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June 9, 2009

So, I tried red lipstick for the first time last week and was enamored by the outcome. I never thought I would be able to pull it off, but it was a nice change from the usual nude lip I always wear.

I totally ripped this out of a Nylon magazine a while back, but I wanted to show you guys the EXACT shade I wanted - figured bright red wasn't a great everyday color on me. After a trip to Sephora, I ended up with a deep-red-coral from Kat Von D (Heh, I know right? The Sephora girl swore by it, and I'm not one to say otherwise about makeup) in

Wearing a skirt from Yaya Aflalo, Target sandals, and a blouse from Oliva's closet (she also has a bunch of pictures from Space 15 Twenty last weekend)

Sorry about the lack of outfit posts; I've been having camera issues lately, but hopefully that's all sorted out now!

Edit: A lot of people asked me what the song was at the beginning of my recent vlog. It's by my new favorite band, Ghostape, and it's called 'Turn Baby Turn'.

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53 responses:

  1. that is a gorgeous shade on you.

    me too, it's been a long time search for me, i can't find that perfect shade of red.

  2. it's fucking perfect.
    I love it on you - great shade ♥

  3. OMG! Im going to buy those sandals they are amazing. Your outfit is super cute.

  4. Hunting for the perfect shade of lipstick is probably the second hardest thing I'd have to in life. That coral looks great on you! I'm always iffy about people working at Sephora, or in any sort of place when they suggest something. I feel like they don't really know what they're suggesting. But at least you got one that actually knew!

  5. mMmm.. love me so red lipstick!
    this coral-y shade looks great on you! you should also try NARS lipstick sticks.. i use cruella and it goes on really smooth.

  6. suits you so well! seems like a really good go to Red lip color. And that skirt is so flirty!! fuun

  7. love the skirt and sandals! Oh my!
    you pulled it off beautifully!

  8. so so so pretty!

    if you want red-red - try russian red from MAC. it will be perfect for you!


  9. Very lovely! I love the sandals with your skirts!

  10. The lipstick looks super on you! More of that!

    juliet xxx

  11. uh uh, what a wonderful look! the shirt is a cutie!

  12. Perfect shade on you! Not too red, just right for summer. Beautiful! I really want to do a red lip so I might look at Kat von D's stuff now.

  13. Anonymous

    cute but did you copy camille with those shoes?

  14. the lipstick looks great on you! i've just recently gotten obsessed with red lipstick...after years of wearing red gloss its nice to wear something that doesn't just disappear after a sip of wine :-)

  15. love this look hunny you look gorgeusssss

  16. Really a nice color on you!

  17. Anon - Yes. I've been looking for the perfect sandal that isn't gladiator related, and when Camille found this pair at Target, I knew I had to have it too... especially with a price cut!

    Who to resist?

  18. I NEED those sandals in my life. :[ Do you know if they're still at Target?

  19. you are gorgeous and i love your blog! xx

  20. i love the skirt and the shoes... lets exchange links i really adore ur blog :)

  21. congratulations - that shade is so perfect for you! and you have the loveliest legs, I'm jealous ;D

  22. love your rara skirt, really full of volume, which really accentuate your figure. i think red lips do suit you. maybe i should try with red lips too (although maybe i would chicken out at the last minute).

  23. Great outfit!! I love the skirt and the blouse!

  24. Wow your pictures are really pretty!! I especially love the sandals and the skirt!

  25. These photos are stunning! Did you get a new camera?

  26. oh lady you are so gorgeous!

    youre doing the thing with lucrecia too right?

  27. Great camera! :)

    and yeah girl drummers = way hot (guys too, lol!)


  28. You look great in the red lipstick, great outfit too, very whimsical. Those shoes are really badass for just target.

  29. i love this look altogether... the skirt is amazing and i love the sandels

    the lipstick looks great

    Vi from Cali

  30. i love your outfit. and you can totally work the redster. love the 1st pic,but the second pic looks like you are making a poop.

  31. The top looks awesome on you, I can't believe how well you rock Target's clothes! We def. need to do some damage sooon

  32. Anonymous

    gosh, those sandals look like the louboutins phython heels!
    love the outfit-it's amazing!

  33. Try Allure Lipstick No.14 in Passion too once you get used to the idea of red lipstick. It really works for asian skin tone.

  34. your outfit is beautiful!
    i love the skirt!!

    and you look cute :)

  35. Anonymous

    This outfit is so cute! Red lipstick suits you too! I would love to see you with really bright lipstick (if you haven't already)! Though I think you should grow out your hair ;)

  36. Kat von D is my shade of red too! I was a little iffy at first as well, hah.
    Love the skirt and those target sandals.

  37. The shade looks great on you. (;
    I love the sandals too.
    There are some great finds at Target, I love it.

  38. A travesty you didn't try it sooner darling!

  39. i adore this skirt! especially the peticoat!
    the lipstick looks amazing too (:

    annah xx

  40. you look great! love this look.

  41. Great outfit, love every piece you're wearing. And about red lipstick, yes, you totally pull it off!

  42. Very creative with the pictures!! I love the wooden chair. That black and white polka dot blouse is incredible mixed with the simple black skirt!

  43. I want your sandals girl! I wish Target in Australia stocked that style :( But anyway your outfit looks beautiful on you!

    Come visit my blog sometime ;)

  44. it is really lovely your skirt and now I can see a different face very happy as they way that you should be, and I know that you have more that one pretender. Buy Viagra Viagra

  45. Why everyone is looking at sandals and clothes look at beauty of that girls.

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