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gentlemen death in silk and lace

August 15, 2009

My friend Chris took me along to the OC Look Party which took place in probably the most beautiful home I've ever been in. The cocktails were ace, and the finger food was mediocre. The hundreds of attendees all looked alike except for a select few who stood out to me, otherwise, it was the usual Orange County deal. I just wanted to walk around aimlessly for hours.

A picture for a photo contest. Isn't Chris adorable in his short-suit?!?

Lame webcam shots wearing an H&M blazer, white crinoline, Urban Outfitters bra, Chloe boots, vintage RJ Graziano belt

A representative of Benefit and a new found friend, Becky, did my makeup for me and made sure to satisfy my "please make me look like a sultry vampire" pleas. I was more than stoked with the results. It also made me realize that I've been missing out on having thick eyebrows.

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66 responses:

  1. You look amazing, Rachel. I think they accomplished the sultry vampire look. :]

  2. Also... what kind of lipstick are you wearing? Because I love it.

  3. Ev`Yan and anyone else wondering: I'm wearing Mac - Cyber also seen on some of my other blog posts, I LOVE IT!

  4. Oh heyyyy, you look so good. And seriously, the eyebrows are looking amazing...

  5. The webcam pics look great!
    Cool concept! :)

    the singular

  6. Your outfit is amazing, you look fantastic & I love the top pic! Shortsuit is the shiznit! ;)

  7. Really lovin' your whole look! It's so chic and unique! And the first picture is very cute!

  8. you look AMAZING! seriously. the outfit and the makeup are just beyond! love the bratop and belt and lippie!

  9. your skirt is beautiful!! and that bra is amazinggggg!!

    <3 The Voguette

  10. That picture is fantastic! It should for sure win that contest!
    Your outfit is amazing! LOVE the skirt!

  11. You look fabulous for sure!

  12. i love the first picture. it looks really professional! and you look gorgeous.

  13. Anonymous

    lipstick looks amazing on you!


  14. gorgeous :) the picture is so cute! PLEAAASE TELL ME WHAT LIPSTICK YOU'RE WEARING... it is the perfect colour and i've been searching for something like that for ages! is it from benefit? xxx

  15. definitely seductresss!!! hot!
    loving your super fun and fancy criniloin!!!

  16. your photos are super cool

  17. Gorgeous outfit...seriously one of your best.
    What lip color are you using, it looks amazing on you??

  18. I love the whole outfit! From the lipstick to the shoes, so unique & stylish :) Very a la Sex & the City with an edge hehe

  19. Lovely Idea, looks great!!

  20. kick ass outfit that belt is hella awesome

  21. loving your skirt! i've been really wanting to get a ballerina-esque skirt for some time now, just can't seem to find the right one!


  22. i loveeee the vamp-ish makeup vs. the cute skirt. may i ask what lipstick you're using? :D

  23. oh wait. nvm. i read one of your comments. haha. i was totally considering of buying cyber or some trippy black lipstick. :|

  24. The make up is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Love the first pic!

  25. You look absolutely amazing! I love that first picture too!

  26. That is a great outfit!! Love the lipstick on you and that white skirt is to die for!!

  27. I love the outfit and the pictures. I really think that you look amazing!

  28. Wow, love it absoluty!!!
    and the belt is amazing! You looks gorgeous!


  29. Both have rocking outfits!

    juliet xxx

  30. Found your blog today, can I say that you are gorgeous! You have a very polished sense of style, love the photo contest picture.

  31. i love these shots
    the first photo is killer..beautiful lighting, fun idea

    check out my blog @

  32. I love it, especially the first picture.
    The waistcoat did you bought that a long time ago?
    X, fashion-nerdic.

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    ur blog is great!!!!
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  34. hi!! u r amazing
    ur blog is great!!!!
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  35. Love the makeup and the outfit <3

  36. oh my goodness!
    what a FABULOUS
    skirt! i want
    one!!! ♥

  37. I've got a big crush on that outfit with the blazer! wOahMG, TOO AWESOME!

  38. Thick eyebrows!!
    ...I barely have any. Haha.

    Love them!!

  39. LOVe the first picture. so cute. btw, is the bra comfy???

  40. you rock!!!


  41. Love the bra and the lipstick!.x

  42. awww you always have such wonderful photos and you look beautiful as always :)

  43. I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm LOVING it!! Stay Stylish!

    <3 Sophie Mae

  44. So pretty, this outfit reminds me of the Christian Dior show John Galliano did. Love the lippy

  45. absolute perfection. you rock the tutu, girl.

  46. wow-oh! i love tulle!

    btw, check out my new blog post on the london-based t-shirt line, doodski! :)
    def worth the read -

    i'm sure you'll enjoy it and i got inspired to do research on the line after i saw a small snippet on the tees in the august 2009 issue of vogue paris. x.

  47. you look aaamazing, I love that blazer and belt together.

  48. Beautiful outfit!!! And the first pic is adorable!

  49. i love!! and the eyebrows ARE amazing!

  50. I don't which part of this outfit is my favorite! Every time you wear that belt, I feel so sad that it's vintage, because its so pretty! Love the gold details and how it tapers in width on the sides!

    xx Patty Ann

  51. This look screams CULLENS....if you read Twilight, you'll know what I mean ; )

  52. The bra is flawless, its so alluring, yet very classy.
    And the tulle is your skirt is very lovely

  53. Hi there! You look smokin in the makeup! Cool blog!

  54. You definitely look like a smoking vampire. Hot pictures. I love that lip colour. My friend always wore it and it just looks so good. x

  55. Anonymous

    HaHa love the last one where you're shoving your tits together to make them look bigger. Playboy eat your heart out!!!!!!!

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