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two bandits crossed the street

July 13, 2009

Just a quick post for now since I haven't been able to catch my breath since Thursday. I bought this amazing crinoline on eBay a few weeks ago and was so entirely stoked on wearing it out. However, the handful of stares and the embarrassed boyfriend makes me a little hesitant to pull it out again. It is HUGE in person - a lot bigger than how it looks on camera, but I am definitely going to whip it out again for an upcoming event.

Anyways, I picked out my winner by means of a random number generator and emailed the winner this morning. Sorry if you weren’t picked! There are plenty more giveaways to join from

Another thing that I am just obsessed with are boot accessories. I got these adorable bow details from The 2 Bandits (website and online store here!) and I've been throwing them on my Miu Miu's and these Aldos. It totally adds character to an otherwise boring pair of boots. I'll get a close up shot of them later (along with another studded pair I got - LOVE)

I think I need to buy more tubetops. I am going to infiltrate my "basic's" drawer with tubes to last me the rest of summer.

Edit: I'm a retard, and I accidentally deleted the original photo from Photobucket. Luckily I had an alternative pictures, yet, much less attractive.

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46 responses:

  1. darling this skirt is to die for
    loving the plain top and the tucked brown belt with
    so chic and so flawless, effortless
    loving it!

    check out my blog @

  2. Wow...the skirt is such a stunner!! It looks absolutely amazing with that tube top and the tough!
    I can imagine that it was a bit uncomfortable with the embarassed bf and all the stares but you should not let it keep you from wearing this masterpiece out again ;). It really suits you!!

  3. The bf doesn't understand! This looks amazing, don't let others keep you from wearing it!

  4. trust me when I say they were probably staring at you because they loved the outfit so much. I personally do.

  5. i love how you paired it with those boots!

  6. uuuuuh amazing! love the combination with this boots!

  7. PS: I was reading through your hold posts and I saw that you had been Amy Winehouse for halloween! me too!! it took me three hours to paint all the tattoo like her's! :P but I won a cup has the most original maks of the evening!

  8. I love your outfit! Your skirt is gorgeous, you should definitely wear it again.


  9. you looks amazing!
    love the outfit!!


  10. great outfit!! love it! :)


  11. yay raych! go the 2 bandits! they look great on you. you rocked it!

  12. this skirt is killer! and i love how you played down the prettyness by toughening up the look with a pair of boots... great tip on the shoes detailling - i may look into it! :)

    2 girls
    1 blog:

  13. why would your bf be embarrassed?? i'd love to see what he was wearing

  14. I LOVE and am a HUGE fan of your blog! Hope you can take the time to check out my site!

    We sell Vintage and Designer clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place. We have some really great things up right now! Studded boots, Alexander Wang halter top, and vintage blazers. Check it out!

  15. Beautiful skirt! My bf is always embarassed whenever I wear puffy skirts but I ignore him anyway..haha. I need to buy some tubtops too, they would look so cute with puff skirts! xxoxoo

  16. Cecilia Nguyen

    LOVE THIS. Has a perfect proportion of girlyness and edginess.

  17. Gorgeous crinoline! Love the boots with it!!

  18. love the cinderella-y

  19. I love your outfit, and your hair! (:
    and your amazingness to pull off this outfit, C:

    oh and by the way,
    if you have the time, it would be really cool if you checked out my blog. I just started it, and I'm just trying to get readers.
    It has few of my artwork and few other things. C:

    again, lovely outfit!

  20. Boots are gorgeous. Beyond. Loving them.
    Also, the belt.



  21. I love the "angel" skirt.

    juliet xxx

  22. I love the "angel" skirt.

    juliet xxx

  23. You're a stunner! I love the boots and the styling suits you!

  24. thanks for posting this! the ikat bows look amazing. in fact, the whole ensemble is fabulous!!
    The 2 Bandits

  25. It's beautiful!And the contrast with the leather boots is absolutely fantastic!

  26. Hey fuck them bitches LOL wear what you like :) I think it's very pretty... I like your boot bow thingies too

  27. i love the skirt. screw the people giving you awkward stares. most are just jealous because they know they can't pull it off like you can..or they don't have the guts to wear it because they're scared what others will think or say. you've got style & courage and that's all that matters, work it girl!

  28. That skirt is freaking AMAZING- people just think everything has to be the same as what they wear... pay no attention to the stares, at least you got noticed.

  29. Coulda sworn I already commented o nthis (excuse me if I already did).

    Wuv the spats, and you in a tube top!

  30. That crinoline is AMAZING! Was it from an eBay store? Or just a seller?

  31. your skirt is great. i'd walk with you down the street any time.

  32. I love crinolines! I bought an even more horizontal one a long time ago but haven't found the opportunity to wear it yet. I know what you mean about embarrassed boyfriends, mine would probably actually get mad at me for wearing something so "ridiculous."

  33. Great mix of feminine with the tough boots!

  34. Wow you look really stylish

  35. That has got to be one of the coolest outfit's ever! Ooober RAD

  36. very carrie opening sequence but updated with the tough boots and brown belt. i wouldn't let anyone make you feel embarrased about wearing it - it's so so so super cute!

  37. so so so cute! Such a great mix of soft and hard. The belt is great! Loving this eclectic look.

    link cause you love me:


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