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June 23, 2009

Hey guys. I'm in Dallas right now! I'm definitely a baby when it comes to heat, so we'll see how the week goes. I promise to blog as the opportunities come by, and so far, it seems like I'll be spending most of my days at my grandma's house watching after her.

Until next time, please enjoy this BEAUTIFUL editorial Freja Beha did for Vogue Nippon:

She tempts me into getting a mean tattoo on my tricep - going to have to refer back to this post for some outfit inspiration. Note to self: buy a sick silver belt while I'm here.

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27 responses:

  1. GIRL IM IN SOCAL FOR THE SUMMER. Im doing the lucrecia thang.

  2. You're a good Grandaughter, much more imporatnt thn regular blogging! :)

  3. And apparently I can't spell.

  4. What a great editorial! So minimal, yet very inspiring and edgy. Thanks for posting this!

  5. those boots bring tears of joy to my eyes!!!

  6. i just love that snake-skeleton-thing in pic three

  7. the outfits definitely is creative, cut outs and leathers really does go well with each other... love the dress with big waist belt (or is it!?)

  8. Awesome editorial, she looks so intense..and the Givenchy vest looks amazing on her.

  9. I hate the heat too! But have fun in Dallas!

  10. that jean poncho is to die for, loving the vest in the last photo
    beautiful inspiration!!!

    check out my blog @

  11. i love the tatoo on her arm

    Vi frm Cali

  12. Those boots in the first pic are crazy! but I love them.

  13. heeey, we should hang out!

  14. That croco bustier top...I'm in heavens.

  15. freja is so gorgeous! I love that this is in black white

  16. Vogue Nippon never fails to wow me...and congratulations for your blog by the way!

  17. i can def. see your style in this editorial

  18. brilliant! But. about the heat. I nearly died in 24c playing cricket today. That's how abd I am. And please. You live in Southern(ish) California. How bad can you be??

  19. Amazing spread, some incredible details. I love her italic tattoo around the wrist, tempting...

    New Zealand style at

  20. Love the bow in her hair.

  21. Absolutely love the one with the Givenchy waistcoat. Creates an amazing effect.


  22. this story is amazing!!! i love the first pic's denim cape!!!

  23. this editorial is SICK.


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