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summer transition rut

August 30, 2009

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  1. I just found your blog and I think it's fantastic. Your style is unbelievably unique and stylish not to mention that you are enviably drop dead gorgeous. I am going to put a link to you on my blog, if that's ok. Thank you so much for the inspiration and I will definitely be back soon!

  2. Girl you are dark. Always a good thing.

  3. this is some of the more fantastic inspiration ive seen in a while
    every single one is gorgeous...thank you so much sharing
    it truly brightened my day

    check out my blog @

  4. I love the editorial with Natalia Vodianova and her sweet.

  5. wow love your post.

    check my blog:

  6. Beautiful! Absolutely oustanding pictures! I love the one with sheer intricate white dress! xxoxoxo

  7. Jutsto inform you, I LOVE it when you do posts like this. After a day at school words are sometimes too much for little old me!

  8. Where's that pic of lily from? Is it from a Yoji show? It's killlerr

  9. i LOVE these pictures, especially the 5th one, it gives me shivers :) really like your blog!

  10. great share -- love your inspiration and selection of pics babe. hope all is well!

    xxx bel

  11. i love love love this post. such whimsical pics.

    Adding you to my blog roll right now <3


  12. Love the the pic with the misprinted lipstick..clever.

  13. varied and interesting and lovelyy photos.

  14. sooo chic and off kilter- i love all these pix!

  15. Love the picture of Natalia Vodianova and the one of Kate Moss of course!!!!

  16. Anonymous

    down with chickdowntown!
    viva la fashion revolution.

  17. Wow this post is really inspirational, i love all the different silhouettes and shapes. And the one with the tutu and frills is so cute. xx

  18. love this post. the photos all just go so well together

  19. beautiful set of images!

    Constance x

  20. These pics are inspirational...will def be adding a few of them to my inspiration board.

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