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June 17, 2009

Are you guys tired of my video blogs yet?

The video is a little embarrassing, but I don't think I can resist posting.

Day 1: Drove 4am - 10am. Saw a Yaris travel with us at 100mph. Organic cinnamon apple chips. Settled in our home for the next 3 days on Haight and Ashbury. Union Square while Ryan got a tattoo. Rest at the apartment. Deep-dish Little Star Pizza. Partied. Blowup SF. Missed 2 buses home. Got home at 3:30. Slept at 5.

Day 2: Up at 11am. Squat n' Gobble. Spinach and cottage cheese crepe. Went to California Academy of Sciences (so fucking fun). Took a jillion pictures of fish - no pictures of ourselves. Convinced a squirrel to follow me. Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2. Went to an art show. Walked to Union Square for dinner. 9pm was too late for dinner, instead, it was Del Taco time. MTV movie awards.

Day 3: Squat n' Gobble again for brunch. Haight street fair. Walked down Filmore. Harputs Market. Fisherman's Wharf. Ate a massive burrito that gave me a stomach ache. Pre-gamed. Video blogged - the one you see above. Went to 3-5 bars. Knocked out. Woke up at 3 to a broken glass table. Fooled around until 5.

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32 responses:

  1. Love the look you put on! looks great!

  2. lovin the orange polish. you look fabbb.

    The Voguette

  3. I love your bag! Where's it from?

  4. has anyone ever told you, your boyfriend looks like Bill from True Blood?

  5. Haha "stop judging me!" I feel like I say that a lot when I do dorky things :P

  6. hahahahaha hifrigginlarious! this was awesome---love love your outfit looks like u had an amazing time

  7. Anonymous

    btw, i found you on christine's youtube and you look great with red lips.

    i asked you on your other entry about the scanner thing? b/c i have to take a pic of a pic in order to have them posted and it usually doesn't look that nice.


  8. love love love your vlogs,keep them coming!!

    Has any every told you you look/sound like kristen cavalary[sp?]??A cuter asain version at least.

  9. LOL JYSK I recorded Mean Girls that night... :| Anwyays lol I enjoy your vlogs and looks like you had fun in San Fran. :)

  10. Anonymous

    soo pretty!! lol at the table!

  11. love the 'fit
    that u neck top is soooo yum
    and sooo r ur boots ;;;))))

  12. don't make fun of me on my video blogs!

    ur so cute <3

  13. I want your bag! Where is it from?

  14. Holly & clouds of tulle – I got my purse at Urban Outfitters about a year ago. The only reason I got it was because Lindsay Lohan has the same one in black. Haha.

    Adam – Never heard that. We need to check that out.

    Cynthia - I actually have been told I look like the asian version of her... once. I took it as a compliment.

    Anon – Well you asked me how I get my pictures on my blog. 99% of my pictures are uploaded from a digital camera, but I do use a scanner when I need to scan… see a few posts below. Perhaps if you don’t have a scanner, you can just take a picture of the picture?

  15. Love your outfit and your nailpolish!

  16. I totally have a crush on you! So not creeper status though.

  17. Anonymous

    your boyfriend is hottt. sexy couple.

  18. HAHAHA! I cracked at the last part. poor victim of a table...
    so did he fix it or what? :)

  19. Love the outfit, it looks awesome on you. Great bag, too..the blush is a cool color.

  20. looks like you had a kick-ass time! I adore your pink bag!

  21. no keep them up

    i really really love your blog
    frequent stop-by-er
    love your posts..filled with originality and inspiration
    keep up the good work!!

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  23. I love that bag, I don't think it would look as nice in the pink! Poor lindsay!

  24. OMG i have the same clothing rack. From bath bed and beyond?!? haha!! You look so cute looking in the nars compact!

  25. omgggg i went to little star a few days ago!

  26. i love your video blogs! do more! ahah :)

  27. Love your videoblogs :D

  28. dude. i love this outfit. where'd you get all of it? tis all fab.

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