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space 15 twenty

June 1, 2009

This will probably the first of the blast of information and pictures you'll read from this event. Bored and exhausted when I got home, I just started going through all the clips I took throughout today and figured, "okay, I'll just be the first one to post about the event". You know... it's almost like posting party pictures the night you get home from a party...

Sorry if it's a little choppy; I tried to get as much in as possible. Once I get my fish-eye pictures developed, I'll be sure to post them!

Taghrid and Lucrecia are just fabulous. Agreed?

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44 responses:

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wish i was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so jelous!

  2. Wah I WISH I had been there!! Looks like it was so much fun. :D

  3. Amazing idea for an event and your business cards were extremely cute! Gah.

  4. The event looks like so much fun!! How I wish i lived in the US :P

  5. I'm a loser. I didn't go. :[

    But it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Did you sale a lot of things?

  6. You are ridiculously hot. I wish I was in CA!

  7. that was one cool video!

  8. Anonymous

    what's the song in the beginning?

  9. Wish I was there!!! It's a little far for me to go though haha but damn!! Looks like so much fun and you all got to meet each other. That is awesome. Did you guys have to get a license to put up your rails and stuff? I really want to do that in London but the police would probably arrest me thinking I was involved in some clothing-rail related protest. Sigh. Anyway love the post so much, I adore your vblogging :) xoxo

  10. Yeah i did pretty good on the selling things!
    how did you do?
    i loved your dress, are you going to the next one?

  11. how fun!! thats such a great idea!

  12. you and taghrid look pretty in the video... love the fact that you guys are friends..

  13. Looks like a lot of fun, I hope I can go sometime!

  14. why? why didnt i go???
    grrr, regret
    anyway- it would be soo much fun to meet up with other bloggers, i ll be at the next one ;)))

  15. This definitely made me laugh. You guys are adorable together!

    So this space 15 twenty thing was a flea market sorta thing?

  16. Aww your so cute. Yeah I wish I was there. Maybe some other time. And yes Taghrid and Lucrecia are cute. =]

  17. do you have a career in fashion? please gte back to me! :D

  18. Aww I wish I came out! I even live in the LA area -_-;; You guys are all so cute!

  19. Wish i was there too! It would be so nice to get a chance to meet all of ur gals within one day! I didn't get to see d video (as apparently u nid to have a YOutube a/c, right?!)Sigh!:(
    Yeah, Lucrecia's definitely a role model to everyone of us!!

  20. i wish i was there.. too bad i live in sweden! looks like a lot of fun! x

  21. Hey, I nominated you for the 'Lemonade Award'. Check out my blog for more information. Also, I posted the link to your blog on there, just so you know!

  22. you have an amazing smile raych
    i like your business cards!

  23. such a great idea to swap clothes with fabulous bloggers in such a cute video. let's trade links!

  24. wish i could've went! looked like loads of fun..

    btw, you have like the best teef ever....

  25. this event was so much fun. idk why i dont remember seeing your booth :(

  26. this is super cute. you did a great job with the video.
    check out my krelwear interview.

  27. i stole pictures from 1520...control shift 4 baby.


  28. Cute video. I really need to email Taghrid about that "N". MUST HAVE!

  29. that was a fun day.
    it was nice meeting you once again.

  30. I wish I had gone. I was hosting a garage sale that weekend! It looks and sounds like so much fun. You ladies are all adorable.

  31. hello :) wanna exchange links?

  32. amazing! man i want to live in la! you did a fabulous job! kathrinxo

  33. man i'm so jealous! what a fantastic event...

  34. Anonymous

    it looks cool.
    I like that song.what's the name of the artist?

  35. That looks WAYYY fun and it's such a great way to get all the bloggers together with their fav things.. CLOTHES!

  36. i saw this video on tahgrid's blog
    and i really like yours as well!
    you're very pretty :)
    i wish there were something similar in nyc!

  37. You girls are so cute:)

  38. Hey- weird question but is your friend Christine at the end selling that red silk blouse shes' wearing?? Haha-- I want that blouse so bad!!! Please ask her and let me knowwwww! you rock-

  39. kira

    Please can somebody tell me! What song is at the begging of this video?

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