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June 19, 2009

Ted and I found this goldmine of rustic eyecandy in our backyard (literally, this abandoned street is walking distance from our very suburban, cookie-cutter home). Ted wanted me to stand on the porch; but seriously, it's such an eerie scene -- I wouldn't dare.

Jumpsuit: Moon Collection; Skirt: Jasmine Shokrian; Shoes: Giuseppe

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51 responses:

  1. Great outfit! I love your shirt. Or top of your jumpsuit anyway haha. Cool scene too. PS I'm gonna do a q&a vlog! :p

  2. xoxo

    hey raych! this might be kind of weird to ask but where exactly is this abandoned street? it looks awesome and my friend and i have been searching for good photo opp places around orange county for agesss

    btw that jumpsuit is too gorgeous, you work it girl! :)

  3. love the jumpsuit and your lips color!

  4. Very cool scenery! Your tops a jummpsuit? Thats awesome :)

  5. Great combination! you look fantastic!

  6. Cool outfit !
    I love your blog, I'll google reader it !!

  7. Nice shoes and lovely outfit!

    Peace and love!

  8. The skirt is very cool..god i love those wedges, so amazing.

  9. love those shoes girl, and the photos are lovely. eerie, but gorgeous!

    ps, just linked you :)

  10. so adorable! the contrast is just heavenly. love the second pic.

  11. I don't blame you, the whole street's abandoned? Adorable outfit though!

  12. this is the flowy dress with rustic jacket
    keep up the great work!!

    check out my blog @

  13. those shoes look great with that skirt!

  14. this IS a great spot for a photo shoot.. and you look great!

  15. Very creepy house, but in a cool way :)
    I love your jewelry!

  16. I love your blouse! The skirt is so adorable and perfect! xxoxoxo

  17. The second pictures of you looks great! The shoes are hott too!

  18. Loving this outfit, simple, but very beautiful!

  19. Love the outfit and ur Zanottis!


  20. i like ur shoes!it seems very comfortsble, isn't it?;)

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.
  22. love the shoes, perfect for summer!

  23. Love this outfit!!! Visit me!!

  24. I love the shabby-chic feel to these photos. Definitely an awesome find!

  25. Anonymous

    Love the lip color, which brand is it?

  26. Anonymous

    lovely outfit and the sheen of that blouse is to die for!

  27. Girl, those shoes are even better than Pierre Hardy for GAP. I am truly infatuated.
    Gotham Hipster

  28. Hey! I just recently started reading your blog. Found it from Christine's youtube. I LOVE your style and find it interesting how I own some of the same items as you! Your blog gives me ideas to put together different outfits. Anyway, I just wanted to put in a plug to my friend's new jewelry line. FABULOUS necklaces! Please check it out. I know you'll like it

    Ps. I bought the I am a ninja shirt that you posted... with the discount :) I adore it.

  29. I really love your shoes! That porch does remind me of where scary movies are filmed in the Universal Studios tram ride.

  30. i love that background..must be awesome to see these great backdrops right nearby..=)

  31. i love the bg
    and that jumpsuit, its devine!!!!

  32. awesome background and outfit!

  33. this is my first time at your blog and i absolutely luv it! your style is so effortless :)

  34. It is a great scenario, but I love your outfit more. ^^

    xxx from kissmequick

  35. Anonymous

    i tried looking for the red lip color at sephora today, but i couldn't find it .. haha.

    -- kat

  36. wow gorgeous! I love the shirt!

  37. I love the knoted braclet you are wearing. where is it from?

  38. wow, could you imagine how great that house would be to fix up? what a dream. i love the loos fitted outfit, reminds me of the 1930s. all ya need are some wave curls and dark eye-make up. great post!

  39. Abandoned houses are SO creepy! I wouldn't have stood on the porch either... then again, I have definitely seen way too many horror movies in my life, so I may be a little biased. :P

  40. Love the outfit, the jumpsuit is amazing!
    Fantastic pictures, the scenary is awesome!!


  41. nice photos! the second one looks like an editorial shot... I really like that silky blouse with gold buttons

  42. Love the color of your lipstick!

  43. love everything,
    specially the shade of your lipstick!

  44. Blake D

    not good looking so use a model next time

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