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psyched myself out of reality

May 4, 2009

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I am in a huge music rut. I haven't had a new song on my blog for a month (except I just changed it according to the iPod Shuffle God). Give me some song recommendations, and I will love you forever. Here are the top played songs on my iPod to help judge what I like. Don't worry, it ranges deep from Britney Spears, to Mae Shi, to The Smiths, back to N.A.S.A.

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51 responses:

  1. second and fourth pictures amazing. GO MGMT!

  2. sorry! I meant third and fifth! GO MGMT LOL

  3. my new fave artist is lenka

  4. Hey love your post especially the skeletal pic... its ethereal beauty is astonishing!

    New music... hmm Australia has some upbeat bands coming up Gotye preferably, The Panics, Little Red, The Presets. List goes on

    Hope this lull moves over.

  5. Wow, those insanely long sheer dresses are great! Beautiful pictures and I also really like your necklaces in your previous post. You're very pretty and great hair!

    check out my style too at

  6. I LOVE your blog!!!
    the last pic is amazing especially that ring!

  7. Sigh, I'm on the same music rut as you are. I'm liking The Melismatics (they were suggested by my boyfriend's cousin who manages the band). I was worried at first because you know how it is when family recommends someone's band. But, I was surprised. I like Industry of Cool, Modern Machine, It's A Drag. I also have been listening to The Metric. You might know the songs Help I'm Alive and Give Me Sympathy. :)

    Hope this helps!

  8. lovelovelove Royksopp - Actually noticed it on your blog the other day and was curious as to your music taste. So thank you for posting some of your library for our perusal (I'm always looking for new music.) Here are some pretty cool songs that I've been listening to recently:

    Map of the Problematique and/or Starlight by Muse

    Personal by Stars

    Say (All I Need) by OneRepublic

    Wandering Star by Portishead

    Little Bit by Lykke Li

    Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

    No Brakes by The Bravery

    Parabola by Tool

    Die Alone by Ingrid Michaelson (Starting now by her is also good)

    Tamacun by Rodrigo y Gabriela (Viking Man is also good)

    Be Yourself by Audioslave

    Little Cream Soda by The White Stripes

    Crimewave by Crystal Castles

    Hyperballad by Bjork

    Where does this ocean go? by Yoko Kanno

    Shut me Up by Mindless Self-Indulgence ("Faggot" by them is also pretty good - sorry for language, it's not hateful, it's mocking hateful people)

    Must be Dreaming by Frou Frou

    Annnd... I'll stop now... Let me know if you enjoy any xDDD At your convenience :P

    And now I'm going to go check out your songs. (I am such a dork.)


  9. Manchester Orchestra- I can feel a hot one

    Anything by Fleet Foxes but one of my favs is Ragged Wood

    The Strokes-Someday,Razorblade

    Albert Hammond Jr- Hard to live in the city

    The Duke Spirit-Lasso

    MGMT-time to pretends, kids,electric feel....

  10. Oh wow, those long mesh dresses are AMAZING!!!

    I'm addicted to Maria Taylor, Time Lapse Lifeline, Hero's song by Brendan James and Black Lab's Dreaming in Colour at the mo.


  11. ha i dont get your genre system....but it beats my attempts at differentiating rock from alternative from indie...etc...

    lykke li
    adele (good for relaxing)
    boy least likely to
    girl in a coma
    if you like the kills, the last vegas is all right

  12. I love the third picture :) Hmm.. maybe you could have Lykke Li :)

  13. OMG, who is that guy in the first picture? I'm in love! xxoxoxo

  14. I heart the Mae shi!

    Try out harlem shakes, passion pit and the pains of being pure of heart. mwah. xxx

  15. you should try empire of the sun :) "walking on a dream" and "we are the people" are my personal favs

  16. your music looks great to me! continue with the death cab for cutie, if you like title and registration (which happens to be one of my favorite songs), listen to the rest of transatlanticism and narrow stairs as well. both brilliant.

  17. also, I just noticed the genres for your songs. Purple? LOL what are these supposed to mean?

    My favorite pictures is the last one :)

  18. Oh my goodness. I am so embarrassed that I had my genre listed; I didn’t even think anything of the quirkiness of it!

    Well, I sort my genre by color that correlates to my mood/genre.

    Blue – mellow
    Yellow – electro (because Asians are yellow, and Asians listen to rave)
    Black – rap / hip-hip
    Purple – indie with synthesizers
    Pink – pop
    Green – strange indie music
    White – typical bands

    I do need to reorganize my genre though because green/yellow/purple are all becoming the same.

    Also, I'm haven't been able to get to a computer all day (on a work computer right now with no sound), so I will definitely tune in to your recs later tonight. Thanks everyone! xx

  19. ooooh no, listen to MYSTERY JETS!

    or definitely come to my blog and look at my 25 song playlist!

  20. that skeleton pic is freaky as!

  21. Anonymous

    I really love your blog, I always read it, thank you for being so fabulous!

  22. Loveee the photos! I love love love the 2nd one, the x-ray one and this last one :)

  23. so what are the color codes on your genre?

  24. Maddie

    Where are these photos from?

  25. Those long sheer dresses are un real. And that Devon Aoki shoot is my favourite, I love the long long pigtales and the haunted looking styling. We seem to have really similar taste in music! I don't if you like Metric but their new stuff is what's on my repeat right now.

  26. glad to hear you liked them :D

    there are plenty more artists i can share with you a total of 30 gigs of music ;)

  27. np dear :) and i find your genre explanation kinda useful...maybe I should try it! Okay, and also, also this little, little, unknown band from la called Chloe Sebastian Oliver has this awesome song called "Girls Wanna Party All the Time." It reminds me of "girls just wanna have fun" but more modern of course.

  28. femmie

    Hmmm. i think:

    sia- breathe me

    Taylor Momsen - The Pretty Reckless

    lostprophets-our broken hearts

    lostprophets- can't catch tomorrow

  29. Hey!! I'm so glad you enjoyed those bands. If you ever need any more recommendations then let me know! I love new music and have lots of gems up my sleeve. xxx

  30. I love all the shoots, specially the second and the fourth one!Cool blog!

  31. these photos are amazing!

  32. Oooh, you like Mae too! I met one of the band members once... and by met, I mean I was standing there and he said "Excuse me" and walked by. :P

  33. Wow amazing photos! I love it! Hmm... I'm really bad with music!

  34. Killer pictures, pretty but a little odd. I like them =)

    visit me sometime =)

    bonbon’s vintage

  35. okay, since you know of and listen to death from above 1979 i think that we can be bff's. haha. too bad they dropped of the face of the earth?

    anyway, i'd suggest vampire weekend, bloc party, yeah yeah yeahs, tegan & sara, rilo kiley, belle & sebastian, spoon. those are some goodies.

  36. oh and THE FAINT. they hail from my hometown and they are epic.

  37. modest mouse baby! dashboard has been my ringtone for over a year now! never changing it! oh yeah love it. and i want your BF's jumper!!!

    xxxxxxxxx love bel

  38. nice music taste! let's see, if you like Moving Units, you might like Calvin Harris. Infadels is really good...I heard M83 is pretty good, you might like them. try listening to Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. she's my current love and makes Asians proud <3 LOL
    oh and of course I have to recommend all Beatles songs (at least most of them) :b

  39. i really love youre blogg. go on like this!

  40. Heiz

    Try Salyu... i think u will like her very much

  41. Absolutely beautiful post!

  42. BON IVER
    Volcano Choir

  43. Also... sorry
    Noah and the Whale

  44. Cajun Dance Party are amazing also! Oh dear they are amazing!

    band of skulls, band marino, band of horses (get the pattern)

    the acorn, the decemberists, lay low, fionn regan, margot and the nuclear so and sos, blind pilot, culture reject, priscilla ahn, actress, avett brothers, right away, great captain!, good old war (so good), cavalier rose, andrew bird, annuals

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