purse of course!!


  20. gorgeous belt
    love the dress
    beautiful pieces put togehter

    check out my blog @

  21. I really like the way you wore the dress, because florals can be too trendy sometimes but the way you wore it wasn't trendy at all. Is that the mom bag? Either way, it's nice!

  22. i have a few dowdy floor length vintage dresses still waiting to be given to the tailor for some altering but thanks to you now I know what to do with it! just CHOP IT OFF and SAVE LOTSA MONEY!


    Reader from Malaysia,

    - Diyana Shahrom.

  23. SUCH a cute outfit. Love the dress!

  24. Anonymous

    You look so cute
    on your twitter you wrote that you got that bag for you mom :O

  25. Love this whole ensemble! :)


  26. That is a very gorgeous purse! I'm glad you reconsidered!

  27. I love the bag, Anna love!!

  28. Anonymous

    just discover your blog; conclusion: very very nice blog, i'm loving your looks and pictures ! :)

  29. Your outfit is so cute and I LOVE the bag...Wear it well. Check out my blog at

  30. Goodness, your dress looks great.

  31. That bag is really lovely and I love the dress with that belt!

  32. the belt is absolutely heaven sent. and with this dress...perfection

    i would L O V E if you checked out MY DESIGN BLOG:


  33. Beautiful and it <3

  34. Lovely outfit!!
    love the dress, and that belt is amazing! love the mix!!


  35. lucky! hot purse and dope heels.

  36. Anonymous

    Not to ruin the bag for you, but its fake. I bought the exact same bag in Thailand last year for $30. Jimmy Choo doesn't not make that bag.

  37. ^
    Anon, not to sound superficial and materialistic, but it is real:

    Here is it on
    A few weeks back, it was also on Net-A-Porter.

    But since that isn't enough evidence, I suppose, I can at least justify for myself that it is real since I covered the remaining balance of the purse by handing my money to the Jimmy Choo sales associate inside of Jimmy Choo at South Coast Plaza (a mall in Orange County).

  38. OMG i love all,your dress, belt and handbag!


  39. that bag is absolutely fabulous. it coordinates so well with your outfit. i loves :)

  40. beautiful outfit, like your bag!

    nice blog!

  41. The purse is awesome, and so is everything you're wearing, actually.

  42. That's so sweet of them! The bag is beautiful!

  43. I love how your rocking a floral summer dress, with an amazing belt!! They go perfectly together, and the bag pulls it all together

  44. Anonymous

    you're a liar
    on your twitter you said that you got THAT bag for your mom but wanted to keep it.
    are you creating this story to make yourself seem less guilty?

  45. love the outfit! it seriously is killer! xx Patty Ann

    love the bag


  47. Love your outfit so much! The dress and belt are gorgeous x Sushi

  48. Anonymous

    I like the dress and the shoes are fab. But the belt and bag are just too trashy looking.

  49. This is amazing
    I remember this belt :)
    I'm back on blogger
    see u soon !!


  50. Love the floral print dress and that belt is AMAZING!


  51. I have a version of that bag and it is my absolute favorite right now. I carry it all the time (so much that I had to give it a break for a week.)

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