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May 22, 2009

Here is one of the dresses I bought from the Tracy Feith line. The floral print is literally mesmerizing, so much so, that you might not want to leave Target without it. I must warn, the dress incredibly short! I had to pull the straps down as low as possible so my butt doesn't hang out. I do believe that this will look great strapless (the straps are removable) paired with some sheer white tights.

This dress is seriously the epitome of 90's grunge, but I'm tired of that look, so I layered it over a pastel blue Marc Jacobs shirt, also wearing Derek Lam shoes.

As for the event above, if you happen to be in LA around that time, I definitely think you should stop by Space 15 Twenty and visit your favorite bloggers. Think of it like a huge, blogger garage sale.

I'm about to whip out my vintage clothing to sell, probably around the $5 - $20 range. Totally stoked. I'm excited to see what the other bloggers are bringing. Click here or the picture for more details on the event.

Have a great 3 day weekend everyone!

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57 responses:

  1. it looks great you on! i love love love the print. didn't see this one at my local target.

  2. Lovely dress!! i´m in love with floral prints. ;)

  3. Wow usually I'm not one for floral prints, but I really like the dress!
    Target should come to Canada!!

  4. love the dress soo cute. and im tired of the 90's grunge look too... its getting a bit played out. i love your shoes btw

  5. This is the one I bought too, I cannot believe how incredibly short it is!!! It looks amazing on you, I love how you layered the tshirt underneath, I may try this out too.

  6. i love that dress. loved how u paired it with the tank and the shoes. u look great.
    the whole collection is super cute. cant wait to take a trip down to US now.

  7. Nice shots!
    Where were the pictures taken?

  8. ohhhh this is such a lovley look!!!!!!

    love everithing expecieu the print of the dress!!!

  9. this dress is amazing, and you have great legs!

  10. Oh my God! How adorable dress!!!

  11. aw! that dress is so cute!! you look like a doll!! very nice :)
    xoxo helen

  12. Ted Nguyen

    okay, this picture is only funny to me because I picture a train behind you, and because I think of Sage. haha

  13. wow, that print is sooo fab! the perfect summer dress and you look cute in all your photos as usual!

  14. I just love you and you're style.
    By far your my favorite fashion-blogger..
    Your taste is so unique and versatile... I love it!!!

    Amit xx

  15. gorgeous dress;D gr8 patern;)))

  16. You look great! I always say that, don't I...But it's true:D
    -And what a perfect place for taking pictures!

  17. aww I saw that dress & loved it though i thought it looked suuuper short! You pull it off fabulously!
    Love the whole look & you can do no wrong with photos on train tracks!!

  18. Girl! This dress is perfect! I love/want/NEED it!

    x Antonia

  19. The whole outfit is so adorable!

  20. Anonymous

    How tall are you?

  21. ah yes, this is the one I chose too!! I felt it was especially short too, but I really couldn't leave Target without it.

  22. Great styling! Digging the extreme bubble hem!

    xo, Becs

  23. the shoes and the dress are gorgeous, totally suits the sunny weather...

  24. Love the bubble hem and print of the dress..adore.

  25. you look absolutely gorgeous here. I wish I was in town to go!

  26. i picked up the skirt with the leaf print today... i love it! i can't wait to see how you wear your other dress.

  27. LOVE the dress! And ughh, I wish I could be there.. I'll be in LA on June 3rd - 5th, WHY COULDN'T IT BE THEN?!

  28. I m loving the printed dress, though i wish the hem would be a bit longer!! But u look great in it n love the shoes worn with socks.

  29. This is such an adorable outfit - love your blog x Sushi

  30. I loooove that dress! The small floral print is gorgeous, and the bubble skirt makes it very trendy!

  31. I love that dress you're wearing, especially the way you've layered it with the tee. I'm also loving your shoe/sock combination, it really finishes the outfit off.
    Love these pictures, stunning location.


  32. your hair is looking amazing!!

  33. Very nice dress, I wish I could go to that event it looks pretty damn cool.

  34. that dress is soooo yum
    i love the feminine ruffles at the hem
    ur figure is perfect for it

  35. you look gorgeous!!! I am in love with this outfit!!! <3 ohh the blogger garage sale sounds like so much fun!!

  36. so adorable! i didnt know about this target collection either, thanks for sharing, they have some great summer dresses!

  37. Yeah, this dress is really adorable!

  38. Oh my gosh you look so cute in that dress!.x

  39. whaaa the event is on Sunday! I just got back to SD today T__T oh well...must catch the next event.

  40. KATE

    Check out millie@

    sweeeet outfitttyeah

  41. yes!! i also bought this dress and it is way too short. i am def wearing shorts underneath!

    love how you paired it with a tee. hmm!!! =]

  42. This outfit is so adorable! I love the print on the dress & the socks paired with the shoes :)

  43. I totally love this....they did not have it in my size at target!

  44. this is sooo cute!!!


  45. ZOMG i want that dress!!
    dammit..why aren't there any targets in CANADA!?!

  46. I love it! You look soo cute!

  47. i just stumbled across your blog and i LOVE your pictures! they're so great! keep up the good work. :)

  48. Ahhhh could this be THEE perfect floral mini dress??? Dang we DID NOT see this at our Target wear it so well, so lovely!

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