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June 4, 2009

A while back, I read about this bra on several blogs, and I longed to call it my own. But when I decided it was worth the money, it wasn't on the website anymore. Fate held my hand when I found it on the clearance rack at an Urban Outfitters store for 10 bucks. I got two; one in black and one in peach - been wearing it non-stop DESPITE the itchiness that I've learned to ignore.

I've also come to realize that having size 7 feet comes as a huge burden when shopping for shoes, but it also comes in handy knowing that your friend and boss have the same taste in shoes AND the same feet size -- it's like I just expanded my shoe collection.

Hence, I'm borrowing my friend's Elizabeth and James x Steve Madden shoes (which are insanely comfy... I might need to buy my own once it goes on sale). Also wearing a jacket from H&M and a vintage skirt.

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54 responses:

  1. i'm getting a Carrie Bradshaw vibe with your bare midriff! you look lovelyyy

  2. looooking amazing! loving the bra and shoes

  3. oh that's chic!

    love the shoe!

  4. great bra !!!!
    wish i have UO store in my country.
    You look great, love your style.
    And those shoes are awesome!

  5. omggg must check the racks for that bra!!!!! i loveeee it and those shoes are awesome...

    and im a size 7 too! i wish i lived in LA :)

  6. ok this look is like the best you have ever done!!!

    i looooooooooooooooooooooove everithing!!!!

  7. greeeeeat! I love this shoes!

  8. You are just the cutest girl ever! I want to copy this entire look!

  9. Perfect outfit. Love everything. The jacket is amazing, the skirt is amazing. Argh. Just perfect.

  10. i love this's different, but works so perfectly! btw, i've added you to my blogroll as well! xo

  11. i realllyyy like your top!

  12. simply simply simply DIVINE!!!

  13. I LOVE those shoes!!! WIsh I had enough money to buy them :(:(

  14. hhahah yeah that bra is pretty damn uncomfortable. why must it look so good?

  15. Anonymous

    Oh my, you look absolutely stylish! I love the first picture, it's crazy, you are really pretty! I want that bra too. ;]

  16. i love it baby!! it is pretty damn itchy though....i had to wear mine with a bra under!


  17. I LOVE those shoes! Ugh, there goes another pair onto my list of 2356789713 black shoes to buy. I wear a size 9 so my size is always in stock. You'd think I'd be taller with such large feet!

  18. could you be any more adorable?

    love it!

  19. love this outfit!! love the bra with the leather jacket and dainty skirt! first time checking out your blog really love it!!
    much love from ireland! xx

  20. the biker jacket is really cool... the cropped bustier is really sexy. love the wedges. great combination.

  21. bustier + skirt + jack looks so cool!


  22. i love that bra and i can't find it anywhere :-( loving the elizabeth and james shoes as well! anything comfy and high must be purchased!!

  23. Yeah, I saw that bra on sale too. Decided against it when even the large was too tight around my D's. But it looks awesome on you. It's very sexy but still chic at the same time. Lucky with the shoe situation, i might add.

  24. Love that bra! UO sales are killer if you can find something you like. I love those shoes too.

  25. rad outfit! you look smashing! def one of my favs of yours!

  26. I love the bare midriff look ... on people not me. I don't feel comfortable like that, but I wish I did, because you look lovely.

    Maybe I should lay off the Ben & Jerry's...

  27. flawless from head to toe ----- i completely looooooove this look. and if your friend wants to loan those wedges to me too i wouldn't say no. =]

  28. You look stunning! I love the bare midriff with that vintage skirt. Great shoes!

  29. that bra is sooo great! you look so sexy and sweet at the same time, stunning!


  30. your outfit is stunning ! i love it ! Your lace bra is gorgeous !

  31. Gorgeous!!! <3

    Especially that skirt...


  32. Hi !
    I'm Kaamiye, a french blogger, this is my first time on your blog, i must admit that i really looove your style, and your inspirationnal pictures.
    And you look so pretty (even more when you wear a little dark make up)!

    Will come back for sure !
    Bye :)

  33. You're so pretty! It's an awesome look!

  34. I like the summery skirt with your biker jacket and bra! Super super cute! I too will be watching for those E&J x Steve Madden shoes to go on sale, they're gorgeous

  35. you have definite guts to wear a bra as a top. i could never pull it off

  36. KATE

    Check out

    vv good yes

  37. veeeery chic indeed
    love the bra as a top, so sensual..

  38. you look so good! i love the printed skirt with the leather and the lace.


  39. lovely oufit!
    I adore that fabulous bra!!!!

  40. Congratulations on the LA Times feature. I read it this morning and was so happy!

  41. Anonymous

    I love that bra, but I don't have the guts to wear it as a top. Hot though!

  42. I swear these shoes are haunting me. I actually dreamt that I got sent a pair. Such a great dream... =)
    You'll have to let us all know if you notice them go on sale. I deffinatley need a pair!! x

  43. I've been contemplating that same corsetry bra but the reviews are so scary. Is it REALLY THAT ITCHY?? It looks real good w/ your highwaisted skirt!

    I discovered your blog from chicisimo. You are so pretty! I found myself clicking farther and farther back into your archives. =)

  44. i adore your leather jacket and your wedges!!!!!!!

  45. So does this mean I can raid your shoe collex? gyeahhhh ♥

    and I'm loving the bra thing. hook-eye closures and so subtle/sexy

  46. Love the outfit, as usual :)

    I have that bra too, and it is the WORST, MOST HORRIFICALLY ITCHY thing ever. I hated every minute I was wearing it, but it's gorgeous. I softened my down by adding a ton of fabric softener and washing it several dozen times.


  47. trix

    love the bra! btw am curious what size did you get and what bra size are you usually? the size guide doesnt help much ): thanks!

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