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big update

June 11, 2009

  • A big updates calls for bullet points; I think if I tried to get my thoughts out in paragraph form, you would be reading a slush of word vomit.
  • Steppie from Etsy sent me this amazing care package that almost made me faint from cuteness. I am so asian like that.
  • I'm usually not for shirts with screen prints, but I think this ninja tank completes the outfit over a plain gray one. I really am a ninja though, so I think this fits me perfectly.
  • Florescent orange nailpolish seriously makes my day every time I look down at my hands.
  • Here are my new shoes! I'M IN LOVE!
  • I am leaving for San Francisco in 8 hours with some friends We'll be there at 10AM Friday morning until Sunday. Comment or tweet me some MUST go-to places.
  • Lastly, Steppie is conveniently offering 15% off if you enter "THATSCHIC15" in the 'message to seller' box at checkout, and the discount will be refunded after payment. First week of order = extra goodies.
  • Wearing 501 jeans, vintage vest, ninja tank, Giuseppe Zanotti wedges (he seriously makes the BEST wedge, yeah?)
  • No idea what to wear in San Fran. I'm terribly fragile in the bitter cold.

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63 responses:

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  2. your wedges make me die. they are amazing. bright orange nail polish is my favorite as well, i have the perfect semi-matte shade that looks absolutely awesome and makes me smile whenever i look at it.

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  4. those wedges are SICK. i also adore bright polish, but i cant wear any due to work =(

    love the vest too, very balmain.

    The Voguette

  5. wedges are killer. neon polish is my summer addiction. i've got pink on my fingers and just had orange on my toes. the brighter the better. have fun in san fran.........

  6. I love bright orange nail polish, too! In SF, check out Fillmore St. for vintage and thrift stores, and Kara's Cupcakes for a sweet snack. I also like Voda for cocktails and Sugar is a cool place to lounge and have coffee. I love SF! Have fun!!

  7. Katherine

    Ooo, SF! How fun! If you want to try some awesome raw vegan I highly recommend Cafe Gratitude! Their desserts and salads are so good! As for shopping, I like Acrimony, Harputs Market, Wasteland (it's not as good as the one on Melrose but sometimes there are good finds!), and I really like Union Square only because all the high end department stores are right there! Have a great time! P.S. Wear comfortable walking shoes!!! (:

  8. what an amazing outfit! the shoes are really great and the bag too! I also love the waistcoat so much!

  9. seriously amazing shoes! Have fun in SF!

  10. Beautiful outfit!! The vest is stunning and the Zanotti wedges are just fab...they look comfy too which is a plus!

  11. gorgeous shoes !
    and i love your outfit too

  12. your shoes are incredible! and they even look comfortable ahah

  13. Loveeeee the wedges!!!! perfect perfect perfect :) the outfit is awesome, I love this tee so much :)

  14. ahh your shoes are adorable

  15. Droooling over those wedges! And your hair is looking sooo good lately! :)

  16. Love your outfit! The ninja stuff is so cute haha. I highly recommend going to haight ashberry street for vintage in san fran.

  17. You look so great!
    I love the shot!!

  18. really stunning shoes you have, you play dress up with it or dress it down too, versatile. the vintage vest seriously looks cool.

    have fun in san francisco

  19. Splendid footwear ya got thurr!!

  20. giuseppe zanotti shoes = sex, no doubt. those are gorgeous!! xoxo

  21. Those shoes look fantastic, they must be comfy too!

    When in SF, check out the Candy Bar lounge for some delicious fancy desserts and drinks. They even have gameboards for you and your friends to play! I highly recommend it.

  22. i loooove ur vest, sooo chic and versatile
    your top is waaay cute as well

  23. omgoooooood the shoes are ♥ ♥ ♥!! reading your entry is definitely my highlight of the day (how pathetic am i...tell me, please)

    have lots of fun in SF love, be safe!


  24. oh god..those shoes.......<3

  25. LOL

    "A big updates calls for bullet points"


  26. those shoes are amazing! i love the bag too...

    annah xx

  27. Love the outfit. My favs are the shoes and the bag. You look absolutely great. :)

  28. i love bright nail polish :]
    [sadly my nails break easily so don't do my nails that often lol]

    by the way; what bag are you wearing?? i'm absolutely in love with it!!

    <3 Krissy

  29. LURVE YOUR SHOES! AHHHHHHH! and you sequined vest of course! INCREDIBLE!

  30. really staying TRUE to your site!
    i love the serenity, urban sensibility in ya!

    adding AND following you...

  31. Hey i like your blog, love your pics. You look like Asian, are you one? Very pretty

  32. i love updates!!

    the screen tee look is great on you

    Vi from Cali

  33. i love updates!!

    the screen tee look is great on you

    Vi from Cali

  34. Your hair has grown so fast! I really like the length and asymmetry it now has... looks nice!

  35. Anonymous

    I'd like to know about your bag, too! It is GORGEOUS and so similar to what I've been looking for! Does it come in brown or black, too?


  36. You are SO ninja, because those wedges are so friggin' killer!! Have a great time in S.F. That's one of my fave places in the world.

  37. i'm so happy i found your blog! i followed you now on bloglovin :) love the outfit too!

  38. Jeez louise! Those shoes are jealousy inducing alright!

    x x x

  39. i LOVE your shoes!!!

  40. hey girl! It's gina, i finally started it! haha anyway, I <333 your shoes...Guiseppe Zanotti is by far my favorite shoe designer. Unfortunately his heels cost a fortune. Anyway, they look amazingg on you! Hope you had fun in SF!

  41. I always love this site, its a must check daily!

  42. Sara

    I hate you! :( Give me your shoes.

  43. wow nice blog! I'll be back. Greetings from germany!

  44. ;D

    Are they availble online? If so, where?

  45. ;D

    Are they availble online? If so, where?

  46. the ninja tank is the best thing EVERRRR * * *

  47. I love your pictures!! The shoes are amazing! The ninja shirt is the coolest!! Very subtle colors yet it looks so good! Is that a vintage vest? Because it makes the look!

  48. I love your bag and those fabulous shoes!

  49. Gabby

    Love your outfit!!!! Crazy good!!!!

  50. super gorgeous and stunning!!

  51. the vest is absolutely stunning! ahh. i love it.

  52. love the shoes
    this picture is amazing
    visit my blog at

  53. Love the shoes and THE VEST!!!

  54. Really love that outfitt :) looks really wel throw together yet casual!!


  55. The shoes are quite chunkily delicious! You look amazing :)

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