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August 3, 2009

Those white RayBans and Giuseppes have been regulating my daily outfits like none other. I really need to buy new stuff. I hateeeeeeeeeeee not having money.

Harptus Own Swacket, vintage belt, AA viscose tee.

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54 responses:

  1. cute! i love those shoes . and i agree i hate not having money too. well anyways you look gorgeous!

  2. cute! i love those shoes . and i agree i hate not having money too. well anyways you look gorgeous!

  3. aha, the 2nd picture is perfect. those raybans look especially good on you

  4. Anonymous

    Simple. Chic. Classic. Is that the market place by any chance?? I think Ive been there! Can't miss purple buildings.

  5. Love the second picture!!!!
    You look great!

  6. You look fabulous!
    Very elegant!

  7. you are so classy right now.
    i am in love with those shoes.

  8. Nice dress! Gosh when I see the pics I just wish I could be on hols now!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Muaha I feel ya. I'm a teen and can't snag a job so no $. Looks like I might go w/o the "back-to-school" shopping this year. Booo...

  10. Lovely photos!! simply adorable!! :D


  11. Hey Raych!

    I just found your blog and girl I must say you've got some funky style. I love the way you dress and in some ways it really does resemble mine :)

  12. V. cool outfit..simple chic. Love those Zanottis.

  13. woooow awesome dress! you look here amazing!!
    looove your post with photos of your jewelry etc - increduble stuff

  14. I too am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with belting things. Your belt is cute, and instantly upgrades your very chic outfit! X

  15. Love the swacket, and this entire look really!
    I don't think I've commented on your blog before - but I adore it! :]

  16. loving the shoes on you
    gorgeous and simple outfit.great

    check out my blog @

  17. You look just great!
    Those white wayfarer are so...rock&roll!



  18. I absolutely love this outfit! The dress is gorgeous, and the vintage belt really makes it! Easy and simple, but totally chic.

  19. the photo with you on the phone looks really funny. cute outfit

  20. I love this outfit, perfect for summer, light, but still remains extremely womanly and chic.

    Like the pictures as well. You got yourself a new reader :)

  21. I just wanted to tell you I adore your style. I don't know that Ive ever encountered a blog that presents clothing that is classy, inspirational AND still wearable the way you do.

    You should really post more about your inspirations and (doubtless) hours of vintage hunting to find the perfect items that make everything work flawlessly like this.

  22. Perfect!love the sunglasses :P

  23. Fabulous! This outfit is perfect!

  24. love the 2nd picture :)
    could totally be in a ray ban/phone campaign!

  25. those giuseppes are so gorgeous! rock em to death haha.

    but i hear ya. money is tight these days. gross.

  26. You are so beautiful, girl!
    Love this outfit - perfect for hot summer days.

  27. Girllll I love that second photo of you. Totally awwesome.

  28. I like the white Ray Bans...sunglasses with white frames are a must during the summer!!

  29. loving this outfit - esp the dress.

  30. Looking cute Raych! I love the WTF look.

  31. i am sbsolutely loving those shoes!! who cares if you wear them all the time, they are just lovely

  32. I love this look! Your shoes are seriously killer.

  33. market place.. sweet... hope you had some thai spice.

  34. O my gosh!!! I just stumbled across your blog and I realized you are a fellow Tustin blogger! I love your photos and your outfits. Who knew the market place could look so fashionable

  35. Love your blog , who do you get to take your photos? and check out mine @

  36. Long time reader, first time commenter here, and I just wanted to say that I think you have a knack for adding an unexpected accessory to all of your outfits--the white wayfarers on the black-monochrome outfit is a really nice touch. I think it keeps the whole look looking fresh!

    Anywho, I love this blog. Keep it up!

  37. owh beautiful photos n great style.. love ur shoes!

  38. So cute, love the shoes and the belted silhouette. You're gorgeous too :)

  39. Im searching comfortable shoes ;-))))) this shoes like that ;-))) simple and stylish ;-) have a nice day ;-) kisess from Poland ;-))) Podszewka

  40. The second picture is so cute!! Love, love your sunglasses! xxoxoxo

  41. The second and last pic are really cute. Love what you're wearing, and agreed about the money.

  42. you look great!! love the second pic

    Vi from Cali

  43. kate, the motherfucking englightener

    you hate not having money? and how much, exactly, did those raybans & that italian cock's shoes put you out?

    feed your hungry consumerism
    feed your worthless void,
    and at the end of the day you'll always want more

  44. That floral dress looks really nice

  45. hi
    love ur blog, very chic and ur outfit is pretty kewl :)
    i started blogging very recently and its abt fashion/art and soon will talk abt music too. here's a link, hope u'll check it out :)

  46. you look like such a model! altho my site is far from a fashion blog (ha), i always love looking at them and getting jealous (in a good way?) at all the pretty pictures.

  47. Anonymous

    Like the swacket, but the shoes are just too pedestrian to mix well.

    And I kinda agree with Kate - hating having no money while parading around in designer gear is really pretentious and ignorant of you. Think of those who really have to do with no money. It is people exactly like you (greedy) who are to blame for the vast divide between the haves and the have nots. Enjoy what you have girl and think before you say such childish things again.

  48. funny thing.. i just shot an outfit in that exact area. nice choice!

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