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kissing the conscious while killing the king

July 3, 2009

After two weeks in Texas, I'm coming home tomorrow. Just in time for the 4th of July. I really, really miss home right now.

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  1. I neeeed one of those jackets (first pic, but floor length, to protectme from this horrible winter! ...I hope I find Charlie.

  2. i love the picture from the teen vogue "twilight" prom spread. those outfits were amazing.

  3. aah, i love the third pic. so cute! the fifth too! the efects are great. and the unicorn one, this is immensably .. gorgeous, if you wish. xx

  4. Awesome photos! tons of inspiration in these.

  5. Love the second pic. The outfit in the third one is cool, and no words for the lost unicorn:)

  6. Cool pictures, that one with all the ink is amazing. Hope you have a great 4th Raych. :)

  7. Love the shot of the two models with the girl in the Luella dress with the motorcycle jackets. Gorgeous.

  8. love these photos!

    trinsch from

  9. Anonymous

    This is regarding the picture with the woman and the blue "blood" splatter. Have some respect for women and think twice about pictures that promote violence against women. I know it's not direct, but think twice about certain images like those. Because of the influences from images like those, women are being killed and beaten on an everyday bases. Thank you and I'm just voicing my opinions. Lovely blog.

  10. great collection of pictures. I especially like the one with the blue liquid- I think that was some perfume ad?

  11. Nice picture, the one with the two models. They look like a great pair.

  12. I love these!!!! such a great inspiration!!! <3 <3

  13. i LOVE that luella dress.!

  14. absolutely gorgeous, inspirational photographs...
    the unicorn one made me smile

    happy 4th!!

  15. I find your blog to be the definition of coolness.
    I'm a fan.
    check mine out if you get a chance,

    beijos Lulu

  16. i love the pic of the unicorn. i wonder if any has ever called that number?lol

    bonbon’s vintage

  17. Wow, these photos are stunning!

  18. just came across your blog and i really like it!especiall all the arty posters n banners u got~!

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