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May 10, 2009

I posted these pictures of my mom a while back on my blog. I think it suits Mother's Day perfectly.

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39 responses:

  1. it's hard to believe these aren't pictures of you! there is so much resemblance, especially style-wise :)

  2. Aw, she's so cute!
    I'd kill for that brown dress, the gold belt, the vest, and those pink socks :)

  3. The resemblance is uncanny, she's so beautiful! I love this so much Raych. Looks like she could pass down some amazing vintage. I lovvvveee you.

    KISS, China L.

  4. she's pretty! i see where you get your fashion sense from! ;)

  5. you're mother is so classy! she reminds me of my mother so much, the laid-back casual chic look that i'll never be able to master.

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  7. aw, your mother looks lovely! a big happy mother's day to her! <3

    btw I immediately noticed your blog when I saw it's name because I used to have a fashion blog (it died after one post) called Is That Chic? LOLOL

  8. She's so pretty! You two look a LOT alike.

  9. shes so stunning! i hope you had a really special day! x

  10. Anonymous


  11. wow! you look just like her.... i love it..

  12. your momma looks fab, happy momma's day!

  13. she is a killa. manizer. it runs in the gene.

  14. Mamas are such a strong influence on our style and our style sensibility- your mom is especially stylish and beautiful!


  15. Your mom is beautiful and very stylish!

  16. shes so cute! <3 you look totally alike

  17. wow amazing style! love the brown dress/headband outfit! soooo cute!

  18. love this look, great blog

    wanna link?

  19. You look just like your mom! Beautiful. :]

  20. oh, how beautiful! your mother has an amazing style in these pics :)
    great pic.


  21. stylin'!

    you look a lot like her

  22. She's so pretty! I can definitely see a resemblance(:


  23. Just wanted to let you know that all of us at Acrimony really love your blog!

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  24. Anonymous

    Lovely lady.. Can see where you get your looks from :-) But still she is more prettier :p

  25. Anonymous

    You guys look the same! Oh my gosh!

  26. It's absolutely crazy (and perplexing) how much she looks like you. O_O

  27. your mom was stylin'!( probably still is) this is a great example of how stlye doesn't have to have a big price tag. my mom doesn't get it. lol

  28. Anonymous

    omg, are you filipina? haha, your mom looks filipina and i just realized that you do look filipina. I love your blog and everything else! Very nice photos and clothes! :)


  29. jeanie

    omg! You look so much like her! And I love the gold headband! Were these taken in the States or back in Vietnam?

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