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May 11, 2009

James will be MIA for a week or so, so for the next few posts, @TedNguyen911 will be in charge of my photos. You guys always ask about Ted, so if you haven't followed his Twitter by now...@TedNguyen911. And if you'd like to add me as well, I'm @raychizzle.

I have been nothing but happy as this weather is seriously PERFECT. I never want it to change; I'm petrified of summer heat + black cars. On a lighter note, I bought these awesome vintage Justin boots last week to match James; I think I'm slowly turning into his physical female counterpart. 

Also wearing a dress from Urban Outfitters and my favorite H&M blazer.

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58 responses:

  1. love the look raych. the boots are amazing and perfect with the dress. there's nothing better then vintage oxford/combats. they're so versatile. have fun on vacation, going anywhere exciting?

  2. Wow love your boots. I have some like those but they're too small and hurt like a bitch when I wear them =( I'm scouting for some new ones.. =D Great outfit!


  3. love the dress..and the scenery behind you makes the picture perfect!

  4. That's THE perfect floral dress. And I need some boots like those!

  5. ohhhh man, that blazer is freakin amazing.. i've been looking for the perfect fitted black blazer. when did you get it at h&m??? i need it!!!!

    and are those justin roper boots?? they look fab

  6. This is the perfect blend of roughed up sweetness...We love your style and blog. Your pictures always capture everything so well and are so fun to look at!

  7. ITS a GREAT outfit. i love it all. the dress the blazer.the boots. and i LOVE the picture with the beautiful surroundings.

  8. Great combination with the dress, blazer and belt. I really like how its mostly black but the pink contrasts :]

  9. Love the combination with the cute floral dress and the black boots!

  10. Love the outfit!
    Tres chic!

  11. Anonymous

    getting the mail never looked this good.

  12. love everything about this outfit;))) gorgeous;)

  13. I love the floral dress! I disagree about the weather though, I want it to get hotter!

  14. Fab boots! The flower-print dress/boot combi is so '90s!!!

  15. Anonymous

    killer! i very much adore your style :D

  16. Anonymous

    killer! i very much adore your style :D

  17. H&M blazers are always my go-to for topping off ANY outfit.

    you look great - i love the girly dress with the intense boots.

    The Voguette

  18. I love the whole entire look! The boots and the dress are to die for!

  19. Just bought myself Justin boots as well. Love how you paired them with the floral dress. You are rocking this whole look so well!

    xo, Becs

  20. i love this look! the boots are to die for

  21. This outfit is perfect, love the boots.x

  22. that outfit is so perfect!

  23. ewww, black with black interior is the worst. seriously, who ever changed from the black with tan interior like you see on all those epic classic cars? I don't understand it.

    um, those boots are freaking perfect, where do you live so I can steal them, erm, I mean visit :P

    gawd I'm such a dork :p

  24. hahaha :) I love the boots..:) and yeah I love them on guys too, this dress is just the perfect floral dress, I was just talking today with a friend how frustrated we were for not be able to find a good floral dress!!! Love this look and love your photos!! :)

  25. The blazer is perfect! Ted is a funny guy, so I followed him via twitter haha. I miss your guys videos!

  26. loveee the dress!
    floral + blazers and leather = perfff

  27. gorgeous - that dress is just beautiful!!! xxxc

  28. wow you look absolutely gorgeous, love the floral print!!

  29. The weather in L.A. has been absolutely perfect! But watch out for that brush behind you when it gets super hot - we don't want any fires!

  30. Love the blazer and the boots!

  31. Wooo!
    love the Ted!

    p.s. the dress is great, and same goes to the boots!

  32. i just found your blog and i'm loving it. your outfit is cute and relaxed at the same time..and you're from la too! :)

  33. this is a really cute...i like how the dress contrast with the boots

  34. What a beautiful outfit! I love the floral dress and the blazer!
    Nice blog you have!

    Love, E

  35. justin boots are amazing!! i love mine!!! =) you look fab

  36. I adore your outfit! Love the boots, love the blazer and love the dress!!!
    Looks absolutely perfect for the type of weather!

  37. black blazer & dress are amazing together.

    care to exchange links. (i love keeping up with your blog)


  38. i totally dig your outfit, especially the shoes

  39. I love your blazer! and the soft-hard combo!

  40. You look gorgeous in every outfits! May i know can i get those boots online as i have been meaning to get a pair like this and have no luck in Ebay? Btw, u bare with strong resemblance to ur mom! :D

  41. this has got to def be my favorite of yours! xo

  42. Looks great! Love your hair.. love the dress and love those boots.. killer.

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