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June 25, 2009

Wearing a super casual outfit today, but I love this batwing silk top I got from the Barney's Warehouse Sale a year ago. I'm surprised I've never featured it! The arm hole is pretty wide, which is lovely to show off a little skin, but I prefer wearing a laced body suit instead.

The jeans are Kill City and also a bit too loose on me; I think I'll put it up on eBay. The belt is vintage and the boots are Miu Miu.


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41 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    love it!

  2. i dont usually comment on fashion blogs, but i really love this simple get up. :)

  3. Cute!! Everything just works. The top, belt, shoes...I love it.

  4. gorgeous top! it's simple but yet special :) plus i love your hair

  5. great look today. the top and belt are amazing. i'm loving your hair lately too. it really suits you.

  6. i dont know about the boots but the top is GORGEOUS, as are you
    the belt is super fun
    loving this!

    check out my blog @

  7. i've got a belt similar to the one you have one! i'm guessing theres some sort of elastic underneath all of those metal circle links =] anyway, we need to hit the beach soon!!

  8. Very cute!
    I love your top!

  9. What a great outfit. Eventhough it's very casual it's got this chic touch to it - lovely!

  10. always effortless!
    i really like the feather on the top. it adds just texture and depth.

    :] i like how you featured a small bit of MJ in your entry today

    <3 Krissy

  11. The top is so cute while the boots are divine! You look so lovely and casually chic. :)

  12. I love the detailing on the boots..and the chunkier heel is very cool.

  13. patty a.

    I heard that The Stylish Wanderer is a real FRAUD. she's actually in her late 20's. what's with that?! anyone hear this?

  14. Patty A - I don't know where you heard that... but I can verify that is just a mean rumor. Even hypothetically, if she was in her late 20s, what difference does it make?

    Besides, she definitely does NOT look like she's in her late 20s, that's almost a decade older than me!

  15. Anonymous

    I like your hair, how do you style it?

  16. i really like this outfit..and i actually like the jeans loose..looks good

  17. the little little detail along the collar is darling, is it a pin or sewn in?

  18. adore the top!


  19. mel

    sweet top! i love the exposed zippers on the jeans too, i say KEEP!

  20. I love that belt! It goes perfect with the whole outfit.

  21. Cool jeans! I love the way you tucked them into the boots! I just saw the video on Tagrid and you are so pretty on camera! xxoxoxoxo

  22. That top is lovely and the detail around the collar really makes it!

  23. There's nothing wrong with being casual, you look very chic imo. :)

  24. I LOVEEE the title of this post!

  25. hey you! I hope you're back in town because I will drive all the way to see you. (I've discovered the wonders of the 73 fwy!)



    I love the outfit. A whole lot.
    Fab ;)



  27. love ALL of this.
    the top it perfectly simple and gorgeous

  28. nicee outfit, and does the sun always shine over there? haha

  29. I love the first pose. You are really beautiful!

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