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June 29, 2009

During my stay in San Fran, I made Harputs Market a mandatory stop-by. The walk from Haight to Fillmore was long but well worth it since I walked away with a swacket!

Luckily for me, they came out with this jacket in a nylon material - perfect and lightweight for me since I would never get use out a heavy-duty wool jacket in California. It was definitely an impulsive splurge but definitely not a regret.

I'm also wearing a dress from Tracy Feith's Target line and Frye purple pumps.

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67 responses:

  1. love the feith dress, all the prints in the line are so great. digging it with the swacket.

  2. The swacket is genius! I love it

  3. loving the skirt..beautiful
    i am a HUGE fan of frye that theyre purple, theyre perfect
    fun outfit

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  4. this is a great look
    that skirt is lovely
    and far as your title- hopefully you're talking to god honey

  5. Love the jacket! It's kind of crazy looking, but in a good way! :)

  6. this jacket, wonr this way, is great amazing!

  7. totally love this on you!!

    when are you coming back? we need me some raych love :)


  8. Loooooooooove your outfit today! You rock!

  9. Loving the swacket and the crazy way you've belted it up, it looks awesome. Great skirt too.

    New Zealand style at

  10. totally digging your jacket! cute pic. kathxo

  11. Very cute outfit! That skirt looks lovely on you x Sushi

  12. You look great! That jacket is amazing!

  13. The print of the skirt is gorgeous!! Great jacket too.

  14. that swacket is the best i've seen! love it...really a great statement piece!

  15. Love your outfit , and the jacket is really cool. Love the way you put it together.

  16. the swacket!!

    oh, you are such a lucky girlie!!

  17. I've seen the Feaith for Trget line adverts in magazines and posts about it everywhere (I live in the UK) and man, I want to live in the Us BADLY. You guys need to value Target. We have nothing like that here.

  18. Ahh love how the swacket is worn, is it waterproof?

  19. You looks stunning!
    the jacket is amazing!!!!!


  20. wow this looks amazing!!!

  21. What a gorgeous outfit! The dress and jacket look beautiful together.

  22. I'm feeling the "swacket" nice buy...Keep it up you're looking fly

    Aim Green

  23. oh my god, that skirt is the best!

  24. versatile pieces are the very very best investments


  25. Nice purchase, I think a swacket would be nice to have in socal. Nice pumps too! The view looks nice from there.

  26. love love love tracy firth for target. it has such an cool 60s 70s vibe. i got an adorable peachy orange top with embroidered flowers from the line. and p.s., the view in the picture is awesome! is that where you live?

  27. that's a cool example of when impulsive buys turn out for the best, the swacket is ingenious!

  28. woah fabulous find!! you always have a good eye

  29. Oh wow, that outfit is superb! I loove the shirt and the skirt is really beautiful too.

  30. I love how you pull off that jacket!

  31. Anonymous

    Wow!!!!!!! I love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. what a genius way to design a jacket..
    hey, girls..check out my blog at

  33. Oh girl, I'm in love with your style!

    Peace and love !

  34. Wow, I thought it was separate pieces! It's gorgeous! xxoxoxo

  35. 1. the coat is AMAZING!
    2. the patter and shape of the dress is so freakin cool
    3. TARGET?? awesome

    Vi from Cali

  36. this dress is gorgeous! also, the swacket is really interesting!

  37. That is the hottest jacket!

  38. love the jacket! i'm so envious you have a swacket, they look like the perfect piece. love how you paired it with a full skirt as well xx

  39. such a cute outfit! Love the floral!

    check out for some great fashion!

  40. oh your blog is amazing!

  41. okay, I need a swacket now.

    wait, when were you in the city? I am so out of the loop, gah. haight's the raddest, am I right? have you been to wasteland?

    so how've you been?

  42. cute look. i missed out on tracy feith's target line but i'll live vicariously through you!

  43. darling that skirt is classic <3 you're such a beauty!

  44. your jacket looks great!

  45. Really luv this whole ,look , very chic!!

  46. so cute!
    youre on of my favs so i tagged you on my blog. check it out

  47. That swacket is frikkin AWESOME! Beyond.

    ...and you're not talking to yourself :)

  48. Love this black skirt. So cute, and such a great staple to have in your wardrobe!

    check out for more fashion staples and trends

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