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tracy feith for target

May 19, 2009

I have never heard of this designer nor anticipated this collection. HOWEVER; I was in Target the other day because I ran out of lotion, and I stopped dead in my tracks in a sea of floral printed racks. To my luck, I [apparently] visited the day of the release: everything is in stock and in my size.

I left Target with two dresses... totally unintended and somewhat out of my budget. But, I am extremely excited to show you guys how they fit because they look so much better in person!! I'll try to get outfit pictures up tomorrow.

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38 responses:

  1. ehhhhh idk how i feel about it, im sure you can work it!

  2. I didn't like it too much, as I'm not a big fan of florals, but the shapes do look quite cute.

  3. I really wanted that leather jacket from the collection, but I went to target 2 days after the line premiered and they had nothing in my size.

    If you like Gossip Girl, target is getting a Vera Wang collection inspired by gossip girl in September.

  4. i like the blue and the white floral dress... really summery and girly. i love how the blue one is paired with the biker jacket. not forgetting their shoes too

  5. Love the feather-printed skirt and moto jacket!! I wish we had a Target here :(

  6. Atta girl, Raych! :) OY, did similar damage myself. Scored the '8' tee & cobalt dress.

    PS. I see you like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album? WOO. xx

  7. you know, some say they do not like this collection, but i was beyond smitten when i first saw it on-line. i have yet to even make it to the store to see/feel in person..

  8. I'm in love with this line, as well. & it's weird because I don't usually gravitate toward bold colors & patterns.

    I just might have to buy a dress. :]

  9. Totally bought one of the dresses like last week too! It was one of those things that you fall in love with on the hanger, try it on, and then fall in love with even more when it fits you like a dream.

  10. hehe. i love that you went to target for lotion and returned with two dress, awesome :]]] i'm so proud of target for stepping up their game. i love the first dress && the floral swimsuit && of course the gold leaf skirt. ah-mazing. thanks for this. im off to target :]]

    mad love

  11. ahh
    i could do sooo much with those blue and white ruffly dresses!!
    i love exposed zippers right now
    esp. on such femme pieces
    yuuuum ;))))
    i must say tho, i dont like how the models are styled, the piece collabo is not too flattering.

  12. i know! i saw a couple pieces spotlighted in instyle or some magazine, and i don't know how it creeped up on all of us.

    i don't think these photos really do the line justice, though - - - it's super cute in real life and there are a lot of prettier florals & pieces if you see it for real.

  13. wow! such cute summer dresses! can't wait to see what you do with them! i wish we had target in london.

  14. Anonymous

    Totally random, but is the girl with the 8 on her black shirt Ally from The City?

  15. I hadn't ever heard of Tracy Feith before I saw the collection in Target either. I loved all the floral prints, and was going to buy the feather print skirt, but my mom gave me the "don't even think about it" face, which unfortunately stops me in my shopping tracks.

  16. I like the white & blue zipper dresses! I think they're the same ones, but I'm not sure. Can't wait to see them on you! (How creepy does that sound.. you know what I mean though, haha)

  17. the girl with the dark hair is from the city!

    these are nice flirty pieces.

  18. me too! i walked in to pick up some toiletries and left with a tracy feith dress (and no toiletries!). i bought the white shift dress with the hawaiian print and white nylon overlay, not featured here or on target's website strangely.

  19. you are lucky you got some stuff...I seriously love everything in the collection!

  20. that leather jacket has my name on it! lol (well not literally, but you know what i mean)
    thanks for the heads up on this designer!

    the WB

  21. Ah, I need to go to Target soon so I can check out the Tracy Feith stuff for myself. I keep reading about it!

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. :)
    xo, Kate

  22. can't wait to see your two dresses! i personally LOVE floral prints but they don't have target in Canada :(
    by the way, love the photos on your blog! you are gorgeous honey!

  23. I was shocked at how much I liked this collection in person, and everything was so flattering on! Somehow I was in America on opening day, and I bought a bit more than I should have. Which dresses did you pick up?

  24. I bought the strapless dress and the blomers. I did my usual review and fitting room photos of the line, which you can read here:

  25. Hubby's friend in NY made us pick that cropped leather jacket she put on hold for her for us to mail to her!! It was 160$! Hahaha

  26. aside for the A line white dress [the one with no zipper] and the lief-print skirt, the rest still looks like target. now if they could make an entire collection like those two items, then they'd have something

  27. dont you love how you go to target for only one thing and all of sudden you have a cart...and then it's full!!!

    the collection looks cute and summery.

  28. I love the mix of florals and really cute shapes. Unfortunatly, by the time I got to Target they had nothing in my size. Everything was XS and XL. Hope you have better luck than I did!

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