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it makes you feel ashamed for the hearts you stole

July 27, 2009

Post-midnight boredom.

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  1. Oh man I feel like I know you just a bit more now. Great shots.

  2. I always feel really awful for having such a crapola of a dresser. I use a plastic little bin to hold all of my products. It's so cheap looking. I need to reorganize it with a beautiful box for all my jewelery and glass ware for my make up stuff.

  3. Anonymous

    where is the backpack from?

  4. Aww cool room! Plus nice collages. LOL I haven't seen a poochie in years.

  5. ah this is probably my favorite post!

  6. Wonderful pictures...very The Selby like. I always love to see how people live.

  7. i love expressively artistic people.

  8. amazing shots!!! boredom at its best! xo

  9. pretty photos :) hello kitty pink head ring being my favorite.

  10. I am in awe of those shoes!

    Maria x

  11. love it. your closet redo is still looking so nice. i wish i could be as organized.

  12. Anon - I picked that up at a Goodwill in Whitier for $5!

    Cruz - I wish my Poochie still worked :(

    Cindy - I'm surprised you remember my closet makeover. That post was so far back. I am absolutely flattered!

  13. cool shots!! rumi just posted some from her place too! :) thanks for sharing!


  14. oh that vest is back to tempt me..<3

  15. I am as serious as I can get when I say that if you took those pictures...they are so creative and extremely cool that I almost died! I thought I was looking at the future of photography! Hahahahahahaha! I really love your style of photography! Extremely inspirational!
    check out my trendy blog!

  16. Ahhh. I love collaging. I collect magazines so i always have to buy 2 of the same magazine. 1 to cut out of and collage with and one to save as a reference.

  17. Awesome post!! thanks for the little peek!

  18. I want to trade places with this person. I recently trashed all my old magazine but now that they're piling up... I think I'm going to buy a blank hardbound book and fill it up with fashion collages! Kinda like this... thanks for the inspire!

  19. Anonymous

    loves it!!


  20. You've got your own Tyra moves going on here hahha. Love the mess of chains and the requisite Mac accessories. And I never realized that we have the same initals, I've got my Nashua pins tacked on my inspiration board. What's your middle initial?

  21. i luv that each of the knobs on your dresser draws are diffrent, i luv details.

  22. love this.
    nicre pictures and pieces :D

  23. Love 'em all! Seriously everything is beautiful!

  24. LOVE the first shoes and the embellished vest! Just gorgeous!

  25. Its like an organized mess. How do you do that?!

  26. love it. midnight always brings out the best

  27. I love the beaded waistcoat, backpack and the chloe shoes!.x

  28. just checkin out your blog --looking good!

  29. i loveeee that first pair of wedges, who makes them dear!?

    The Voguette

  30. these shots are gorgeous darling!
    just beautiful..loving every bit!

    check out my blog @

  31. dear raychizzle,

    please come to NorCal and be my stylist for my photoshoots. Please?



  32. fun! and the shoes in the first pic are KILLERRR.

  33. personal photos are the reason why blogs feel so much more personal than magazines. love, love, love!

    :) lani

  34. Aww seeing your room via internet makes me wish I was there again!
    Miss ya<3
    Come visit me at work tmrw ;)

  35. aw these are amazing! great photos. looks so cozy!

  36. You have some amazing shoes!! I'm so inspired by this post, thanks(:

  37. Lovely pics and lovely shoes!!!


  38. Anonymous

    Super ton blog
    Je t'invite à découvrir le mien;
    Bonne balade et tag si ca te plait

  39. I love this post. Once I move into my new apartment, I'ma totally do a shoot like this :)

  40. gosh i love your shoes and deifinitely YOUR ACCESSORIES...

  41. I love that your "postmidnight boredom" is getting 52 comments. You are blogger royalty!

  42. i am so jalous. everything is awesome! x

  43. Love ur wedges, sequinned vest, and ur blog! U look great in all ur pics!

  44. I'm instantly envious of your shoe collection. Where do you find such amazing shoes?

  45. Alex Pettyfer is so sexy haha
    Oh how I wish my closet was that organized... and big.

  46. hannah

    is that backpack from morocco?!
    i have basically the same one and love it to death after i went there this summer.

  47. omg the robot dog next to your chloe!

  48. Your BLOG is very BEAUTIFUL ♥ Love Love Love! I ADD U in my FAVORITS BLOGS SECTION! :)

    I love so much, I'M FAN! :p ♥

    Amicalement, votre Yann♥Bunzll

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