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way too young; way too shy

July 30, 2009

Ted and I took some pictures in our little suburbia backyard after buying unnecessary items at Target. We were totally in shock at how haunting these pictures turned out. You know, we only thought that there would be so much to look at considering the abundance of botoxed joggers passing by, but wow, I look like I'm in a forest! I really do feel like the offspring of Bambi and a wood nymph.

Dress: vintage, Boots: Marc by Marc Jacobs (I know, I jumped on the bandwagon, but I couldn’t pass up a serious deal), Headband: Christine made it for me for x-mas!

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54 responses:

  1. Absolutely stunning! Love your dress so much..and I like that you didn't dress it up too much and just let it speak for itself.

    Beautiful photographs too!

  2. Nice lighting! You look like a nymph in a fairytale.. with great boots!

  3. girl did you get the boots from lulu?

    theyre the bomb!

  4. Are you wearing dark lipstick?? I love how it contrasts with the white dress!!

  5. Is this a new hairdo debut? I like the wittle braids, hehe.

    PS: Is your necklace a skull? Where from? I want to steal.

  6. Absolutely stunning photos! The light is gorgeous! Love your lip color as well.

  7. you look absolutely adorable, and that shirt/dress looks amazing on you! i love target for this reason.

    The Voguette

  8. love love love LOVE the shoes! :)

  9. I love the creativity of the photos! I love them all! I love your shoes so much! They are to die for! Loving the ensemble as well! You literally look like a chic angel with this ensemble! Loving the blog!
    check out my trendy blog!

  10. "...the offspring of Bambi and a wood nymph."
    Haha! Love that! =P

    & love the outfit! Beautiful photos!

  11. love how the outfit and your background matched -- modern ethereal!!!


  12. ADORE your hair & lipstick! And I find myself at Target all the time, buying things I don't really need. That place is a death trap for my wallet.

  13. gorgeous. i wouldn't pass up those boots either!

  14. Love the wood nymph vibe. Sheer tops + sunlight = amazing.

  15. duuuuude the shoooooeees. great debut.

  16. really great and stunning!!! love ur shirt and with the boots! WOW.

  17. mmmm the boots...marc is a god damn genius.

  18. Stunning! Love your hair like this!!!!!

  19. Lovely dress and headband. Also like your hair.

  20. Love the combo of the lightweight dress and awesome boots!

  21. beautiful pictures! love the lighting! love the shirt-dress and boots. i like how you did your hair:)

  22. i'm in love with your dress! so so pretty!

  23. Oh my gosh that dress is beautiful!.x.

  24. im obsessed with this
    loving the boots on their own but then the white flowy dress is to die for
    the sleeves are gorgeous and the shapeless piece doesnt look boring because of its beauty
    loving it!

    check out my blog @

  25. the dress is beautiful....and i don't blame you for buying the boots if they were a good deal :)

  26. Anonymous

    "unnecessary items". lol. You look so pretty. The boots are still hot! Cute!

  27. lipstick with dark colors looks really good on you. those pictures are beautiful.

    your boots are fierce

  28. I love this. This look like this could easily be an editorial in Nylon magazine. I love that dress!!

  29. gorgeous outfit.. it also has a romantic feel to it.. loving the lippy!!

  30. LOVE this. The booties are FAB

    x Antonia

  31. really nice!

  32. really nice!

  33. OH MAAGOD. THE boots. i would gladly jump on that bandwagon.

  34. i'm not kidding, i love your vintage dress!! xo, v

  35. you do look like the offspring of bambi! your backyard looks huge! and your dress is sooo pretty

  36. Beautiful pics!!
    You looks gorgeous and the boots are amazing!


  37. Love LOVE this outfit, it's amazing!

  38. completely in love with this putfit. the scenery is eerily beautiful..

  39. love these photos and this outfit! wow!

  40. The hair looks great, love the ethereal feel of these photos!

  41. this white dress is perfect! just gorgeous. and i love the little braids in your hair.

  42. these photos are fabulous...and I would jump on the bandvagon too if I had a chance :)

  43. I was totally going to jump on the bandwagon too hehe

  44. great lighting and the overexposure works!! very magical feel.

  45. Hooow nice!

    Peace and love!

  46. Ypu look amazing. I love the outfit!

  47. Seriously this outfit is insaneeeeeee!!! Sooooo good

    xx Patty Ann

  48. this outfit is to die for! And your dark lipstick seals the deal. Love!!

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