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south coast loves bloggers

June 7, 2009

South Coast Plaza is by far one of my favorite shopping areas because it has EVERYTHING under one roof. The stores range from Sanrio to Club Monaco to Marni. Being that I'm a huge fan of the mall (not to mention a second home), I was ecstatic when I was invited to come along for a "SCP loves Bloggers" event.

All the bloggers got these awesome, sturdy tote bags that we filled with goodies from St. John and Space Apothecary. I think what excited my most was the free food. It was at Charlie Palmer, you know, one of those restaurants that you always walk by and wonder what it would be like to eat there.

Had to get a shot of my new shoes too. I can't wait to show you guys. Hopefully I can get an outfit post later tonight or tomorrow!

Sorry for the lame camera-phone pictures.

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28 responses:

  1. wow that looks like soo much fun and those mini burgers look delightful!! jealous! wish they would do something like that in florida

  2. ah looks so fun! i love events with great goodies!!

  3. So lucky! That seems like a great event!

  4. The pictures aren't that bad quality, but it looks like you had fun!!

  5. South Coast is very legit, it really does have everything, even Sears LOL. Sounds like a good time you had. :)

  6. ooh so sad i missed this event!

    love the nail polish color!

  7. what a nice gathering for bloggers. the good looks nice and most important of all you get to shop. nice sandals

  8. That tote is soooo cute! Sounds like fun. So how was Charles Palmer?

  9. Fab blog. :)
    And those shoes are gorgeous.

  10. from the looks of the shoes, i think i am in love! glad you had fun. i always look forward to the free food! forget the goodie bag..

    love your blog btw. in case you don't know that yet. ;)

  11. I love the silver shoes- and I don't even eat burgers... but that looked REAllY good! Sounds like it was a fun event.

  12. i got a similar heels with you dear! :) and that's a tasty cocktail!

  13. You so pretty , have abit of asianish feature :D

  14. wowow exciting :) you guys have so many cool events! xoxo

  15. Looks so exciting! Loving the shoes!

    juliet xxx

  16. aw, hey cute burger! love the pics, they're fab. x

  17. awesome bag- i wish someone will do something like that in Israel too

  18. sounds great! and cute shoes!

  19. South Coast Plaza is so much fun. For the short time I lived in Cali, I made my dad take me there every weekend. It has changed a lot since those days...

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  21. NICE! I'm super jealous! I've never been to South Coast before (yes I've lived in SoCal all my life...) but this girl from my school I talked to while we were on a train headed for Irvine told me that South Coast really does have a great range of stores.

  22. I always make to shop at SCP when I'm in O.C.

  23. sounds like fun! I love those shoes.

  24. I really love your sandals!

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