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July 22, 2009

My friend Kristine (the one in all white) is starting up a line called Hard Couture, and she had photographer Kevin Russ help her take some shots for a look book. I'll definitely show you guys her stuff once she gets more pieces, but she promised me a black laced cape. And uhh, those words together are just perfect.

It was pretty awesome working with Kevin because I really couldn't get over how awesome his work turned out. It was around 8pm when we started shooting, and it was DARK! We were in the middle of nowhere, so there were definitely no streetlights. He mostly used one hand throughout the shoot, with no flash and no tripod. Even with the minimal lighting, he was able to get a still shot with one hand. Kudos, man... kudos. His stuff here: Flickr

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69 responses:

  1. wooow

    hot hot

    stunning pics! love it :D

  2. gorgeous photos and outfits. lovee


  4. Ahhh you model you! These are so hot...

    Can't wait to see more.

  5. amazzing outfits and photography. you look totally gorgeous! would love to see more of the line.

  6. These are all really beautiful shots!

  7. These photos are wonderful! Cant wait to see more!


  8. the pieces are impressive and the photos are quite alluring!

  9. I am falling in love, I absoluly LOVE the white lace dress - please help me get it, I need it, truly. OMG!


  10. ill repeat what my email said tehe

    "amazing and awesome all in one"

  11. wow, those photos are amazing.

    The light is just perfect. great photography. Is always great to be apart of something beautiful like that.

    xxx from kissmequick

  12. amazing photos and outfits!! love it!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.
  14. Cecilia Nguyen

    This is beautiful! I love the lighting and all of the pictures turned out gorgeous. These pictures remind me of Twilight posters... haha!

  15. WOOT!

    working on a sheet cream number right now ;)

    Thanks for the hype, raych!


  16. I LOVE all the clothes! <3

  17. wow i love these shots, they're great! did you do the styling?

  18. Awesome outfits! I'm a sucker for lace and that black cape and the cream dress are beautiful.

    New Zealand style at

  19. Anonymous

    When and where can we start buying these things?!

  20. this is super rad, miss raych. i love that little ruffle bandeau you're sporting, anddddd if she has an extra black lace cape lying know. send it my way.

  21. i love the pics... they came out great... her stuff looks great... i must invest in lace

    Vi from Cali

  22. you girls look amazing!


  23. Thanks everyone! Kristine and I are really stoked on the response! :)

    Natalie - I had no part of this collection other than to show up and take pictures. Kristine designed and styled all of the outfits.

  24. i just read your fashion horror story over at hannah and landon's and oh dear, i just had to say i am so sorry. i was a lifeguard at a water park last summer and i've seen it happen to a few people, so just rest assured your not the only victim of those slides.

    love the photographs! the lace cape is fabulous.

  25. Wow I like it, beautiful pictures too!!

  26. The lighting in these shots is so perfect!

    And woahwoah, lace! I LOVE the white lace dress and that black lace cape? MY GOD, awesome.

  27. Love the photos..such amazing lighting. I really like some of the pieces, can't wait to see more!

  28. Very beautiful pics and outfits.

  29. Pure style.

    Maria x

  30. Wowweee everybody looks amazing!!.x

  31. wonderful photos, makes you wish you were there..loveee them :)

  32. wow, you are all styled so great. I keep looking these over.

  33. your entourage is gaw-gus. reminds me of me and my girls back in the day. now we're all spread across the country. lovely!

  34. wow! you guys all look amazing and i absolutely love the pieces! esp the white lace dress and the ruffled bra top you are wearing! oh so french :-)

  35. You guys look brilliant! Can't wait to see the line. :)

  36. Great looks!

    Now I want a black lacy cape :)

  37. loooooooooooove kristine's pieces! can't wait to see (and try on) her stuff irl.
    keep me posted.
    you all look hot in these great pix and her stuff would work for me.
    xx chauss

  38. this is beautful! xxx

  39. Amazing pics!
    you looks stunning!!


  40. I got my boots at :]

  41. Looks like a uber gorgeous line. Will def await updates. You look like the bomb. THOSE SHOES.

  42. Love the white lace crop top!

  43. i loooove your lacy tube and the cape the most ;) this stuff is great! i love the feel...and the scenery is perfect

  44. amazing stufff!
    can't wait to see the whole collection!

  45. these are gorgeous very well with the clothing and models. they compliment the work well :)

  46. These photos are really something,
    you all look perfectX

  47. wow...Amazing..four hot asian chicks with stems for days...sick

  48. Love your friend's white lace dress- so hot!

  49. Great photos. They all look fantastic. Hope you had a nice weekend.

  50. you all look so great!
    very nice ^_^

  51. amazing shots!!!
    beautiful lighting

  52. Sweet steady hand, these are so pretty

  53. lovely photos! you & the ladies look great.

  54. I really like some of the pieces, can't wait to see more!

  55. OH MY LORD. These look so professional! I aspire to be a good photographer, but I guess that means I'll need to do more reading/experimenting. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your friend's line does well!

  56. THE asian chic !
    omg tou look great guys

    cheeky girl

  57. really beautiful photos!

    you look great, as does everyone

  58. yes. keep us updated or else ;]



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